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"But I want grandpa to hug me. (Baidu search is the fastest and most stable update for Liwen. Com) O "Xiao ran blinked his big eyes, soft and waxy.

It's said that children's hearts are particularly sensitive. Who is really good to her? Their hearts are clear.

Grandpa and grandma really love xiaoranran, so every time she sees grandpa and grandma, she will be very happy and willing to be close to Grandpa and grandma.

Qin's father happily took over Xiaoran, rubbed her head, and wiped away tears from her eyes: "how about sleeping with grandpa and grandma at night?"

"Yes, yes." With some company, the villain should not dare to get close, so Xiao Ran is very willing to sleep with his grandparents.

Because I haven't seen my grandparents for a long time, I was so excited that I took grandpa to play with me for a long time before I fell asleep.

Xiao ran fell asleep, but Qin's father and mother couldn't sleep. Looking at the little child, they sighed at the same time.

Qin's mother scolded herself: "it's all our fault that we've been careless for so many years. I didn't expect that our father would be replaced. We let our daughter-in-law be murdered under our eyes, but we were kept in the dark. Pity our little ran, so big mother came back to us. "

"The past has passed, and it's useless for us to blame ourselves. In the future, the Qin family must treat Jane well." Qin's father looked at the small Ran Ran, who was already sleeping, and gently pinched her face. "And treat our granddaughter well."

"Of course I'll be nice to Jane and our baby grandchildren, and you'll be nice to them, too." Mother Qin bowed her head and kissed little Ran's face. "Let's live in Jiangbei in the future. When a family is together, there is a care for everything. "

"Good." Qin's father nodded and was silent for a long time. Then he said, "I'm more worried about Xiao Bao's child now."

When it comes to Xiaobao, Qin's mother is silent for a moment, because she doesn't know how to face Xiaobao after learning the truth.

Many years ago, she was a spy couple who knew her father had dealt with them from country a.

At that time, it was disposed of under the condition of conclusive evidence, but she never knew that the spy couple were Xiaobao's biological parents.

Xiaobao grew up in the Qin family. They have always regarded Xiaobao as their child. Now they know the truth. Her mood is better than that of Zhan Nianbei.

Qin's mother leaned against Qin's father's arms and said softly, "I don't want Xiaobao. I'm afraid she will blame me."

"No matter what Xiaobao thinks, I will tell her that the Qin family will always treat her as a member of the Qin family if she wants to. As for whether she should blame you for her parents' affairs, that is not what we can interfere with. "

Qin's father works rationally but sensibly. In the face of the abyss, he can be cold-blooded and ruthless, forcing the other side to despair, so he has to do things according to his methods.

But he also has a very emotional side, such as his wife, is always so enthusiastic. For children, especially Qin Xiaobao, he has no bottom line.

"Brother Hao......"

"Sleep. It's getting late. " Qin's father patted Qin's mother on the back to let her go to bed first.

At the same time, father Qin also closed his eyes, but he didn't sleep, and many things came to his mind.

For example, how did Shen Yuan get close to his father in those days, and what method did he use to kill his father, and how did he make people unaware of ghosts?

Qin's father had to find out all these things, so Shen Yuan couldn't do anything for the time being. Everything was waiting for mu Zhi to wake up. Their father and son had a good discussion before making a decision.


Xiao ran follows her grandparents, and lie returns to her room. As soon as she lies down, Pei xuanzhi calls in.

He picked up his cell phone and answered, "hello?"

Pei xuanzhi's voice came from the handset: "sanshao, it has been confirmed. Qin Yue was infected with HDR virus. He fell into a coma after being hit yesterday. Now he is still unconscious. "

Although it has long been expected that Xiao Ran's father may have been infected with HDR virus, they just think that if it is not confirmed, it may not be.

Now it's confirmed. Suddenly, lie sits up, holds the mobile phone tightly, and her eyes are dark.

After a pause, he said slowly: "in my name, you can ask the latest news about HDR virus. If they have made up the antidote, they must find a way to get it. "

"Three little ones, let's go to Jiangbei to find Xiaobao this time. Now that we have found her, she has also promised to go back to country a with us. For other things, we still don't care much. I think it's better. "

In Jiangbei, their forces are very limited, and it is impossible to fight with the forces of zhannianbei, Qinyue and Shenyuan. Therefore, Mr. Pei thinks that it is the most correct way to go back to country a after he has done his business.

Lie naturally knows how to do it best. If another person is infected with the HDR virus, he won't have much to do. But this person is Xiaoran's father, and he has to help.

As for whether we can help, we need to see whether the researchers in the a area can give us the antidote for HDR virus.

"Do as I say."

"Three little......"

What else does Pei xuanzhi want to say? Lie has hung up.

The incubation period of HDR virus is relatively long. It seems that the father of Xiaoran has been secretly poisoned long ago.

Now the toxic attack, will be so fierce, hit people unprepared.


One night passed in a flash. It was almost dawn, and Jane lay down beside the in Qinyue and slept for a while.

Just as she was sleepy, Jane felt a familiar big hand caressing her face.

She must be too sleepy. She must hope that Qin Yue will wake up soon. That's why she dreams when she's not sleeping very hard. She dreams that Qin Yue is awake and he's touching her

The corner of Jian Ran's lips, half asleep and half awake, raised a wry smile and murmured, "Qin Yue, I hope you will get better. I hope that as soon as I close my eyes, I can see that you are awake. "

"Jane ran..."

Not only felt that he was touching her, but also heard Qin Yue calling her name. His voice was as deep and sexy as usual. He gently knocked on her heart door, making her heart beat faster for him.

Half awake and half dreaming, Jane grasped the uneasy palm that swam on her face: "Qin Yue, don't make trouble, let me sleep for a while."

She hasn't closed her eyes for a day. She has to rest for a while before she can continue to take care of Qin Yue.

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