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After the heavy rain all night, the air in the morning is very good.

Although his eyes couldn't see, Qin Yue's time to get up every day remained unchanged.

He gets up early in the morning, habitually sits by the window and "reads" the newspaper while waiting for his wife and daughter to wake up.

When Jane opened her eyes, she saw Qin Yue sitting by the window. Just as many years ago, the first morning they lived together, she woke up and saw him.

At this time, the rising sun shines on him from the window, covering him with a mysterious veil, quiet and beautiful.

Qin Yue is not reading newspapers, but a habit he has developed for more than ten years. If he didn't do such a thing in the morning, he would feel that there was something missing this day.

His hearing was very good. He improved a little after he couldn't see his eyes. When he opened his eyes, he just moved them slightly. He also heard it.

Looking back, he unconsciously raised a gentle smile on his lips: "wake up."

"Well." She nodded and wanted to say something. Suddenly she turned over and caught her eyes.

Xiao Ran is a lazy little pig. She can sleep in bed. Especially in winter, if she wants to get up, she must have an hour to get out of bed with him.

Jane pinched her face and said softly, "but baby is up."

Xiao ran lazily opened his eyes and looked at his mother. Then he closed his eyes, turned over and went on sleeping.

"But baby, get up." Jane lowers her head and blows in her ear to amuse the little guy.

"Mom, don't get up." Small ran flat mouth, a sad look about to cry out.

She hasn't woke up yet. She still needs to sleep. Can my mother not disturb her to get up.

"However, baby, you have been sleeping for ten hours. If you go to sleep again, brother lie may be impatient."

It's said that sleeping again will make brother lie wait for a long time. Suddenly, Xiao ran gets up with his eyes closed, and Dudu's face says, "naturally, he wants to get up."

Although she was sleepy and wanted to go to bed, she chose to get up rather than let brother lie wait for her all the time.

Qin Yue was discontented and said, "look at your daughter. When you hear that brother lie is waiting for her, you get up. When dad was waiting for her, he didn't see her so active. "

Qin Yue is going to doubt it. Is this the child he raised as a father and a mother? Only four years old, only her strong brother in my heart, where did I put his father?

"Small Ran's heart has no father, but big Ran's heart has a husband." Said Jane with a smile.

Qin Yue a big man also eats a child's vinegar, has a big brother to accompany the small ran, accompanies in her side to guard her, she has the individual to be able to rely on is not good?

Qin Yue came over and sat next to their mother and daughter, saying, "this answer barely smoothed the trauma on my mind."

"But I love dad." Xiao Ran is almost awake. Of course, I remember that her father is still her favorite father.

"Well, be good!" Qin Yue joins in and kisses little Ranran.

Xiao ran holds his father's head and chirps in his face, "Daddy is good!"

"Both of you are good." Jane picked up xiaoranran and carried her into the bathroom to wash her.

There are three mouthwash cups on the washing table, all of which are very cute cartoon patterns, specially prepared to match the likes of xiaoranran.

There are three toothbrushes in the cup, two tall ones and one short one, which are the most vivid portraits of the three members of their family.

Jianran fills Xiaoran with a glass of water, squeezes toothpaste, and hands the cup and toothbrush to her: "but, try to brush your teeth according to what mom taught you two days ago."

Xiao ran took over the toothbrush and slowly brushed it like her mother, but because she was not proficient, she accidentally poked her mouth.

Before xiaoranan cries out for pain, Jianran immediately pacifies: "however, a little pain is nothing, we need to be stronger."

Because they only have such a child as Xiaoran, who is deeply hurt by every little hurt, but she must restrain herself from spoiling Xiaoran too much and let her bear some things.

Later, when their husband and wife are not around xiaoranan, xiaoranan can face all emergencies by herself.

Hearing his mother's encouragement, Xiao ran didn't cry as expected. He took his toothbrush and brushed his teeth clumsily. Although her movements were inflexible, she insisted on finishing.

"What a wonderful baby we have!" Simply send words of encouragement in time.

Hearing his mother's encouragement, Xiao ran also felt that he was very powerful and raised his head proudly: "Ran Ran can brush his teeth by himself."

"Well, it's really powerful," said Jane in a soft voice

Just looking at their father and daughter, Jane will feel warm and contented in her heart, happier than having the whole world.

After returning to their father and daughter's side, Jianran will help Xiaoran wash herself and put on beautiful clothes for her every day.

When Jane was busy dressing Xiao ran, her cell phone on the counter rang, but she didn't go to see it immediately. Only when she dressed Xiao ran beautifully could she care about other things.

"Mom, is it the most beautiful baby?" Xiao ran rubbed her eyes, not very clear, but the first thing is to care about whether she is beautiful or not.

"Of course my baby is beautiful." Jane kissed her and put on her shoes. "Honey, you and dad go down for breakfast first, and mom will call."

Qin Yue touched little Ran's head and said, "Ran Ran, you go to find brother lie first. Father and mother will go downstairs to accompany you for breakfast."

"Good." Xiao ran nodded knowingly and went out to find brother lie.

Seeing Xiao ran out of the room, Jane picked up her mobile phone and called back the phone she had just missed.

The phone call came from Dr. Zhang. Good news came from Dr. Zhang's hospital. They have formulated the processed HDR virus that can solve the problem in Qin and Yue.

Jane almost jumped up with excitement at the news.

Qin Yue listened to her happy voice, sexy thin lips, and said with a smile, "look at you like this. People who don't know think you are crazy."

"If you're mad, you're mad. Whatever they say." "Qin Yue, there's good news from the doctor. They've formulated the antidote for HDR virus," she said

As long as the medicine prepared by the doctor is effective, Qin Yue's eyes will be better. Of course, she is happy. She would like to run to the top of the building and scream a few times to let people all over the world know how happy she is.


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