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She came in with the police officer Kelly knight.

“Mother! What are you doing here?” Mr Gray asked Maya.

This is unbelievable! Gray is the son Maya was talking about!

“My son! Maya called reaching out to him.

“Get your flithy hands of me” Mr Gray snarled.

“Am out of here”he said.

“Gray! I called and ran after him.

I ran after him till we got to where is car was parked.

“Gray! Don’t leave please” l begged.

He turned to look at me.

“You just called me Gray Phoebe, what took you so long?” He said and my face turned crimson red.

“Gray, please don’t leave” l begged.

“Why? Is it because of her?”

“She is you mother after all.”

“Don’t call her my mother, she is not my mother.”

“But you called her mother a while ago, it’s shows you still love her, please let go of what happened in the past, and shower her with the love a son should give her mother, though she wronged you but she is still the one that brought you to this world.please forgive her.”

“Stop telling me what to do, you don’t know anything about me.”

“I know l don’t, l never grew up to meet my mother so l think you should be grateful for what you have, please reconcile with your mother.”

He sighed and rest his head on the car window.

Maya didn’t come after us and am grateful.

“How do you know my mother?” He asked.

“I meet her once, that day l was passing through emotional pains and was depressed, she was depressed too and she suggested we shared our worries.

I got to know everything that happened between the both of you. She told me everything, l never knew you were the son she was talking about until some moments ago when you called her mother.

She regretted her actions and she misses you alot, please forgive her.

“Why were you depressed?” He asked.

“It’s a long story but l will love to share it with you only if you come inside with me.”

“Shit! Why am l this vulnerable when around you?”

“Come with me please.”

“Fine! You win.”

“Phoebe my dear! Maya called as she hugged me tightly.

Gray avoided his mother like a plague.

“How are you feeling my dear, where you hurt?”

“No ma’am am fine, you sent him right?” I asked referring to officer knight.

“Yes, l did, have always kept an eye on you my dear.”

“I knew you were kidnapped, so l arranged to meet the men who abducted you.l told them not to hurt you and offered them a reasonable amount of money that can make them live decently.

I wanted to know the reason you were abducted, so they had to play along.

But it turns out to be Mr Li daughter, she is obsessed with my son.

The matter has been transferred to the state police.l will make sure she gets in jail.

“You shouldn’t have done that, l could have handled it myself” Mr Gray said and glared at his mother.

“It’s a good thing my son finally opened his heart.” She said.

What’s she talking about?

“Thank you ma’am, l indeed grateful to you for saving my life.”

“You are welcome my dear, it’s my responsibility to protect you and my grandchild” she said and am shocked.

“You knew! I ask in shock.

“Yes l knew my dear, how meeting wasn’t a coincidence, although my son keeps pushing me away, l know about everything that happens in his life.”

“Thank you my dear for keeping the baby.”

“What are you talking about, what, baby and grandchild are you talking about” Mr Gray asked with Knitted brow.

Daisy stared at me wide eyed, Robin was in a daze. I guess they are confused as Mr Gray.

“I will leave now, take care of yourself my dear” Maya said as she kissed me on both cheeks.

The room is tensed with pair of eyes staring intensely at me.

Mr Gray was giving me that look of speak or you die.

Maya knew all this time, when was she planning to tell me she knew l am pregnant for her son.

I have to get over with this, its now or never.

“Daisy, Mr Robin, can you both please excuse us.”

“Sure l was planning to leave anyways” Daisy said and drags Robin along.

“Gray l don’t know how am going to say this, should l start from the night we had sex.l never pretended l didn’t remember, l acted that way because l actually did not remember.

That night l was heartbroken, My boyfriend broke up with me and l was drunk, but never knew my drinks were spiked. Selene paid a waiter to Spike my drink, that was when you approached me.

I wasn’t in a right state of mind.

I woke up the following morning to find myself naked in an hotel room, l was ashamed so l ran off.

A week later, after l started working at your company l discovered l was pregnant but didn’t know the father of my baby.

That was when l met your mother, she gave me hope and encouraged me to keep the baby.

Am pregnant Gray, Am carrying your child, am sorry l never told you, l didn’t know you were responsible until earlier today.Selene told me that was the reason she so badly wanted to kill me.

I know it may sound lame, l know you probably see me as a w---e, l will understand if you do not accept the baby but it’s a good thing l got to know the father of my child.”

He stares intensely at me, not blinking for a second and not saying anything.

Gray, l understand it’s fine if…………..

“Shush! He hushed and placed his fingers on my lips.

“I love you Phoebe, thank you for keeping our baby.”




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