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The darkness of is a psychological shadow that Qin lelan has never forgotten for more than ten years.

Over the years, in order to cure the psychological shadow of Qin lelan, Qin Yue found many famous psychological doctors to help her, but none of them had any effect.

So, this is the death of Qin lelan. Those who want to deal with her, as long as they deal with her in this way, she has no ability to resist.

But few people know her psychological shadow, and no one else seems to know except her family and her brother.

So who would take advantage of her weakness to seize her?

Of course, at this moment, Qin leran has no mind to think about it.

Even though Chang Li has turned on the flashlight to light up the world beside her, she is still immersed in the darkness.

The young lady often snapped.

Qin Yueran couldn't hear anything. What she felt was still darkness. Darkness was like a huge curtain that wrapped her in it.

She wanted to escape, but it seemed as if there were a pair of huge hands in the dark that held her throat tightly. She could do nothing.

She took a step and was picked up by several strong men who rudely threw her into a bucket and closed the lid.

Kill the Yellow haired girl, and let Qin Yue pay for his own arrogance and arrogance.

It's easier for us to kill such a little baby than to crush an ant.

The vicious voice is like a magic spell. It rings in Qin leran's ear again and again, letting her go back to that year, the darkest day in her life.

She's scared, she's scared, she's scared, but she can't do anything at a young age.

Her little body was rolling with the rolling of the barrel, as if she had been smashed, and those people would not stop.

But all of a sudden, a familiar male voice sounded.

At the same time, the bucket was opened and she was taken out of it.

However, don't be afraid. Brother lie is here. Brother lie won't let anyone hurt you again. Brother lie hugged her tightly in his arms and stroked her head to appease her.

For a long time, she found a little bit of reason, blinking at him: brother lie?

Is it really her brother?

Did her fierce brother come down like an angel to save her when she was most afraid?

She is not very sure about her young age, so she called this strong brother a question.

She opened her eyes wide, waiting for him to give her a definite answer.

However, don't be afraid to let brother lie caress her head and kiss her on her pale face. I'm your brother.

It was her brother who held his collar tightly with her little hand, just like grasping the straw for life, then buried herself in his arms and cried loudly.


the familiar and pleasant male voice with bass bubble effect rings again, which makes Qin lelan's trembling body suddenly tighten.

At the same time, a powerful master of her hand, a strong pull her into a warm and thick embrace.

He patted her on the back and kept comforting her: however, don't be afraid. Brother lie is coming. Brother lie is coming.

The integration of reality and memory makes Qin lelan not clear where she is, and whether she is a child or a grown-up.

However, it's OK. It's OK. Brother lie held her tightly, as if he wanted to rub her into his body.

Brother lie?

Qin lelan blinks her big eyes and looks at the man holding her. Is he her strong brother?

Her head is still in a state of panic. She does not know whether the person in front of her is the illusion of her.

However, it's me. I'm brother lie. He stroked her head and then lowered his head to kiss her forehead.

He kissed her tenderly, trying to wake her up in such a way as he did when he was a child saving her.

Brother lie, have you come to rescue Ranran again? She blinked, and the glistening tears made a turn in her eyes, then slipped from the corner of her eyes.

Seeing Qin leran's tears, brother lie felt that his heart had been hit hard. He kissed her tears dry, and then said: ran, it's OK, it's OK. Sorry, brother lie is late.

At ordinary times, Qin leran is so confident and proud, her eyes are always so bright, but at this moment, she is like a lost lamb, unable to find the way home, not to find her loved ones.

Quan Nan Zhai really hates himself. Why didn't he guard her all the time? If he was there, she would not be calculated.

When brother lie finally believes that the man holding himself is brother lie, Qin lelan's sense recovers a little and the body temperature rises a little.

Every time, when she needs her brother most, he always comes down from the sky and appears at her side on time, expelling all the terrible factors for her.

Let's go. Let's get in first. Quan Nanzhai picked her up and strode to the car parked nearby.

Although Qin leran is an adult, it is as easy as holding a child when he holds her.

In the car, there are warm lights and heating.

Quan Nanzhai personally brought a cup of hot water and handed it to her mouth: however, first drink a mouthful of water to warm her body.

Qin lelan did not open his mouth, but looked at him quietly, as if he were a stranger.

No, it's not that she looks at strangers, but that she's still wondering if this brother is real.

But first, drink some water. Quan Nanzhai stroked her head and said.

Qin lelan opened her mouth and took a sip. She was so warm that her cold body was relieved.

Quan Nanzhai knew what she was thinking. He gently held her hand and lifted it to his face. However, you can feel it. You see, brother lie has temperature and can move. Brother lie is real, not imaginary.

She is afraid of the nightmare. She is afraid that she will never see her parents or brother again.

Fortunately, brother lie came. Brother lie pulled her back from the nightmare that she could not forget in the past and brought her back to reality.

However, when he answered her softly, I rubbed her into my arms and kissed the bright red plum blossom on her forehead.

This mark is the most powerful witness to the shadow of her nightmare.

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