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“I like you Folashadé,” Janet, the interviewer, commented as the interview was coming to a close. “Do you think you can come in this afternoon, at… two o’clock to meet the King’s Private Secretary,” she asked, leaving me confounded. I knew Janet was a woman of color just by her voice over the phone, but I didn’t know she was so eager to have me come in.

“Y-yes, ma’am! O-of course,” I stuttered unintentionally.

“Perfect, love! I’ll put that on his calendar. His name is Sir Christopher Lewin, please do not forget when you arrive at Windsor,” she stated before she gave me directions to enter Windsor Castle and where I had to go within it. I graciously thanked her for the interview and she accepted as she wished me luck. Immediately afterward, I received an email with the confirmation of my two o’clock appointment.

I rushed out of my room and into Ezra’s as he was mumble-singing with his headphones in his ear. He randomly covered his face with his hands as he moved his body and bobbed his head to the rap music blasting in his ears.

“She likes the way that I dance, she likes the way that I move,” he sang, turning around to dance toward me. “She likes the way that I rock, she like the way that I woo,” he continued to sing out loud as he did some weird dance move at the word ‘woo’. Here he goes, reminiscing on New York music.

I knocked his headphones off of his head and interrupted whatever hood ass fantasy he was having with himself. “She doesn’t like the way that you don’t do shit,” I interrupted him as he frowned at me, his music still blasting from his headphones.

“Sounds like a what… a hating ass broad,” he retorted dismissively.

“Whatever motherfucker,” I shoved him as he laughed.

“So did you get the job, sis,” he inquired. I shook my head, only because I haven’t received a decision yet.

“Not yet. They want me to go up there today to meet the King’s Private Secretary,” I informed him as I stared out the bedroom window. I was really going to work as a secretarial assistant.

“If it’s a man, make sure that if he tries some shit, you spray that son-of-b---h like your life is on the line,” Ezra replied, his voice laced in seriousness.

“I don’t think I can bring weapons into the castle,” I wondered, now that I’m thinking about it.

“D--n, that’s some shit. Well, good thing you can fight,” he chuckled. It was all because of the times Ezra and I used to throw hands at each other when we were younger, but now the height difference between us was too significant; he was 6’2″ and I was 5’5″. At this point, all he had to do was throw my ass across the room if he wanted to. “Good luck though. If you’re deciding to stay, then you’re going to need it,” he shrugged as he placed his headphones back on.

“She said she wanna pop one pill! Baby try two! Why would I f--k one b---h when I could f--k two!” That was the last thing I heard from Ezra before I closed the door behind me.


I was sitting across from Janet Newton, Sir Christopher Lewin, and Vice-Admiral Marcus James. Janet was the Human Resources manager, Christopher was the King’s Private Secretary, and Marcus was the Master of the Household. I only knew Janet’s role and a bit of Christopher’s but that’s about it. I didn’t quite understand why Marcus was there.

“So Folashadé, we see that you are an immigrant from the States, is that correct,” Janet searched, and I nodded along with a verbal confirmation. “Now, for you to work for the Royal Household, you must apply for a work visa. Work visas are good if you’re an immigrant that wants to work but can’t get citizenship. Depending on the length, it can last a year to five years,” she informed me as I took in all the information. A year was all I needed, it was perfect!

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