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I appeared in a vast land, everywhere was dusky blue, the floor was green beach sand kissing the horizon with nothing else in view. It was cold and silent with no one else but I and the old man.

I turned to the old man and asked. ” where are we?”

He pretended not to have heard me and looked behind like he was expecting someone. I moved closer to him and repeated the question.

“She’s coming”. He said and moved away from me.

I felt like a dragon was going to jump out of the thin air and devour me, but I remained courageous.

“My son!” A familiar female voice said.

I turned abruptly and found a brief chubby lady figure in terrestrial glowing white body smiling at me. I almost jumped out of my skin in fear. I turned to the old man who was nodding at me and summoned the courage to ask. “Who are you?”.

” Your mother “. She called.

“My mother?”.

She nodded smiling. “Yes my son”

I paused a little and tried to place the picture of my mum with hers, but couldn’t really make out resemblance.

” Why have you summoned me? And how is that possible that the living can meet with the dead?”. I asked astonishingly.

She smiled and said. “I have very limited time. I sowed a great price for this few moment with you”. Her face was filled with joyful emotions.

” Okay, what am I doing here?”

” When a ghost monitor I sent to watch over you told me about you being in danger, I had to call Manhood here to bring you to me. Your dad is alive”.

I was completely startled. ” My dad? They buried him. I saw his grave”.

She smiled. “He is alive. Ask your uncle Sly. He alone knows about it”. Then she looked behind her abruptly and then to me. ” it’s time. I love you son, even in death. Find your dad!”. Then she disappeared.

I turned to the old man in shock. He looked impatiently at me and said. ” lets go back!”

As I was about holding his hands I woke up in my bed at the safe house.

” was that a dream?” I asked myself looking around the room for the old man. Then slowly left the bed and moved to the window. It was morning already, the police guards where moving around gisting amongst themselves.

I wondered back to the bed. Was it a dream? It felt so real. I got off the bed and moved to the door, the handle was still there. I slowly opened the door, walked to the sitting room and found one of the cops that was dozing the previous night on the couch watching tv.

” Good morning”. I greeted with a smile.

He quickly stood up and replied. ” Morning sir!”

” You slept here right?”

He looked baffled whether to admit he was sleeping on duty or not.

” Don’t worry, it’s okay. I understand. Please I need coffee, cream”.

He nodded and went to the kitchen.

After he had gone, i sat on the chair and began adding things up; the door. That was supposed to be an evidence. I stared at the news showing on the TV blankly with my mind wondering how possible it was that I was able to travel to the land of the dead or perhaps it was all a dream. But it felt real; the dogs, the old man, mum…I chose to believe it was real.

“My dad is alive?” I soliloquized. “But how is that possible?”. I stood up and walked around the sitting room blankly”.I have been to his tomb several times”.

“Sir, the coffee”.

I turned and found the officer standing with a cup of coffee in his hand. I wondered how long he had stood there.

” thank you” I said and took the coffee from him.

He nodded and walked away humbly.

Johnbull didn’t show up all day and I was so desperate to see him. I wanted to tell him of my intention of traveling out even though it was just an intuition i chose to take seriously. I knew talking with the police guards would be a total waste of time so I prayed impatiently for him to show up.

I woke up and checked the time at the wall clock, it was 12 am, Johnbull didn’t show up again. So I hoped for the next day.

The next day, i was so restless from the moment i woke up and there was no sign of till 2 pm. I walked up to officer Shaggi. ” I need to make a call! “.

He looked at me hesitantly and calculatively said. ” I’m sorry sir. We are ordered not to allow you make a call”.

” I want to speak with Inspector Johnbull, it’s urgent!”. I bellowed.

Officer Shaggi gave me a pitiful stare and said. “Maybe I’ll help you send him a text message”.

“Okay, that will do. Please do that right away”. I said feeling a spark of relieve.

The Officer Shaggi transferred his AK 47 to one hand, took out a phone from his pocket and looked at me. ” what do I type? ”

” tell him I want to see him urgently”.

He nodded and began typing. Few minutes later, he looked up and said. “Done sir!”

I thanked him and returned to my room.

