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Operation Dragon Valley?

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Black One nodded. “Yes. The place has a very strict policy. Anyone who’s rank-50 and above is not allowed to enter with no exception. If any of you’re in a similar situation, then you may leave. Also, I’d like to remind everyone not to cheat, otherwise, you’ll be treating your life as a joke. That place is not for messing around. The energy is not allowed to go below or above a certain level based on the energy strength capacity of the breach in the space. This is calculated based on the tests of the previous generation. Whoever is in the aforementioned two categories please step out quick.”

There was no doubt that the Tang Sect’s Battle Soul Hall fighters were sincere. There was no one else, while the few who had stepped out earlier left in dejection.

Even though Tang Wulin did not completely understand the situation at this point, he was entirely interested. It was apparent that this was an opportunity to elevate himself.

Black One spoke curtly, “The quota is thirty people. However, everyone stands a chance according to the rules before. We will be hosting a trial. The first thirty fighters who are selected can participate in this operation. We’ll be dividing you into groups later. The trial will be carried out a month later. We will be departing in about ten days after the trial has ended.”

“We will be carrying out an identification of your fighter’s badge following this.”

This procedure was performed for every operation in the past to confirm the fighter’s identity.

Soon, the identity confirmation was completed. Black One spoke, “White Three, step out.”

Tang Wulin was jolted out of his inattention when Black One called him. He hastily walked out from among the crowd to the front.

Black One spoke, “White Three displayed the courageous spirit during Operation Green Skeleton. He risked his life to protect his comrades who took part in the operation. In view of his contribution, he will automatically gain a spot as one of the participants in Operation Dragon Valley this time.

No one objected for Tang Sect was always fair. Tang Sect rewarded those who had rendered great service but punished those who underperformed. It upheld the rules strictly as the basis for reward or punishment.

“Thank you, Black One,” Tang Wulin spoke effusively. Based on Black One’s earlier announcement, the Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition should be over in forty days. He would have time for the operation by then. The Operation Dragon Valley sounded exciting. He would report to Teacher Wu regarding this and inform him about participating in the mission. Teacher Wu should have been transferred to the Worship Hall and been informed of the Tang Sect’s mission.

What was the mission about? Black One did not offer any explanation on it. Neither did Tang Wulin have any idea. Moreover, he could not be questioning the others. After all, he is from Douluo Continent. He was concerned that if this was a welfare operation, then it would not be relevant to him once he revealed his identity.

Likewise, it would be improbable for Teacher Wu who was also from Douluo Continent to know about Operation Dragon Valley. He would take this mission one step at a time. In any case, it was not anything evil.

The Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition’s individual matches had reached the final sixteen into the final eight.

Early in the morning, Star Luo Coliseum had been tightly packed with a multitude of spectators. Even the audience who could not enter the coliseum to watch the matches would stand outside to watch the giant screen instead. They could still experience the electrifying ambience even if it was just to listen to the cheering sounds from the coliseum!

The atmosphere was truly exhilarating since everyone craves for some excitement in one’s life. The competition provided such entertainment to Star Luo Empire’s denizens.

Tang Wulin, Xie Xie, and Yuanen Yehui entered the arena under the army’s escort provided by Star Luo Empire’s authorities.

“Yuanen, what do you think of the matter that I discussed with you?” Xie Xie whispered to Yuanen.

“What matter?” Yuanen turned her head to look at him.

Xie Xie sniggered. “If I were to win this match, you’ll be my girlfriend. Is that alright?”

Yuanen Yehui retorted, “Scram!”

Xie Xie’s face was filled with anguish. “That’s not nice of you. You ought to give me a chance. Defeating you is a future matter. Considering the competition is in full swing now, can you give me a little motivation?”

Yuanen looked at him and answered drably, “No.”

Xie Xie nudged Tang Wulin who was standing on the other side. “Captain, look at her. As a captain, are you not going to intervene after seeing how she’s treating me?”

Tang Wulin spoke repulsively, “Manage it yourself if you’re capable. I can’t intervene in this matter.”

Xie Xie grunted. “You don’t care about me. Well, I’m going to lose the match!”

