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Four days after, the dogs became used to me. They allowed me come close but were still hostile when I try to touch them. At least they don’t bark at the sight of my presence anymore. Plan A was executed, now it was time for Plan B; and that was how to pass the police guards in the house and the ones in the compound. I suddenly wished the old man would come to my rescue.

That night, I tried severally to sneak out but the guards in the house were fully awake and the voices of the ones outside was heard in my room.

It was past 2 am and I was still hoping for the slightest chance of my escape. The place suddenly felt like it was being drained of air as I walked about the room in worry.

At about 4 am, i went to check if the guys in the sitting room were still awake, they had dozed off in front of the TV. I snuck to the exit door, gently opened it, looked out, the coast seemed clear, no police guard in view just the dogs and they weren’t my concern anymore. So I hurried towards the gate and found it padlocked. I looked at the high fence and was considering trying to scale through.

“Sir!”. An hostile voice called from behind me.

I spun abruptly and saw the officer in charge of the dogs. He was surprised to see me outside and was vivid in his countenance. I knew I had to cover up and so quickly added. “Oh! You are here”. I searched for a good lie and the first thing that popped into my head was. “I was finding it hard to sleep. I need some air”.

“Okay sir!” He said and stood there looking at me.

I pretentiously moved away from the fence and walked slowly about pacing blankly and swinging my hands. I noticed that the guard was on my trail, though at a far pace. I stopped in front of one of the dogs lying on it’s tummy and tried to play with it, but it was too bored for a conversation. So I turned towards the house and went in. My plan B had been thwarted. Though it wasn’t properly planned, just thought I could see my chances.

The next day at noon, i sat on my bed reviewing my plans and discovered that the Plan B was a very stupid idea, although it was a trial plan, but what if they had caught me trying to scale over the fence?

“How am I going to go past that fence?”. I murmured.

The door opened and Johnbull walked in. I never knew I would be so happy and angry simultaneously like I felt seeing him. Immediately, I stood up and said.

“You have to get me out of here today!”

He smiled looking me straight in the face. “You have to remain here. You’re not safe outside”.

I walked up to him, met his eyes and said in a cold tone. “I need my lawyer!”.

He winced and giggled mockingly, then walked to the window, pushed aside the curtain, looked outside and said. “What do you need a lawyer for?”.

I felt he wasn’t taking me seriously. I walked up to him angrily and yanked him by the shoulder to face me. ” look here here Mr. man! I’m not staying a second or else I assume I’m held against my wish! And I’ll sue you for it!”

He examined my face and maybe he saw seriousness because his face adjusted to business.

“I will completely wash my hands off your case, hope you know the implication of that?” He asked.

“Just get me out of here”. I muttered.

He nodded and took a quick glance around the room then said. “Get ready. I’ll be living soon”.

I couldn’t believe my ears. I stood startled while he walked away.

Johnbull dropped me off in front of an hotel and drove off without saying a word or looking my direction. I went to the hotel’s bar section and sat with a glass of scotch. Then suddenly felt the need to call Daniela. I knew I couldn’t use my line, so I looked around for someone I could borrow his phone. The bar man seemed like a good choice so i called on him. “Excuse me sir”. I beckoned the bar man over. He came closer with questions on his face. “I will give you 10 thousand bucks to use your phone”. I took out a bundle of local cash and counted out 10 thousand. His eyes was on the money while i counted.

” Sure! But I don’t have airtime”. The bar man said.

I counted a thousand bucks and gave to him to recharge with. He happily took the money, jetted out and returned in 10 minutes time.

“Here it is sir”. Handing the phone to me.

“Thanks!” I said retrieving it.

Immediately, I dialed Daniela’s local number from a piece of paper I jotted it in, it was switched off. I tried Gabriel’s, his too was switched off. I then assumed they had traveled. So I tried Daniela’s international office line, it rang twice before her voice came through.


“Hello, it’s Mike”. I said hastily.

“Mike! They finally let you!”. Her voice beamed with excitement.

“Yes, they allowed me out today”.

“They didn’t allow us to see you!”. She sounded sad.

“I figured. They left me on my own”

“D--n! How are we going to do this?”

