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As we drove, the old man who also fell for my stunt kept telling his own problems; how his five children are in the university, two dropped out for the other three, how he needs cleansing from witchcrafts and ancestors and seeking for prayers from me.

When he dropped me in front of my house. I counted 10 foreign currencies amounting to over 200,000 in the local denomination and handed to him. He was paralyzed in shock and soon began crying.

” that’s how God answers prayers. Use the money well”. I said to him.

” thank you seer! Thank you seer!”. He said amidst tears.

Then he waited as I knocked on the gate of the estate. It was past 3 am by the time. I knocked severely before the security man responded. The old man waited in the car looking at me.

” who ris rat!”. A funny ascent stormed as though he was fighting with the person knocking across the gate.

I turned to the old man as if to seek his approval before I answered. The old man nodded and motioned me to go on.

” I’m asking after Mrs Margaret! I’m her grandson”. I said in an uncertain tone.

” who?” The voice asked.

I reasoned if that’s the name they know her by before I went on. ” Mrs. Margaret”.

” deriz nno bori answer ra nname hia! “. The voice said.

I thought of other names they could know her by, so I mentioned by uncles name. ” Steves Mother!”

” I ron nno any bori oh!” Mpliz, atink you av a terephone! Cur ram!”

I turned to the old man in the car blinking his eyes at me and moved towards him.

” please sir, can i make use of your phone?”.

Old man: I have only 50 left. what if somebody enter trouble….( native dialect )

” em…I no have airtime. What we go do now oooh. And you need this phone, chai!” The old man said, filled with concern.

I was shocked to my marrow, someone I gave a huge amount to to help his family?! I was highly disappointed!

” chai! And it is night oooh. If I have airtime, I for gave you, what is airtime? Please ask them if you fit to use him phone call…”

The old man was still talking I walked out on him to the gate.

” sorry bro. I got no phone here with me. Can I borrow yours. I’ll pay you, a thousand bucks!”.

The voice on the otherside went mute. Then a smaller opening on the gate opened. An eye was seen looking at me and the driver, after which he said. ” cur ram! ”

” the number?” I asked.

” nyes”

I called the number and he dialed it. Few seconds later he said. ” e nno picking ooh. Nlet me try ram argain!”. He dialed the number two more times and then shouted. ” haro! Nderiz a man hia. He nsay he is rooking nfor Magnet!” He turned to me and asked. ” your nname!”


” he nsay he name is Mike! Are you nsure? Okay!”. Then he opened the gate

The drive engaged his engine and waved me goodbye. I didn’t respond as I entered.

The estate was impressive. Houses laid in a single file facing each other, all one storey building painted in yellow had flowers in front and street lights making the place look like afternoon.

Beside the gate was a yellow security house with two windows and a door in the middle.

” wait hia!”. The security man said pointing at a plastic chair in front of the security house.

I looked at the man in his late thirties under the security light. He looked bleached with cream reactions on his fat face; clean shaven, in a yellow top and blue pants with a funny looking blue cap on his head, I wondered why he wore it at night.

” thank you very much. I’m grateful!” I said to the man as I sat down.

He didn’t respond, he was looking down at the estate grudgingly.

security man: reez ma njust rizturb my sleep nah.

” who is that?”. A taller dark guy in same uniform came out of the security house without the cap on looking sleepy.

” reez Oga! He nsay he rook nfor Magnet. I ncal ram, she nsay, she is ncuming” the first security man explained.

The second security man looked at me and stepped down from the house. ” you’re welcome sir. Mrs Margret at Plot 10?”.

I shook my head and said. ” I don’t know which plot she lives in”.

Just then I saw a lady putting on native; material top and wrapper around her waist with two guys behind her. She was literally running than walking.

” I think she’s the one!”. I said standing to my feet.

” my son! My son ooohhhhh!” She shouted as she running to meet me.

I moved towards her and met her halfway. She embraced me like I would disappear once she let go. When she broke the embrace, she began scanning through me and asked.

” where’s that your nonsense hair and stupid beards?”

