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Just then, there was a rumbling sound in the sky. Several helicopters came in turn and circled in the mid air.

Qin Yue saw the flashing signal on the helicopter, which was the signal that Shengtian internal personnel contacted when they were in danger, so he knew that his reinforcements had arrived.

The reinforcements arrived, but Qin Yue still didn't relax his vigilance. He was always cautious in his work. Even when he married Jianran, he made a clear investigation of Jianran.

The only careless one is this one. Because of the false information given by the other party, he easily believes that the other party is Jane's biological father who has been dead for many years.

Qin Yue lets Jane stand still and squats down to check the wound at her ankle. She has just soaked in the sea water. The wound is a little white, but it's OK. There is nothing else.

"I'm fine." After the venom was sucked out by Qin Yue, she woke up and the swelling and numbness on her legs disappeared.

"Well." Qin Yue nodded. There is no big problem with her wound at present, but it can't be delayed too long. It's the first time to deal with it when she goes back.

"Is the helicopter the enemy or our man?" Jane doesn't know the signals. Naturally, she doesn't know where the helicopter is.

"Our people." Qin Yue rubbed her head and said, "there are many ambulances on the island. Although they are our people, we can't easily expose ourselves, or we will be attacked."

Jane nodded. Qin Yue didn't say it. She understood it.

After the lesson just now, she understood that the enemies they could see were not necessarily all the enemies on the island.

In order to prevent them from running away, there must be many enemies hiding in the dark. Once they expose their positions, they are likely to be attacked.

We can't signal the helicopter in a big way, but Qin Yue can find another way to let them notice them.

The sound is most likely to attract the enemy's attention, but in his position, waving his tattered white shirt, they can be noticed at tens of meters.

Because of the cover of the jungle, it's hard for the enemies on the ground to find their specific whereabouts.

But the helicopter is too ostentatious, the enemy launched the attack first step again, the target is the helicopter hovering in the air.

The main purpose of the helicopter is to search and rescue Qinyue. In order to avoid accidental injury, they will not easily launch attacks, but can only avoid attacks. At this time, they are attacked by the enemy, and their flight height cannot be too low.

To ensure that the enemy can not attack them, but also search and rescue Qin Yue and others.

To make Qinyue safe is their ultimate goal.

Not only were helicopters searching for people, but another team of people landed on the island and began to search and rescue.

The gunshot is always the most eye-catching signal. As soon as the gunshot goes out here, the search and rescue personnel of the large army arrive quickly and fight with the ambush personnel on the island.

At this time, a helicopter suddenly broke through the formation and moved forward quickly, while reducing the flight height.

Qin Yue took his tattered shirt and continued shaking. The helicopter found them and flew straight to him.

Qin Yue knows that the helicopter pilot is Zhan Nianbei, and Zhan Nianbei naturally sees the Qin Yue sending signals to him.

A few meters away from the ground, Zhan Nianbei put down the rope ladder. Qin Yue held Jianran in one hand and took her to the helicopter with him.

Seeing that Qin Yue was only wearing a pair of pants and forks, Zhan Nianbei couldn't help looking back at him and laughed: "my president of Qin University, if I take a picture of you, this picture can be auctioned for hundreds of millions of dollars. I'll live on my back all my life. "

"Shut up and talk less." Qin Yue coldly glanced at Zhan Nian's north and said, "where's your change bag?"

Zhan Nianbei shook his head. He told him not to speak, so he obediently listened.

Qin Yue said in a deep voice, "speak!"

The man pretended to be angry with him. When he had nothing to look for, he had never been so obedient.

At the command of Qin and Yue, Zhan Nianbei said, "I say my great nephew, you can't talk to your uncle like this. I am your elder. "

"Here's your changing bag." Qin and Yue are still so serious and rigid. They have no plan to fight with Zhan Nianbei.

If you look at the situation of the two of them and the tone of their speech, people who don't know will surely think that the calm and introverted Qin Yue is the elder.

Qin and Yue never regarded Zhan Nianbei as his uncle, because Zhan Nianbei never looked like his uncle. Unlike his elders, they always did childish things.

"Then." Zhan Nianbei is able to fly a helicopter and empty one hand to throw his changing bag to Qin Yue.

To tell you the truth, Qin Yue is a person who has a habit of cleanliness. He never wears other people's clothes, but at present, it's better to wear Zhan Nianbei's clothes than nothing.

Looking at Qin Yue changing clothes, Zhan Nianbei added: "I say that you are really good. At such a dangerous moment, I am still in the mood to steal incense and jade. "

After being with Qin Xiaobao, Zhan Nianbei already knows why men always leave some scratches.

Thinking of scratches, Zhan Nianbei felt his back hurt.

Qin Xiaobao, a wild cat like woman, is very wild. Every time they play crazy, she will relentlessly catch him. These days, the scratches on his body have never disappeared, and he dare not leave his clothes.

If his brothers saw it, they would think that he was abused at home. However, those who understand it must know that that kind of abuse is a happy and sweet abuse. He is willing to be abused by Qin Xiaobao for a lifetime!

When she heard Zhan Nianbei's words, her face suddenly turned red. Of course, she knew what Zhan Nianbei meant to steal incense and jade.

"Zhan Nianbei, shut up!" Qin Yue again gave a deep warning. It seems that he should not be allowed to speak.

"You two are husband and wife. It's normal to do such a thing. Besides, being able to do such a thing in such a tense and exciting situation proves how powerful president Qin is. " In fact, Zhan Nianbei would like to ask if it's cool to do it under such a tense and exciting situation.

But he didn't dare to ask. If he did, his nephew would surely drop him from the plane and throw him into the sea to feed the sharks.

As for this topic, he would like to go to Qin Xiaobao for a good experiment later.

The feeling of personal experience is the most real feeling. What others say is the experience of others and has nothing to do with themselves.

Qin Yue said angrily, "fight to the North!"

Zhan Nianbei shut his mouth honestly. It's better not to touch the bottom line of Qin Yue.

After all, he treats Jane as a treasure and makes fun of his treasure. He will kill people. There is no suspense.

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