“Yeah. That’s why I called. I need that surgeon George was talking about”.

There was a momentary pause, then she said. “Okay. I’ll get back to you, this number right?”.

“No, send it to my mail”.

“Mike…”. She called.


After a brief silence, she said. “Be careful”.

“Thanks, I will”.

I returned the phone and sat thinking of my next move. My attention fell a on a dark advanced athletic man in white sleeve shirt, seated at my left at the counter, he seemed to be busy with his glass of whatsoever he was drinking. Something about him was spooky. I simply focused on my drink and ignored him.

I finished my drink and was about leaving, the man said something i didn’t grasp, so i stopped and asked. “Sorry?”.

“You need a body guard”. He said with the glass cup on his lips.

I looked around if any suspicious fellow was around before i carefully moved closer to him, observing his body language to know when to defend myself.

“What did you say?”. I asked.

He turned to me, his eyes were blood shot, his lips dark as scarlet. He looked at me with a dreadful smile on his face and said in a husky tone. “I found you, if i wanted you dead you would have been dead”.

I was startled. “Who are you? What do you know about me?”.

He smiled.”I am a business man and a professional”. Then he drank from his glass and continued. “Mike right?”. I didn’t answer and he went on. “You need me. I’m can protect you from those assassins”.

He was interesting, so i sat down and said. “Tell me what you know”.

“It will cost you”. He said and sipped from his glass.

“How much?”.

He looked away and said. “200 thousand bucks a month, with stipends of 50 thousand bucks every week for my expencies”.

“I laughed and asked. “I that not too exorbitant?”.

“Can you quantify your life to money?”. He asked and looked away.

I examined the man carefully, he was looked dangerous; his arms were powerful with thick veins and his fist were huge. A thick scar cut across his left ear to his jaw. His head and face were bald except for a full goatie hanging under his jaw. He striked me like someone i could use, so i agreed to his proposal and for him to begin immediatley. He demanded for 50 thousand bucks, which i gave him 10 thousand and promised to complete it the next day. And so i got myself a bodyguard.

The next day, I told Khaha, the name my bodyguard gave as his to call me a cab that would take me to a mall. I covered my face with a face hat and sunshade as we set out. I finished shopping with Kaha carrying the bag for me.

As we were returning to my car, i remembered i needed a pack of cigarette and asked Khaha to get it for me. I was about entering the car when i noticed a lady struggling with a man in-between some cars just beside my cab. I impulsively walked towards them and noticed that he had a knife and was trying to snatch her bag. The moment I saw the knife, my whole body cautioned me to leave. As I was about minding my business, the lady called out helplessly.

“Sir help me! Help please!”

Something just happened to me, I found myself moving towards them. When the guy saw me coming, he pointed the kitchen knife he held in one hand at me, while his other hand still held on tight to the lady’s bag.

“Stay out of this! Stay clear!” He yelled.

I was thinking of what to do and how to get the knife off his hand. I took a step closer and he also took a step towards me weiding his knife, but still held on to the lady’s bag. Quickly, I threw the bag of grocery on his face, rushed him, grabbed the hand with the knife and sent a strong blow straight on his nose. He moved backwards letting go of the bag and knife with his hands placed on his nose. Then he looked up at me with rage in his eyes still holding his nose. At that moment attention was already drawn as people began gathering around. The thief hesitated looking at the lady who was behind me with her bag in her hands now, and suddenly, he took to his heels.

After he was gone, I felt my whole body still adjusting to the shock. I didn’t know what came over me. Then I noticed someone was behind me and slowly turned towards her, it was the lady, she was still afraid, clinging to her bag firmly.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

She smiled and thanked me. Then left.

I was picking up the scattered grocery ignoring the crowd and was putting them back in the bag when Kaha came with four packs of cigarette.

“What happened here ?”. Khaha asked.

I was about answering Khaha when a familiar female voice called behind me. “Mike?”.

I turned and met a very fresh light skin thigh that extended up to a dotted black hugged mini gown and then I recognized the face as Fiona’s. Immediately I stood up and felt a kinda butterfly in my stomach. She was so beautiful and sexy looking.

“Hey!” I said.