I smiled and before I could say a word, she added. ” you now look handsome! Chai! You look so like your father! My son! Is that really you? I’m tired of video calls and pictures, now I see you and feel you! Live! That Phila of a lady held you back but god pass her!”

She was over joy with my presence that her wrapper fell and she didn’t bother to raise it up, one of the boys with her helped her with it and she thanked him and tied it recklessly.

” Mike my son! I thought you said you were coming tomorrow? what happened? Mike! Night journey is not good in this country oh. Why! Are there no hotels! Please oh, don’t kill me earlier than I should oh!” Then she turned to the boys of about 17 and 15. ” meet your cousins”.

Before I could shake hands with them, she began talking pulling me towards the house talking and talking. I suddenly remembered the money I promised the gate man. I dug my hand into my pocket and brought out the change from the hotel, ran to him and was giving it to him, to my surprise he refused.

security man: ha! Wariz diz na? Becos of small cur? Nnoo”

” Oga, ntank you. ayam nfine!”. He said putting his hands behind him smiling.

The first honest man I met since I returned. I winced in surprise looking at him before grandma shouted my name. I thanked the man specially and ran to meet up with her. Already one of the boys was helping out with the bag.

That night, grandma talked and talked. She made me our native food which I couldn’t remember what it tasted like anymore. She told me she filled the refrigerator with all kinds of native food. Even as chubby as I looked she complained of me looking slim and promised to get me fat.

We talked till it was morning. My cousins had left I and grandma in the seating room. When I checked the time it was past seven. That was when she yawned and stood up. ” my son, we will continue later, let me rest my old bones a little”. Then she turned towards the staircase and then to me. ” ha! These boys didn’t show you to your room. Follow me, let me show you to your room”

They actually spent time to fix the very large room; beautiful wall papers, air conditioner, big refrigerator, 72″ television, high definition sound system, window blinds, huge bed, glass dinning, sculptures, paintings, shelves and a mini empty bar.

I wondered who pimped the room, apparently, not grandma. The room was way better than the so called executive suite I lodged earlier.

I slept for hours and eventually woke up around 2 pm, staggered downstairs to the sitting room and met grandma cutting vegetables.

” good morning “. I greeted.

She turned to me. ” my son, are you sure you won’t go back to sleep? Remember you slept late after a stressful journey”.

” I’m fine ma”. I said, seating on a couch.

She dropped her tray of vegetables on a stool beside her and turned to me. ” are you hungry?”

” I’m not sure. Not after eating that heavy meal this morning”.

” I am preparing lunch for you. I thought of making something new ”

” what about the ones in the refrigerator?”. I asked.

” they’re not fresh. I want you to eat fresh food, not microwaved ”

I smiled and turned to the drama showing on tv.

” i want you to drive me to the mall after you have rested “. she said, picking up the tray and began her slicing.

I agreed.

Later that day, at about 5 pm, I was in the steering and she was beside me. We had our first stop at a tailoring store.

” I want you to meet a friend of mine!”. She said excitedly as she unbuckled her seat belt.

We entered a very big tailoring shop with lots of sawing machines and female staff, everyone seem to be overly engrossed with work.

Grandma seem to be popular there as everyone greeted us with a smile and she never failed to introduce me as her grandson to all the workers.

” good evening, my grandson, he just came into the country “. She would say to anyone who greeted her with a smile

Then we went to the table of a young slim girlie man. He tied a pink scalf, wore a gray saggy singlet with a wide collar up to his nipples region with tattoos across his chest and shoulders. He carved his brows very slim and wore a girlie makeup.

Grandma seem not to like him.

Grandma: I wonder why Jane insist on putting this thing here to attend to customers.

” good afternoon Madam Margaret. How are you this afternoon? “. He said chewing gum.

” hello. Is Jane in?” Grandma asked looking at the door behind him.

” yes ma”. He said eyeing me with a smile.

Girlie man: who is this fine creature she brought? I bet our girls are drooling already.

I looked away and turned to a pretty girl cutting a material on a table.

” yes! Let me call her. A minute!”. He took up the phone and said after a moment. ” Madam Margaret is here…okay ma”. He finished and turned to grandma. ” go in ma” then he turned again to me and winked.

