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I turned to the driver and sympathetically placed a hand on his back. ” bro. How can we fix this?”

He sat up, whipped his face and said in tears. ” how… How will I survive? These guys are dangerous. This is my only means of livelihood. How am I take care for my aged mother in the village and my five siblings in school…ohhh! I’m ruined! ” then he wept bitterly.

” it’s okay. drop me at the hotel, come check on me by 12 noon, I love lengthy sleep. I’ll see what I can do for you”.

He stopped abruptly and stared at me unbelievably. ” are you serious?”

I nodded. He grabbed my hand, kissed it thanking me. I just nodded feeling irritated. He was such a good actor, no wonder he has been ripping the poor girl of her money.

Driver: jackpot! Jude you’re good!

We got to the hotel and he offered to walk me to my room. I didn’t stop him. He followed me to my room and sat on my bed looking around admiring the furniture and the things in the room.

Driver: wow! This is an executive suite oh. chai! This place is fine!

I went to the fridge, got a bottle of brandy and handed it to him. ” take. Come back by 12 tomorrow, I want to rest”.

His eyes almost popped out from the socket when he saw the drink.

Driver: wow! 501! Original one! This guy is rich oh!

I stood infront of him and said. ” go please I want to sleep”

He stood up and thanked me. As he was going out I heard him saying.

Driver: I’ll be here by 7 am. I can’t afford stories.

Immediately he left, I locked the door and moved to the bathroom window to ensure he left.

After 4 minutes, he surfaced by his car still looking at the hotel. I stayed in the shadows watching him. He seem to be contemplating something, then he entered the car and drove off.

I turned around the room, picked up my bag and my other belongings, headed downstairs.

At the reception, i met a plumpy light skinned lady.

” I’m checking out ” I said to her.

Lady: where is he going this late? I hope he hasn’t killed someone in that room. Let me alert the security to check the room.

The lady checked her computer

Lady: Ha!, who drinks 70,000 worth of drink?

And she said to me. “You owe us 70,000 for drinks”.

I handed her two notes.

Lady: wow… Rich kid. No wonder

Then she took the money and handed me about 20 local notes as change. I handed her five notes from the change as tip. She was so happy to receive it.

” I need a cab. Can you find me one?”. I asked.

She nodded, took up the phone and dailed a number, waited briefly before she said. ” please get me connected to the driver a client needs one… Okay… Thanks”. She turned to me ” kindly wait he’s coming”

I smiled and nodded then sat down waiting for the cab man to come around.

Few minutes later, an elderly dark skinned man in black worn-out suit and brown shoes that has seen the test of time walked in, he was slighly bent as he dragged his feet to the counter to meet the receptionist. He wore large reading glasses, full mustache and clean shaven hair and jaws and his round face was quite wrinkled from stress than age.

” you call driver?” He asked the receptionist taking his words slowly.

” yes. He’s over there!”. She replied pointing at me.

The man turned slowly and adjusted his oversized trouser’s waist. Then started dragging his feet towards me.

” good evening sir. You wan a driver?” He asked.

I nodded wandering why such an old man who should be at home sleeping and receiving money from the government should be allowed to work.

” come, my car is in the yard”. The driver said and slowly led the way.

As we walked, his thoughts were something in his dialet, he sounded bitter, but since I didn’t know what it was, i channelled my mind to going home to grandma’s place.

The got to a clean yellow and green camery. The old man opened the front door neglecting me. I had to help myself to the backseat.

” where you go?”. He asked looking at me from the rear mirror.

” em…zik road!” I said.

” here is a zik road. Where in the zik road you go?”. He asked in his careful tone.

” em…”. I said checking the note. ” royal estate, beside…” Then I paused, palmgroove was beside my grandma’s house!”

” where sir!”. The old man asked impatiently.

” em… Beside palmgroove”. I found myself saying.

The old man engaged the engine and drove off.

We drove in silence for few minutes when I spotted a bright torchlight shining on us in front by some group of people blocking the road. I was scared, so I asked.

” are they armed robbers?”.

” they worse than arm robber”. The old man replied with a hint of contempt.

He slowed down. I was very frightened but my encouragement was the old man’s calmness. One of the men walked to us shining his torch in the car. He pointed it at me and I saw he was putting on a uniform, what a relief!

The police man moved to the driver and asked. ” where are you coming from and who is that man in the backseat?”

The driver explained that I’m a guest in a hotel and I’m headed home. The police moved to the trunk and shouted. ” open your boot! ”

The old man stepped down murmuring and went to open the boot for him. I checked my time, it was 11:23 pm, hunger had started eating into my intestines. I slowly adjusted in my seat trying to listen to their conversation that was now more of murmuring.

The police shone the light in my side and said in a harsh tone. ” oh boy step down!”

I obeyed. Then I heard him saying.

Police: This boy looks rich. How do I get something off him?

” where’s your bag?”. The police man asked.

I pointed it to him so I don’t say a word. I didn’t want him to know I’m a foreigner from my ascent.