Tang Wulin shrugged. “If you’re not afraid of the incensed reception you will get, do as you please!”

Yuanen Yehui spoke coldly, “I may not agree to the matter which you proposed just now, but if you choose to lose the match intentionally, then I’ll guarantee that you won’t stand a chance at all in the future.”

Xie Xie’s eyes brightened. He struck immediately. “So, you’re saying that if I defeat the enemy, I’ll at least stand a chance, yes?”

Yuanen did not acknowledge him as she turned her head to the other side.

Xie Xie sniggered. “I knew it!”

Tang Wulin slapped his forehead. He wished to ask what Xie Xie knew so much of. But, now was not a good time to rebut him. His enthusiasm to fight was desirable for the competition.

The number of contestants in the waiting area was fewer following the preceding matches. There were only sixteen spots left now. Dai Yun’er was not allowed to enter the area.

Monster Academy’s contingent had arrived. Long Yue saw Tang Wulin and smiled to him. Dai Yueyan’s gaze appeared calm as he nodded toward Tang Wulin.

Their opponents were acting courteous so Tang Wulin acted nice too. Similarly, he nodded toward Long Yue and Dai Yueyan.

Xie Xie’s gaze found his opponent straightaway.

Lin San was a skinny youth. He was above average in appearance and physique. He appeared unruffled compared to Teng Teng. There was a certain calmness and nimbleness in his behavior.

He was the least conspicuous among the Eight Heavenly Kings. Nonetheless, one would notice that his physical trait was different from everybody else’s under close scrutiny.

Lin San raised his head and looked toward Xie Xie when he sensed Xie Xie’s gaze. His pair of eyes were clear as crystal with no emotion.

Xie Xie raised his brows. An intense will to fight surged uncontrollably from his body.

Dai Yueyan in turn looked toward Lin San. He could not help smiling. “It seems like your opponent has a recalcitrant attitude toward you!”

“Power!” Lin San spoke flatly.

Dai Yueyan spoke in slight frustration, “You’re always so curt when you speak. Do you stand to lose by being a bit more communicative?”

“Yes!” Lin San only managed to utter one word.

Lin San was also a legendary figure in Monster Academy. He had an apathetic temperament. He did not have any hobby except for cultivation. He had the weakest natural endowments and martial soul among the Eight Heavenly Kings. Still, he was ranked fourth. In addition, Su Mu and Dai Yueyan who were ranked above him did not think that they could defeat him for certain.

Lin San did not care much for the rankings. The Eight Heavenly Kings’ ranking was an internal ranking by the academy. In his case, he willingly became one of the Eight Heavenly Kings in order to receive better cultivation resources just so he could face stronger opponents. Other than that, there was no good reason for him.

If Dai Yueyan could use a phrase to describe Lin San, it would be simple. Lin San lived to fight.

This was the Wind King Lin San, the most obscure person among the Eight Heavenly Kings, yet he was a highly appreciated student of Monster Academy.

Being diligent made up for any deficiency. Although it may not be an apt description of him, it elucidated his effort and persistence in doing his best.

“Welcome to the coliseum to witness the Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition’s final sixteen to final eight matches. The contestants of the final eight matches would come from today’s matches. They will be among the strongest powerhouses of the younger generation,” Fang’er’s voice echoed in the coliseum.

After this announcement, the whole coliseum turned its gaze toward the waiting area.

The sixteen contestants had taken their seats. Their destinies would be awaiting them.

The final ten students from the previous competition not only received generous rewards but special treatment wherever they went in the empire because of the prestigious achievement on his or her personal record.

One would be promoted to a middle-rank officer if one chose to be enlisted. The person would receive hospitable treatment in any clan, sect or profession that he or she chose to join. Concurrently, the person would be knighted by the empire. Yes, a knighthood!

The knighthood award had become more prestigious and prominent over time. There were only two ways one could be knighted in Star Luo Empire. The first was to depend on one’s skill and ability to be recognized by the country as in winning such a competition while the other was to perform meritorious services for the country.

Furthermore, the knighthood could not be obtained through inheritance and there was no exception to that. Hence, the reputation and prestige of being a knight remained great as ever.

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