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Astera’s P.O.V.

We ate lunch inside town. As usual I ignored the judging stares of the town people.

I wonder what they will be saying now?

Maybe they’ll think I’ve used voodoo or some magic portion on Stefan to make him hang out with me.

I started laughing at the thought.

“What is it?” Stefan asked when I suddenly started laughing in the middle of eating.

“Oh, it’s nothing.” I assured him, “Just something that crossed my mind.”

He smiled too and nodded. We went back to eating in a comfortable silence.

It was almost dark before we finished eating. Stefan and I headed back to the car and together, we went to his business partner’s so Stefan can hand over the files to him.

We were back in the car when I remembered what I’ve always wanted to do whenever I come back to this side of town.

“Can we drive over to my matrimonial house?” I turned to ask Stefan, staring at his manly hands as he controlled the wheel of the car.

“Oh….you forgot something?” He asked me.

“Yes but I won’t be long. I won’t take much time.” I reassured him with a smile.

He nodded as he maneuvered the steering to to route that leads to my house of horror.

Stefan doesn’t need to know that I want to get my box of ribbons. The ribbons he used to give me when we were dating three years ago.

My hair has always been unruly and I tie those ribbons to hold them together. That’s why Stefan always buy them for me and I always end up saving it.

Making him buy more and more.

I don’t want him to know that I still have them after all these years.

We drove for a little while before we finally entered the familiar driveway, and in no time we were pulling into the familiar compound.

I told him that I won’t take much time as I opened the door of the car and hurried to the front door of my former home.

I unlocked it and entered, going straight upstairs, I blocked off the memories that threatened to overwhelmed me.

I entered to the master bedroom that used to be mine and Daniel’s, I walked straight to the cabinet and snatched my box of ribbons.

I made the mistake of look around and memories assailed me. I staggered at my feet as it flooded through me.

The beating. The screams. The roaring. The taunting.

I raised trembling hands to cover my ears and my feet wobbled. Whimpers tore from my mouth…pitiful whimpers that filled the air.

I don’t know how much time passed as the painful memories assaulted me. It might as well be forever.

My cellphone rang out. It jolted me back to reality. It’s Stefan.

I wiped the tears I don’t even know when I shed before I fisted the box, pushing it to my heart as comfort.

I turned and ran out of the Room of Nightmares. I made my way downstairs and out of the house, trying to regain my composure during the long walk that leads to the door.

I managed that quite well.. But as I opened the door, a man stood out there beside Stefan, making small talks with him.

It’s a man I know.

It’s a man I never wanted to ever see again.

My hard earned composure shattered again as I stared at Donovan’s face.


Stefan’s P.O.V.

Astera took a lot of time inside that I became worried and called her. Night has fallen already and it’s still a long drive to her house.

I was still waiting for her when a man came around and introduced himself as Donovan. He said he is the friend of the family…especially Daniel, when he was alive.

The man lost his friend, Daniel, apparently and I sympathized with him.

He said he noticed the light in the house and hoped that it’s Daniel’s widow. He said he had something to talk with her about.

Just then, Astera had opened the door and came out. Just one glance at the man and she looked like she has come face to face with Death.

“What is he doing here!” She screamed, “Get out!”

“Astera…” Donovan called to her, his voice pleading.

“Out!” She screamed, “Get the hell away from me” she turned to me blindly, “Chase him out, Stef! Please!”

Her cries sprang me into action, adrenaline surging through me.

I held the man by the arm and practically dragged him out of the gate even though the man was shouting; “Please, I’m sorry! Just hear me out, Astera!”

But Astera kept screaming. The sounds tearing me apart inside, I practically threw the man out of the gate and closed it, ramming in the deadbolt.

For a moment, there was silence that naturally follows the end of such noise.

Then, Astera’s cries. I walked back to her and there she sat at the ground in front of the door.

She was shivering massively as she whimpered like a child facing a hell lot of demons.

It begged a lot of questions.

What the hell just happened?

Who is Donovan?

Why is Astera reacting to him like that?

Hell, what the f--k just happened just now?


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