” are you pointing the bag for me to bring it for you?”. He bellowed.

I whispered sorry and brought it out for him. He opened it and searched it, then he saw my passport. He opened it and perused through it.

Police: ha! He just came into the country. Good fish. How do I get money from him oh…

Then he said to me. ” this passport looks forged!”

I was surprised how he came up with that so fast.

” how?”. I asked.

” Bright!” he called his colleague. ” please come and take a look at this passport, it looks funny”.

Bright happens to be a tall heavily built man with a fat tummy, he hung his gun on his shoulder walking lazily.

When he came closer, the first police man asked him handing the passport to him. ” look, is this picture supposed to be here?”.

Bright looked at the picture carefully.

Bright: Dan this racket is not going to work oh, there’s nothing wrong with this passport. Why not put weed in his bag. Your brain is slow oh…

Then he handed the passport to Dan and said. ” I think the passport is okay. Have you searched that bag?”

Before Dan could reply he had moved towards my bag. I watched him dipped his hand in his pocket before moving towards my bag so I blocked his way. He was shocked to see me standing on his way.

” are you mad? What’s wrong with you?”. Dan yelled at me.

” let me see your hands?”. I demanded from Bright.

” what? What? Is something wrong with you? My hands for what?” Bright yelled at me

” I don’t want anyone framing me with weed gimmicks”. I said still blocking my bag.

The old man whispered in my ears. ” no argue with the people oh. Give them money we go”.

Officer Dan bent in front of me and picked up something, sniffed it and turned to officer Bright.” weed!”

Officer Bright then slapped me and forced me to seat on the floor.

” no wonder he was shining his eyes and stopping us from searching his bag! Drug peddler! Your own has finished. Shoot his leg!”. Officer Dan commanded.

I thought they were joking until Bright corked his gun.

Bright: let me scare him a little first to know if he has good money, moreover, i don’t know whose son is this oh. But if we kill him thé way officer Dan killed that boy last week, we can always say armed rubbers did it. At least take his foreign currency.

The old man moved in front of me begging them.

” old man, leave the way!” Dan barked

” please let we settle it, he just a boy. You know how this boys be. Please!”. The old man begged

I was surprised and confused. They changed it right I’m front of me. Brights thought scared me. So they had the ability to shoot and cover it up? I still could not believe I was made to seat on the floor like a common criminal. I remembered Africans are very religious and superstitious. So I tried my luck.

” I’m a seer. I see doom around your destinies” I shouted angrily.

They all turned to me, including two other officers who just joined in.

I stood up and repeated what I said.

” what kind of madness! Go down! You see your father small d--k! Go down or I kill you!”. Officer Bright yelled wielding his gun at me.

” stop!” I yelled. ‘ the spirit told me you have weed in your pocket, precisely your left pocket. You planned to put it in my bag before Dan played his role”

They all exchanged glances. I heard Dan asking another officer: ” how did he know my name?”

” and! …Officer Dan! …You killed a boy last week! Yes I see doom clearly!”. I shouted and began shaking like I see them do in the movies.

They were cold and began murmuring among themselves. I needed to play it right. I was actually fighting for my life here.

” I can avert this doom hovering around your heads! Not long, one of you will die!”

One of the officers who just joined in, a younger officer was thinking: I have never been in support of thier evil deeds oh…

” you!” I pointed at the young officer who was startled by my yell.

” me?” He asked.

” yes you! You are not in support of thier evil deeds. But you still share their evil loot with them why?… Why?…”.

Bright: let me kill this boy before he exposes us.

I heard this and was scared. Maybe I played the wrong card. He was shaking and restless, threatening to pull his gun up. I quckly turned to Bright .

” the spirit says you are thinking of killing me so I don’t expose you!”.

I could see his shoulder dropped and his eyes filled with wonder.

” why are you so blood thirsty? Before the sun comes out, five armed men will attack you guys and you!” I said pointing to Bright “shall be dead!”.

Bright: it’s a lie! He’s lying! I can’t die!

” Dont doubt the spirits Bright!” I said and he slowly dropped his gun completely surprised.

Dan who has been silent all the while came to me and asked.

” who are you?”

I had to sell myself right and get the hell out of their midst before I overdo it and mess the whole thing up.

” I was invited secretly by the Able Democratic Party members for cleansing to succeed in the forthcoming election. I forgive you people. Get me water and I’ll wash the doom off your heads”. I said averting the question and striking their weak points.

Dan stood looking at me.

Dan: could this kid could be fooling us? No! How did he know I killed someone? How did he know about the weed? He’s true. I need the cleansing.

Then Dan turned to the young officer and yelled. “get us water!”. The boy did. I washed their heads chanting gibberish , all five of them except Bright who refused to believe my stunt. He was aching to shoot me and bury their secret but Dan who fell head over heels stopped him.

I finished and they thanked me for washing the doom off their heads and officer Dan precisely begged me not to report them. I agreed and they allowed us to leave.

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