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The leader was very satisfied with the effect of making an example of others, so he casually ordered another person: "you go. If you dare to jump on your own again, don't blame my bullet for not having eyes. "

If the people sent in front didn't let Qin Yue shoot and didn't waste Qin Yue's bullets, it would be meaningless. So the leaders wouldn't allow Qin Yue to shoot, so they jumped into the sea first.

To go is a dead road, not to go or a dead road, was named a bite of teeth, holding the mood of seeing death as if returning.

Similarly, when half of his body slipped to the cliff, he saw Qin Yue. Qin Yue was still smiling.

Qin Yue's expression seems to be very friendly, but the little gangster just feels his scalp is numb. This man is really terrible.

Qin Yue did nothing, but it made him feel cold from his bones, as if he had been his dish of Chinese food.

Seeing him, Qin Yue still didn't shoot at the first time, but pointed to the edge of the cliff with the muzzle of the gun and let the little gangster jump down by himself.

The little gangster looked up at the top, and their eldest gun also pointed at him. It was a dead way to move forward or backward. He simply bit his teeth, grasped the branch with one hand, and emptied out the hand holding the gun, ready to shoot Qin Yue.

However, how could Qin Yue give the enemy the chance to shoot? His fingers moved and he grabbed the small gangster and pulled the gun valve.

Bang -

after a shot, the bullets in his pistol shot straight at the hands of the little gangster like eyes.

At the same time, I heard the little gangster scream. The gun in his hand fell into the sea, and the other hand hanging the branch had no strength. He fell into the sea with a plop and was soon submerged by the huge waves. No one knew where he would be swept by the waves.

"Damn it!" The leader was so popular that he swore loudly, shot a few guns at random with a pistol, and pointed to a man going to die.

Their pistols can hold up to five bullets in their magazines. Even if Qin Yue's two magazines are full of bullets, he can shoot up to ten guns and hurt ten of their brothers.

Plus the old five, old six, Qin and Yue have fired four shots in all, four bullets are missing, and there are at most six bullets left in the magazine, so the leader is going to let six brothers die.

However, just here, the situation has changed greatly. The time is getting later and later, and the waves are bigger than each other.

The waves are fierce, and the tide will rise according to this situation. Soon, the tide will flood the cave, and then there will be no retreat for Qinyue.

Obviously, the leaders have seen this. As long as we confirm that Qin Yue is here and they are here, Qin Yue will surely die.

He said, "no need to go. I'll keep them here and stare at them, waiting for Qin himself to come out and die. "

Listening to the voice outside, Qin Yue raised his hand and looked at his watch. The two hours he had agreed with Liu Yong had already passed. Liu Yong should bring someone here soon.

As long as Liu Yong brings people here before the sea rises, all difficulties can be solved easily. Qin Yue will not pay attention to the enemies above.

The ambulators are gambling now. When the tide comes, Qin Yue will come out by himself. It will not take any effort for them to attack him.

Qin Yue has never been a man who controls his fate in the hands of others. The tide should rise soon. There is not much time for them to escape.

In this short period of time, he had to think of another way to escape. He could not rely on Liu Yong alone to save them.

He went back to Jane's side, raised her feet slightly and looked at her. The venom was cleaned very clean by him, and Jane's situation was stable.

Qin Yue rubbed her head, looked at her still blushing face, and couldn't help but smile: "you ah, this coquettish look really wants to be eaten."

"I hate it!" Jane bumped him, lowered her head and did not dare to look at his ambiguous eyes, which made her think that they had just done such a thing in such a place.

Life critical moment ah, at that moment they abandoned everything, just want to have each other, so crazy, so indifferent, just because the object is they each other.

Qin Yue took her foot, rubbed it gently, and said, "we still have a big battle to fight. But don't worry, your man will never let you have anything to do. "

"Well." She will never make up her own mind. Just trust him and follow him. He can lead her to a new path.

Qin Yue stood up with Jian ran and said, "the tide horse is rising. The enemy is waiting for us again. It seems that we have no way out."

Looking at his composure, Jane asked, "what do you think of?"

Instead of answering, Qin Yue took off his trousers and tied them to their waist with two trouser legs.

After tying, Qin Yue pinches her face and says, "Jane ran, let's go. I'll take you to catch the shark."

It's such an important and critical moment. He even wanted to make Jane happy, and Jane smiled happily: "OK, I'll catch the shark with you."

Qin Yue's swimming skills are very good, but in such a big sea, a big wave can knock over a ship.

So swimming in the sea, technology is often useless, but Qin Yue has his tactics, he can take a simple climb to the seaside raised rock forward, do not need swimming technology.

He used his trouser legs to tie the two of them together, giving each other space to move freely without being separated.

As long as Jane is in his sight, as long as Jane is safe, he can absolutely dive with Jane to another safe port and land.

The tide is rising. The ambulances know that there is no other way for Qin Yue to go except up, so they all take it lightly and don't pay attention to the situation of Qin Yue at all times.

Qin Yue, with Jane ran, stealthily dived into the sea and set off to the left along the cliff edge when they relaxed their vigilance.

Qin Yue used to practice diving. She could hold her breath for five minutes, but she couldn't. She couldn't hold it for long before she left.

Qin Yue's eyes were fast and his hands were fast. He put his arms around Jane's waist and let her cling to his body tightly. He kissed her lips and helped her breathe with the way of mouth to mouth.

After a distance from the cave, Qin Yue let Jane go and quietly emerged with her.

From time to time, the people on the far shore are still watching below, but they don't know that the target they are chasing has already been quietly transferred.

After observing the enemy's situation, Qin Yue didn't stop much. He continued to move forward with Jian ran and landed at a place where the enemy didn't find him at all.


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