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Zhan Nianbei raised his long legs and clamped Qin Xiaobao's legs. He said angrily, "I'm sleepy. I'm sleeping."

"Are you a pig?" All day long I said I was sleeping. I ran to her room. Did I just come to sleep? No other ideas?

"I'm a pig. What are you?" Zhan Nianbei holds her and rubs her hard. She feels so good.

His body is soft, especially her feminine features. Before, he had never seen her so plump.

He was really annoyed. Before she was naked and put in front of him, he didn't look at her more and saw her more clearly.

Dare not look, that is because he is afraid that he will be unable to control himself after watching, and will be desperate to eat her.

Now he has no such worry. The gap between them has been filled with the powerful self-healing function of the little girl.

"If you are a pig, I will butcher you." Qin Xiaobao proudly said, "if you dare not obey me, I will kill you, gouge you, burn you and eat you."

Zhan Nianbei hugs Qin Xiaobao and touches him casually: "I'm a pig, you're a pig's woman."

Qin Xiaobao's wave is a fist to hit him: "go away!"

"Does it hurt?" Zhan Nianbei holds Qin Xiaobao's fist in one hand and gently touches the scars on her body. Suddenly, the tone is tender.

Although the doctor used the best scar removing medicine for Qin Xiaobao, there were more than ten cuts on her body, leaving traces.

Her wound is just right. The knife wound is a red trace. It doesn't look shocking, but it's also very eye-catching.

This girl has always been stinking and beautiful. Before, she even had a pock mark on her face, which made her angry for half a day.

But this time it's very strange that she didn't mention the scar, as if she didn't care a little.

She told Qin Yue that day that they would not pursue her kidnappers.

It's not Qin Xiaobao's nature to never mention the injury and ask them not to pursue the kidnappers.

That day, when Zhan Nianbei arrived at the basement, Qin Xiaobao lay dying in a pool of blood, as if he could swallow his last breath at any time.

Thinking of that day's situation, Zhan Nianbei could not help but breathe. He wanted to kill people.

How could Qin Xiaobao, a kidnapper with strong personality, say so easily afterwards?

Maybe Qin Xiaobao is because Shen Wenyuan's affairs have grown up, matured and become rational. He knows that there are some things to step back.

Even if it's time to step back, it's not going to be on top of this.

"Do you think the pain is over?" It's killing her, okay?

This man is a rude person. His strength is so strong that he acts rudely. He doesn't understand that she kisses them. They collide, like Mars hitting the earth, roaming the universe for a long time, burning all the energy of his own combustion, and pouring all the energy into the sky just for the moment.

They are so hard on each other, so unreasonable, so strong and without gentleness It's just that they've been waiting too long for each other.

I don't want to be gentle for a long time. I just want to use the most direct and powerful way to let the other party know that I love you so much, with my life!

Zhan Nianbei, he must have heard it, the deepest voice in her heart.

As long as it is him, she is willing to give up everything and accompany him to do all the impossible things in the world.

After running after him for so many years, waiting for him for so many years, when she thought she was going to die, he suddenly appeared in front of her.

At that moment, she understood her heart more than ever, and nothing could stop her determination to be with him.

After midnight, it began to rain.

The cold wind poured in from the unclosed windows, keeping the room's rising temperature at a temperature.


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