She hugged me and when she broke the hug she said excitedly. “Where have you been? Nobody was telling me anything. I came to your house twice and your mum said you were not back. I was scared, I thought something had happened to you and they were keeping it from me”.

I smiled, told her everything and introduced my new bodyguard to her. She was really happy to see me. She suggested that we joined her in her car, and so we did and she drove us to the hotel.

“One hotel room to the next”. Fiona said as she walked into the room with I behind her shutting the door.

“It will end very soon”. I said, after I was done with the door.

“How?” She asked, turning to me.

I slowly walked into the room and stopped in front of her. “I’m considering a face change”.

She gave me a puzzling look. “Like a surgery?”

I smiled and took a seat on a couch. She came to the seat and joined me.

“Why would you want to do that?” She inquired.

I smiled boyishly. “Coz I wanna look more handsome”. Then laughed.

She shook her head smiling and stiffened to a serious stare. “Talk to me Mike, is it because of the attempts on your life?”

“What would you think of me having a pointed nose, high cheekbones and a narrow sexy blue eyes with a perfect lips to go with?”. I exaggerated with my hands describing it.

“Come off it Mike! Don’t lose this handsome face that caught my attention. You stole my heart with it”. Then she realized her mistake and looked embarrassed.

Those words called my attention to her. I suddenly felt my body responding to her presence, my g---n was getting rigid and her embarrassed face was as sexy as Bleep!

I turned to her and said in a lighter mood with a smile. “You think I’m handsome?”

She giggled and pushed me slightly on the chest. “Get away! You’re ugly!”

I moved closer to her. My heart bounding uncontrollably and I asked again with more seriousness. “Do you find me fuckable?”.

She looked at me, her eyes gave me the answer I needed, then she looked away and stood up. “Who’s going to do the surgery? Do you have any plastic surgeon in mind?”

I stood up and followed behind her, she turned and was startled to see me very close. She scuffed and asked. “what’s this?”

“You’re a sexy goddess”. I said in a tone laden with emotion.

She blushed and moved towards the window. “You’re acting funny Mike”

I followed her; her big round buttocks in the gown was so tempting that I held her around her waist from behind. “I wanna make love to you”. I said in my charming seductive tone.

She gently removed my hands and moved away from me before she turned to face me. “Is it because of what I said you’re acting this funny? I’m married! Married to a top military officer who will kill anyone that as much as kiss me”.

“I’m ready to die! I want you so desperately”. I said moving closer to her.

“Stop! Stop right where you are! What has come over you?” She bellowed.

“You! Been keeping it to myself. I know you want me too”.

“Are you high?!”. She amusingly yelled.

“Yes! I’m with you!”. I said coming closer to her.

“Don’t get me wrong Mike, I like you, but not in this way”. She said, moving away from me slowly.

I suddenly realized I was making a fool of myself. She was married, here I was trying to seduce the wife of a military officer. What was I thinking?.

“I’m sorry. I was just… You know… You’re so beautiful and hot… I … I’m sorry”. I apologized

“It’s okay”. She said smiling. Then sat on the bed. I sat with her trying to focus on the matter at hand.

“You know, this situation i am in has completely drained my sense of reasoning.” I said feeling sorry for my actions and turned to apologise properly, only to find her lying on her tummy, her face buried in the bed, and her gown up her buttocks exposing a white and pink netted thong underwear. The minute I saw that, I forgot her scolding, my d--k was doing the thinking for me.

I gently robbed my hand up her thigh to her ass, she didn’t make any attempt to resist. This was hopeful. I touched her soft fat ass and grabbed it, then laid beside her. I continued caressing her ass running my fingers up and down between her legs that was getting moist. Suddenly, she swiftly removed my hand and turned over to face me. ” what?” She asked in a flirty tone.

I knew I had gotten her. My heart raced even faster, I knew I had to make better move this time and so I came closer and we locked eyes for few seconds before I kissed her. She didn’t resist nor kissed back. I pressed my lips into hers, softly pathed her lips with mine, slowly slide my lips into her mouth with my hands caressing her waist and s----d on her up and lower lip while my tongue skillfully sliding in and out of her mouth meeting her tongue at intervals. Then she responded and we kissed passionately with our eyes closed.

