Pregnant For a stranger

8 months ago

Pregnant for a stranger


Phoebe was heartbroken.

She gets drunk and wakes up to see herself stark naked in an Hotel room.

Ashamed she hastely got dressed and runs off.

Gray Mensah is a young, handsome and charming business man.

He is d--n rich and popular, girls throw themselves at him.

He goes by the saying”all women are the same”.

He had sex with Phoebe thinking she was one of his many sluts.

What happens when Phoebe finds out she is pregnant?

But for whom?

I want you all to sit, relax and follow allow this thrilling story.

Brought to you ✍️ by Authoress Joan

Love you all 💋💋💋.


Pregnant For a stranger - S01

Pregnant For a stranger - S01

8 months ago