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Little Ran Ran stared at her mother, waiting for her mother to tell her how her brother didn't accompany her, but she didn't wait until her mother replied for a long time.

She looked at her father, who was holding her, and her mouth was flattened. It seemed that her poor appearance was saying that if her father didn't tell her, she would cry for him to see.

"Ran --" Qin Yue rubbed small Ran's head, kissed her on her pink face, and said softly, "Dad will try his best to find brother lie for you."

When they were in the hospital, they received the news that Xiao ran was also attacked by the enemy. In order to protect her, lie fought hard and was thrown into the sea by the enemy. His whereabouts were unknown.

Those who hide in the dark can't see the light of the enemy, they not only fight his idea, but also dare to fight the idea of small ran.

He doesn't show his power to those people who may regard him as a sick cat with no attack power Instead, he would make people jump for a few days to see if he was a sick cat.

Thinking of the enemy hiding in the dark, Qin Yue's eyes were heavy, and her body was covered with a bit of linglie gas. However, some of the little ones in her arms were scared.

My father looks so scared. Is brother lie running away and my father wants to catch him back?

Small ran Dudu mouth, seriously said: "Dad, brother strong will not run away, dad do not catch brother strong."

Qin Yue: "..."

When did he say he was going to catch the bad boy?

His daughter, so young, knew to protect others and let lie leave her now. It's not a good thing that she hasn't paid.

Xiao ran will grow up slowly. She will take over Shengtian later. She can only rely on herself for many things. It's not good to rely too much on one person.

"Brother lie will come back and stay with ran." Xiao ran said firmly that she believed in her brother so much.

"Ran Ran......" Jianran doesn't want to deceive Xiaoran, and she can't bear to tell Xiaoran the cruel facts. She still doesn't speak out again.

"But the little aunt told you." Qin Xiaobao holds Xiaoran in his arms, rubs her head, and says, "however, brother lie also flies to the sky. When Ranran grows up, brother lie will fly back."

"My little aunt is a liar of paper. Brother lie can't fly to the sky. Brother lie said that he would always be with ran and help ran beat many bad guys. " "Small Ran Ran says angrily.

In the past, the reason why Xiao ran could easily believe Qin Xiaobao's mother flying in the sky was that there was no memory of her mother in her memory.

She just saw that other children had mothers, but she didn't have a mother. She thought it was strange. After that, she didn't have many other ideas.

But brother Liege is different from Xiaoran. Brother Liege has been with Xiaoran for several months.

He loves her, dotes on her, takes care of her, accompanies her Being with her all the time has become a very important person in her life.

And he said to xiaoranran more than once that he would always accompany her and grow up with her.

He didn't cheat xiaoranan, so xiaoranan believed his words. He never thought that brother lie might leave her one day and fly to the sky alone.

But if brother lie didn't fly to the sky, where would brother lie go? Why didn't everyone want to tell her?

Little Ran Ran can't think of the deeper reason, but she felt something faintly from the eyes of the adults, which made her very sad, as if her strong brother would never come back to her.

"Ran!" Jianran holds Xiaoran back, holds her little body tightly in her arms, and seriously says, "brother lie is gone, we are trying to find him back, shall we all wait for brother lie to come back together with Ranran?"

Brother lie is gone!

Just a few words, small head buzzing.

What is brother lie missing?

Brother lie is gone. Does she mean that she will never see brother lie again?

Xiaoran looked at her mother, her father, and her silent grandparents and aunts, who seemed unwilling to answer her question.

She didn't know why brother lie was gone. She only knew that brother lie had said that he would be with her all the time, so brother lie would come back.


Everyone's eyes were all cast on Xiao Ranran. Seeing that she didn't have any special reaction, we didn't know whether it was good or not?

"Mom, brother lie will come back to find ran, but ran and his mother will wait for brother lie to come back." Small ran very sensible said, let everyone present worry about her.

She should cry and make a lot of noise at a young age, but she did not expect everyone to do so. She was as quiet as an adult.

Maybe she didn't understand what it meant that brother lie was gone. She also believed that brother lie would come back, so she was so calm.

"Well, mom and Dad, and grandparents and aunts, we will all accompany Ranran and wait for brother lie to come back," said Jane

Small ran raised eyebrows to smile brightly, nodded obediently: "strong brother will come back to find ran, he will not cheat ran."

Today, before she went to bed, her brother said that he would always accompany her and grow up with her.

Xiao Ran has a good memory sometimes, so she believes that brother lie will come back to accompany her.

Jianran holds Xiaoran tightly in her arms and kisses her delicate face with her head bowed, which is painful and painful.

I hope God bless me. I hope that the boy is very lucky. Even if they can't find him, they also hope that he can live well. We must live well, no matter where in the world.


Qin Yue arranged the salvors to salvage the waters near the Bihai villa for several days, but nothing was salvaged, so the salvors had to stop working.

In fact, we all know that when we were thrown into the sea at that position, the waves were so big that people had been swept away by the waves for a long time, and where we could salvage them.

Just because it was the one Xiao ran had been thinking about, Qin Yue told them not to give up as long as there was a trace of life.

After a few days, there is no news. It is only a waste of human and material resources and financial resources to salvage.

Finally, Liu Yong spoke for Qin Yue and stopped fishing.

When we knew that the salver was finished, jane knew that the boy really couldn't come back.

Her heart ached, and she was more worried about her baby daughter.

These days, Xiao Ran is very sensible and doesn't quarrel with her brother.

She went to kindergarten and came back from kindergarten to learn Taekwondo. She is more sensible than ever before.


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