I looked away and followed grandma from behind. As we passed his table, I heard him saying.

Girlie man: oh lawd! He thinks I’m gay! Hahahaha… That’s how they all think”.

I turned to him, he was now smiling and winked again at me. Grandma caught me looking and said before she opened the door.

” that boy is possessed. I pity his parents who abandoned him here and travelled abroad”.

Madam Jane’s office was big with pictures of models on every wall. Some already made clothes hung on hangers and mannequins. She had some huge framed pictures of herself and celebrities. The Windows covered with huge brown curtains, a chandelier hung in the center roof, two big orange cushions facing each other.

A beautiful chubby light skin, classy lady with her face professionally made-up, in her early fifties sat across a magnificent table. Her long hair hung on her shoulders. She smiled as we came in.

” Maggie Maggie! Long time! I hope I am safe?”. Jane said grinning.

” Jane! You are a bad friend! Your son graduated abroad you didn’t tell me!”. Grandma said moving over to a chair in front of her table.

” that’s my last boy! It was nothing serious,”. She said defensively and turned to me. ” who is this fine young man with you?’

Grandma face lightened and she wanted to introduce me…

” wait! wait! Is this little Mike?”. Jane asked standing to her feet and moving towards me.

Grandma nodded excitedly. ” he’s not so little anymore”.

Madam Jane: he looks good. Heard he works in a nice company with good pay. I’ll hook him up with my daughter before it’s too late.

Madam Jane came closer and hugged me. When she broke the hug she asked. ” do you remember me?”

I shook my head.

Madam Jane: He looks just like my secret sweet sugar boy, same age. But finer!

She hugged me again, pressing my head in her soft boobs. ” my little boy has turned a man!” Madam Jane giggled.

Madam Jane: this boy is fine! I feel like leaving his face here.

Then she broke the embrace and went back to her seat. I saw her big round butts shaking from her mini green African fabric gown and her fat fair legs, I began considering her as I took my seat. Then I turned to my grandma who was completely oblivious who her friend really was.

They spent an hour talking partly about family , the new design grandma planned on making, before Madam Jane began boasting of her escapades with celebrities and her exhibitions outside the country. All the while they spoke , she kept glancing at me harmlessly, but her thoughts betrayed her innocence.

We got to the mall, I went to the a phone shop nearby to buy a phone. The place was busy with customers and sales persons in black t-shirts attending to some prospects. I moved to section and was looking at the collections they had, a teenage boy in grey jacket and his friend in red t-shirt were standing beside me checking some phones out. Then I over heard one of the boys saying in his thought.

Boy One: we need to get out of here. Once this sales man looks away now, I will move.

I turned to him, his eyes was busy surveying the area. His other friend whispered something to him, he nodded and looked behind him at girl attending to a lady and her husband. Then he said something to his friend and his friend nodded.

The boy was walking pass me and I held his hand.

” drop that phone! ” I said to him.

He looked so surprised and immediately pulled a phone that was already out of its pack stylishly from his inner jacket and whisppered to me.

” please, I’ll drop it!”

I watched him whisper to his friend and they replaced it in its pack and walked away. I got the phone I wanted and walked to the cashier, made payment and stepped out.

On my way to the mall I saw four teenagers following me. I turned and recognized the two boys with them, their faces where menacing and I knew they meant no good. One of them; a fat average hight boy called arrogantly.” hey! My friend said you stole his phone, where’s his phone?”

I turned looking for a security to intervene but found non on sight. So I summoned courage and replied him.

” you better get out of here before I get you arrested!”

” you think we are joking? Go and get the phone from him!” The fat boy commanded.

The teenage boy I held in the phone shop walked up to me and held my hand.

” where’s my phone! ” he sounded determined to attack.

I pulled my hand off him and looked around if grandma was in view and then for any security personnel. Passersby walked passed minding their business.

” what is wrong with you? Because I did not report you? ” I said trying to intimidate him with my tone.

The fat one came to me and wanted snatch the phone I just bought from my hand, I was fast to swerve his hand. Then he attached me and others followed; they were now hitting me on every side and dragging the phone from me.

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