I was about getting excited when she turned away and hid her face from me.

“What’s going in?”. I gently asked drawing closer to her.

“Mike, please lets stop this!”. She said with her head bent low.

The sound on her tone hinted seriousness. I then decided to let her be. She suddenly stood up and wondered towards a table across the bed and took a glass from it, sat on the table and was looking at me. The look on her face told me I was the center of her thought. So I stood up and walked up to her.

“What do you want?” I asked caressing her arm.

She drew her shoulder from my touch and handed me the cup. I took it from her wondering what’s cooking on her mind.

She stood up abruptly and announced. “I’m leaving!”

I was shocked by her statement but kept calm. She took a glance at me and was about leaving when I grabbed her, pulled her to myself and planted a hungry kiss on her. She gave a feeble resistance but I was too strong for her.

Then I loosen my grip on her and said coldly. “Hey! Stop this! You want this as much as I do. At least you resisted. Let it be that you resisted but I forced you”. With that, I kissed her and she didn’t resist. I continued and finally she yielded. We kissed passionately and hungrily. She was such a good kisser that I struggled to keep up the pace.

Then I broke the kiss suddenly and led her to the bed with our eyes locked on each other’s. Standing by the bed, I kissed her soft bold lips again with my hands running through her voluptuous body. I could feel her heart beat rising, I could feel the heat of the air from her nostrils on my face. Kissing Fiona felt unique it was something different.

We ended on the bed still caressing our lips and tongue against each others. I moved up and knelt in front of her while her back laid on the bed and eyes staring right at me. I took off my shirt and loosen my belt. She just laid there looking at me. I came down from the bed, kissing her bare thighs while I pulled up her gown. I kissed in-between each thigh as I ascended to her sweet spot.

Her skirt was up, I had taken off her pant and my head was between her legs giving her the s--k of her life. She moaned uncontrollably, tossing her legs recklessly on my shoulder, neck and head. And then, she suddenly moved away from me, pulled down her gown, hurried off from the bed, quickly picked up her pant and hastily slide into it.

“I can’t do this!”. She said hurrying into her shoes.

I thought she was kidding until she dashed for the door. I had no option but to hurriedly slide into my trouser and ran after her.

I caught up with her at the stairs and stopped her.

“Come on! You don’t have to leave that way!”. I said trying to catch my breath.

“Let me go!”. She protested while trying to break free from my grip.

“I’m sorry, I went too far. But don’t leave like this!”.

She eyed me maliciously and retorted. ” what was I thinking? Do you know who my husband is? You’re playing with fire!”

“How would he know? Except you tell him”.

She was going to respond to what I said when a thick authoritative voice called. “Fiona!”

We turned simultaneously to the direction and saw a huge dark tall man in his fifties, with gray beards and bald head; two heavily built men in military uniform stood behind him. He wore a blue well starched and ironed short sleeve shirt tucked into a blue jean and a brown leather belt to match with his Italian shoe.

“What’s going on here!” The man demanded.

Fiona almost fainted at the sight of him and she was evidently shivering. I needed no suitsayer to tell me my end has come. I slowly moved backwards and was about taking another step when the man pointed at me.

“If you dare take one more step, you’re a dead man!”.

I froze where I was. He commanded the men behind him to get me. I immediately took to my heels running back to my room and shouting Khaha’s name.

Khaha rushed out of the room opposite mine, i quickly pointed behind me frighteningly. “Stop them! Stop them!”.

Khaha rushed out with so much enthusiastic will to attack but when he saw the military men climbing up the stairs, he went cold; withdrew into his room and shut the door. I was so disappointing in him and rushed into my room, bolted the door and slowly moved backwards hoping the door would keep them away. And all of a sudden, a loud bang, the door bounced open and behold the two heavily built soldiers stood looking at me ominously.

They both dragged me downstairs to the back of a Mercedes Benz car. All my call on Khaha fell on deaf ears. Fiona kept begging on my behalf and the elderly man was threatening to slap her as they forced me into the trunk, i struggled with them as they tried to shut the trunk. Several strong blows was sent to my face; in the end, the trunk was shut and I was lying on my side listening to the argument between Fiona and the man. Doors closed, the car engine came alive and we began moving.

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