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Because Xiao Ran is so sensible, the family is worried about her, but they don't know how to persuade her for a while.

Everyone can see that Xiao Ran has been thinking about her brother. If she doesn't say it, she believes that brother will come back.

She is waiting, waiting with everyone, waiting for brother lie to return to her side, continue to accompany her, continue to be her guardian.

But after waiting for a few days, I still didn't wait for brother lie to come back. Suddenly, Xiao ran broke down.

In the evening, I didn't see my brother lie when I came back from the kindergarten. Jane took her to practice Taekwondo with the coach and walked along. Suddenly, I cried.

Her cry was loud, and all the family were attracted at one time.

"But baby, what's the matter?" Seeing Xiao ran crying like a tearful man, Qin's mother was so distressed that she almost cried.

"But who bullied you? You tell your little aunt to help you clean up those bullies. " Qin Xiaobao wipes tears for Xiao ran with a paper towel, and says heartily.

"Brother Liege, but I want brother Liege......" Small ran wiped a tear, more cry more fierce, mouth is shouting to strong brother.

"Ran Ran......" Jianran holds Xiaoran in her arms and kisses her. She feels very sad, but she doesn't know how to comfort her.

"But I want to be strong brother..." Small Ran Ran or this sentence, no one can persuade her, she as long as her strong brother.

"However, brother lie is going to do something very important. He can't be with you for the moment. When you grow up, he will come back to you and continue to be with you." It's not good to cheat Xiaoran, but Jianran only thought of this way to coax Xiaoran.

"Like a mother?" Xiaoran suddenly stopped crying, wiped his tears, blinked his big eyes and looked at Jianran. "There was no mother before, but she was obedient, grew up and came back. But if you grow up, will brother lie come back? "

Suddenly I heard Xiaoran mention that there was no mother before, but Jianran felt a lot of heartache again. She held her tightly in her arms and kissed her.

"Well," said Jane gently, "so I grew up happily, and I will see brother lie when I grow up."

Obviously know not to deceive small ran, but Jane still said.

Maybe one day there will be a miracle, little Ran's brother will come back to her like his mother who has been missing for many years.

"Then grow up quickly, and wait for brother lie to come back to find Ranran." Little ran wiped tears, said softly.

"Well..." Jane nodded her head, but she couldn't say anything to deceive xiaoranran.

Although Xiao ran believed her mother's words, she missed brother lie too much. She was ill and had a high fever, which reached 39.5 degrees.

If it wasn't for the fever to subside in time, the doctor said it would probably burn into pneumonia.

Xiao Ran's situation is volatile. The fever has subsided. Every other half day, he will have a fever again, which has lasted for two or three times.

This afternoon, Xiao Ran's fever subsided, but now her temperature is rising again, and the doctor has put a condole on her.

Her fleshy right hand has been pricked for several times, and some of them are swollen. It's hard to find blood vessels in her left hand. At night, this needle is stuck on her arm.

Needle in the body of small ran, but pain in the heart of simple ran.

At the thought of xiaoranran, because lie is not around her, she will get sick. At the thought of what lie is missing, even she has the idea of killing people.

She accompanied Xiaoran, holding Xiaoran's hands without needles in his palm, murmuring: "but, brother lie is not around you, you still have your father and mother. You must get better soon. "

"Brother lie......" In a half coma, Xiao ran vaguely read her brother.

"But, darling!" Jane ran rubbed her head and saw that Xiao ran was so sad. She really wanted to take a knife to cut off the culprit who caused all this.

Jane just had this idea. Qin Yue was already in action. The enemy who was hiding in the dark wanted to kill him. He was not very angry.

The real reason for his anger was that his wife and daughter were hurt by the enemy in the dark. Now that his daughter is ill, his wife is worried about his life and does not think about it. How can he not do something for a husband and a father.

Qin Yue dialed Liu Yong's phone and said, "how about Xu's family now compared with Gu's?"

Liu Yong replied respectfully, "Xu's management is not bad. In recent years, the development has made rapid progress. Compared with Gu's in that year, we should win a lot."

Qin Yue snorted and said, "when I killed Gu, you made a lot of efforts behind that man. How much time do you need to deal with him now? "

Liu Yongdun said, "one month."

As long as a month's time, we can make sure that Xu's defeat is worse than that of the past, and he will never turn over.

It is said that Liu Yong is allowed to deal with the enemy hiding in the dark. In fact, the real manipulator is Qin Yue, and Liu Yong is only a powerful executor.

"Very well. Then I'll leave it to you. " Leaving his words behind, Qin Yue hung up the phone and saw Zhan Nianbei standing behind him as soon as he looked back.

He pretended that he didn't see Zhan Nianbei and stepped to go. Zhan Nianbei turned around and blocked his way, saying, "Mozhi, I don't understand the business in the mall, and I don't want to manage it."

Qin Yue said in a cold voice, "speak up."

Zhan Nianbei raised his eyebrows and said, "I will use my methods to deal with the turtle grandson hiding in the dark."

"When I'm done with it, I'll leave it to you." Qin Yue's business is to uproot the enemy and make him never turn over.

"You play your game, I play mine. We don't conflict." Zhan Nianbei's personality is relatively simple and rough. He brings people back directly and plays as he wants. He dares not to do evil things in the next life.

"Zhan Nianbei, don't forget that you are the commander of Jiangbei military region, not the scoundrel." Qin Yue will do everything perfectly, and no one can grasp any handle.

Zhan Nianbei disagreed: "what about the commander of Jiangbei military region? If I don't like it, I may not do it at any time. "

This matter can be done even if the war Nianbei can speak out. Qin Yue glared at him fiercely and said, "you dare to do this at your own risk."

Zhan Nianbei chuckled, "let's see what we can do. We can see who is better."

Zhan Nianbei is definitely not a man with many problems. The reason why he intervened in this matter is because of the Qin Xiaobao incident.

Dare to move his Qin Xiaobao, those tortoise grandsons must have thought about the consequences.

He doesn't give them any color to see. He really doesn't call Zhan Nianbei.


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