It was 5 am and no news from Johnbull. I had asked Shaggi twice if Johnbull called but met a negative reply. As I sat on my bed, I knew I had to escape, but it seem entirely impossible. I knew i couldn’t keep staying in that prison, I had to escape. And then I remembered the dogs. How was I going to get past them?

I stood up, walked to the window and looked at police guards walking about, and the well fed dogs; two taking a nap, one biting its feet and the other ominously snooping for something to devour . They were six officers outside and four in the house. I sat back on the bed constructing my escape even against all odds.

“I must get across those dogs somehow”. I said aloud and stood up.

On my way out, I met two police officers watching TV in the sitting room. One of them turned to me and asked. “Are you going outside sir?”.

“Yes”. I answered.

He stood up abruptly, the other turned attentively towards me. “Sir, the dogs are loose. You can’t go out now”.

” am I in a prison house?” I asked angrily.

“No sir. You’re not”.

“Okay. Let me have lumps of meats. Enough to fill a bucket”.

The men exchanged astonishing glances and returned to me. “We don’t have that much meat in this house”.

“Then buy!”. I said and walked back to my room.

About an hour later, a knock came on the door. I went to get it and saw the police officer with a small bucket of meat.

“Here it is sir”. He said handing the meat to me.

“Thank you”. I said retrieving the bucket and walked past him.

“where are you going to sir?” The police officer asked.

I stopped and asked. “Are you friends with those dogs?”.

“No sir. In fact, I’m scared of them beast”.

I left them and headed for the exit door.

“Why are you so concerned about the dogs sir?”. The officer asked following me from behind.

I could read the meaning in his tone. He was probably suspicious or wondering the intention behind my action.

I turned to him smiling. “I love dogs. I’m really bored here, I just want to make them friends so I can play with them when next I’m this bored”.

The officer and the other who sat quietly in sitting room exchanged a glance and the officer hesitated awhile scratching his head before his face suddenly brightened up. “Hold on a little”. He spun and went out through the exit door.

I stood looking at the door in front of me believing he had gone to do the needful. Few minutes later, I was still staring at the door. Then the door flung open and the officer surfaced.

“You can come out sir”. He said.

I stepped out of the house with circumspect and noticed the dogs were in chains. They flaired like deranged beasts the moment they set eyes on me, struggling to break free and devour me. Their eyes were viciously red, teeth like a dangerous hungry monsters and when they bark, thick saliva splattered from their mouths.

The sight of the ferocious beasts stiffened me in fear. I didn’t know for how long I stood there before one of the officers barked back at them calling my attention to him but the dogs seemed to get angrier. He moved in front of the dogs and shouted even louder at them. “Stop it! Stop it now!”.

The dogs suddenly heard him and buried their faces on the floor looking at him nervously.

That was pretty impressive, i thought. I looked in awe at the once four ferocious animals now trembling at the feet of their master.

“Wow!” I exhaled.

“You can come over sir!” The officer with the dog said.

I confidently moved over. One of the dogs seemed to be brewing an attack. The officer quickly yelled at it and it humbled immediately.

“Good dogs” I said and threw a lump at the one in the third by the right, immediately, the two beside it jumped and attacked it, the dog retaliated guarding its meal. I jumped away in shock but caught myself in time as I almost tripped over. The officers around exploded in laughter, I smiled in embarrassment.

“That’s how they fight. Throw them more so they will stop fighting”. An officer beside me said.

I threw more and each grabbed the one that feel around it. I then waited for them to finish. As soon as they finished, they all looked expectantly at me. I held out a lump and their attentions were on it. “Cool down boys”. I said as I moved a step forward. The dogs were just after the meat in my hand. I then tost it at the one on the left and others attached. I threw three more in front of each and the dogs jealously attacked their meal.

When they were done, they turned to me again expecting more. I then moved forward but not entirely close; emptied the whole bucket in front of them and each dog fought for its on portion.

I was so happy watching them eat two steps away and didn’t bother to attack. I smiled satisfactorily that i had finally tamed the dogs with food. I waited patiently for them to finish and slowly stretched my hand towards the head of the gentle beside the second on the right; it jumped and almost took my hand in it’s mouth, I jumped backwards and fell on my buttocks. The dogs began barking in rage, struggling to break from their chains and attack me. The police officer had to shout at them many times and hit them with a stick before they could listen.

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