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The provocative prince

Story 2 years ago


Folashadé was just a 21-year-old girl when she and her family unexpectedly moved to England. Unwarranted circumstances causes her to have to fend for herself in the unfamiliar city of London, England. However, she runs into an advertisement for a position as the Private Secretary Assistant for the British Royal Family. But unfortunately, she is demoted to a maid position instead at the Windsor Castle, in which England’s Royal Family resides. In desperate need of returning back to America, she takes on the maid position anyway. How hard can it be to tend to the Royal Family? It’s much harder than it seems, especially when there was no mention of the provocative Prince of Wales and his dirty mouth.

All Folashadé wanted was to earn enough money to fly back to New York and start over.

All Vincent wanted was to test his self-control around her.

What happens in the end was the last thing on ONE of their minds.

The provocative prince - S01
Story | 2 years ago

The provocative prince - S01