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The Wind King

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In this day and age, Star Luo Empire’s knighthood no longer followed the feudalist concept of the past. Nevertheless, one could still receive welfare benefits and remuneration from the country. In essence, one could live out the rest of one’s life comfortably without having to worry about food and shelter upon receiving a knighthood even if it was the lowest rank in the knighthood. One could even occupy a lofty position in society.

It was a tacit rule of the competition that the final eight contestants in the individual matches would receive the rank of a baron. If one could become the champion, then one would be designated as the viscount.

After all, one would need to provide a laudable meritorious service in the military to receive such a title of nobility! A viscount’s position in Star Luo Empire was comparable to the mayor of a city.

This was why youths were interested to participate in the competition. One could attain the highest level in a single step once the person entered the final eight. One would receive a title of nobility and become royalty no matter where one was from. Even though the position could not be inherited but one would not be short of income and fringe benefits. The country would take care of all the expenditures as well.

Apart from Tang Wulin, Xie Xie, and Yuanen Yehui together with the other three contestants from Monster Academy who were calm, the rest of the ten contestants who came to participate in the match today were all eager to fight. Of course, their eagerness was based on the premise that their opponents were neither from Shrek Academy nor Monster Academy.

“The first match today is truly exciting. This would be a confrontation between two agility-type soul masters. The contestant Xie Xie from Douluo Continent’s Shrek Academy, and also the contestant Lin San with the nickname Wind King from our Monster Academy. Will the two contenders please ascend the stage?”

Lin San stood up with a calm gaze. Tang Wulin and Yuanen Yehui eyed this person who was one of the Eight Heavenly Kings that they had yet to battle.

Lin San had a gentle aura. He was the weakest among the Eight Heavenly Kings, but when they truly observed him, they could not help but marvel at his appearance.

He was a formidable enemy! The thought came simultaneously to both their minds.

Lin San’s aura had such a gentle ambiance that he almost blended into his surroundings. His presence was barely felt at all. As an agility-type soul master, it was apparent that he had attained a fairly high cultivation level to be in such a state.

Xie Xie did not look in Lin San’s direction. He was just as calm and quiet. His usual mischief seemed to have disappeared at this moment.

He took a step forward and walked toward the direction of the stage.

Yuanen Yehui looked at the intense Xie Xie. Her gaze shifted slightly. She felt that he had matured. This match was going to be a turning point for him.

It did not appear to be difficult when she defeated Teng Teng the other day. In fact, she had devoted all her efforts into fighting. Teng Teng lost to her because she seized his first strike caused by his lack of understanding of her twin martial soul. Teng Teng did not have an opportunity to redeem himself afterward.

The Wind King Lin San was more powerful than the Shadow King Teng Teng, so how was Xie Xie going to fare? Was he capable of handling the opponent?

Meanwhile, the two contenders had ascended the stage. The soul protective shield glowed with radiance. The entire scene fell quiet following that.

It was not until this moment that Xie Xie and Lin San eyeballed each other. Xie Xie’s gaze was focused as he stood like a statue. Lin San’s gaze was calm and his demeanor was like a breeze. It was as if he would disappear at any moment.

They had qualities that were distinctly different from one another yet they were both agility systems. It was apparent that the two parties’ cultivation paths were completely different. The outcome of this match would ignite the dispute between Monster Academy and Shrek Academy once again.

The act of Yuanen Yehui defeating the Shadow King Teng Teng was adequate to demonstrate to Star Luo Empire’s denizens that Shrek Academy not only had one Tang Wulin but that the others were equally powerful.

“Begin the match!”

The battle of speed officially began following the judge’s call.

Xie Xie and Lin San moved almost at the same time. They were rushing toward each other. Xie Xie was akin to a sharp arrow that was shooting out at blinding speed.

Lin San moved more spontaneously. He flew in a relaxing manner toward Xie Xie. However, any observant person could tell that Lin San’s speed was actually faster than Xie Xie’s.

Three purple and two black soul rings arose from underneath Lin San’s feet. He surpassed the four purple soul rings of Xie Xie. Lin San’s first soul ring shimmered as two radiant streams of green were added to his hands.

Those were two wind blades that were light yet awfully sharp. Each wind blade was over a meter long. The blades in his palms were shaped like crescent moons.

Xie Xie held the Light Dragon Dagger tightly in his right hand. His eyes were glistening with cold light. Although it was daytime, his presence felt like a dark night. It was eerily quiet.

The distance between them quickly diminished when the two soul masters were madly charging head-on into each other.

The two figures had collided with each other by the time it took to inhale and exhale once.

Just when both of them were approaching each other, their shadows turned illusory simultaneously.

It was the Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track!

There was no doubt that it was the Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track! The same one!

“Ding!” It was the wind king who came flying out with the crisp sound. He floated away like a gush of a fresh breeze after the collision.

On the other hand, Xie Xie’s movement halted for a moment. There was a bloody cut on his left shoulder.

‘He’s so swift!’

Xie Xie muttered under his breath. It was not the opponent who was at a loss during the collision earlier. When both of them came into contact, he sensed that the opponent was difficult to restrain. Lin San appeared to be blown away from the impact, yet in reality, he had seized the opportunity to launch an attack. The deftness with which he turned his body and the swiftness of his speed caused Xie Xie’s chest to tighten. If Xie Xie’s reaction had not been fast enough, he would have suffered more than a scratched skin from the attack earlier.

Xie Xie bounded upward as he pierced out with the Light Dragon Seven in his hand. His speed was faster than before. However, a ghastly scene emerged. It was as if Lin San’s body melted, Xie Xie’s Light Dragon Seven shimmered with golden light and appeared to be enshrouding Lin San’s body, yet he could not hit the target.

The two fighters did not invoke other soul skills but they collided into one another at high speeds repeatedly.

“It’s obvious that the contestant Lin San has the upper hand. Everyone will notice under closer inspection that the contestant Lin San’s speed and agility outstrip the contestant Xie Xie’s. These two qualities are most important to the agility-type soul masters, especially when it comes to speed. The agility-type soul master overcomes the opponent’s defense by surpassing the opponent’s speed. If the soul master were to lose to the opponent in speed, then he would be suppressed entirely. Based on my observation, there are at least six wounds inflicted on the contestant Xie Xie. It may be the wounds are mild, but the contestant Lin San’s dominance will increase over a prolonged period.”

Fang’er’s judgment and commentary were indeed accurate. Xie Xie was facing Lin San’s ‘gentle breeze and drizzle’ attacks right now.

It was like a bee attack. Lin San landed multiple hits without any respite. Although they only caused mild injuries on Xie Xie’s body, Xie Xie had not retaliated with even a single hit due to Lin San’s swift dodging speed.

Xie Xie’s multiple injuries slowly took its toll as he was surely feeling exhausted. On the other hand, Lin San had not been attacked at all since the fight began.

Lin San’s fighting method was brilliant. He utilized his speed and agility to overwhelm Xie Xie with his increasing dominance without inflicting any fatal blow. He spent some time to slowly but surely turn his dominance into victory. He was waiting patiently for Xie Xie to give in to the attacks. When Xie Xie began to utilize higher level soul skills with a distracted mind, it would be Lin San’s opportunity to conquer the enemy.

The hyper-speed collisions of the two combatants made the audience dizzy and confused. All the audience managed to see were two shimmering shadows interacting with each other. They could not see that Xie Xie was injured but only discovered the truth about the battle through Fang’er’s commentary.

Xie Xie’s breathing sounded increasingly ragged. Although the wounds on his body were minor, they still affected his physical condition and fighting ability.

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