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Qin Yue's special children's room for xiaoranran is next to the main bedroom, but xiaoranran has hardly slept in her room.

Before xiaoranran went to kindergarten, no matter where Qin Yue went, he would take xiaoranran with him. Xiaoranran could not leave him for more than three hours at a time.

Because there is no mother, xiaoranran is also very sticky to his father, often like a little paste on his body.

Dad took her when he was on a business trip, and Dad took her when he was in a meeting. Anyway, there was no occasion where he could not take her.

In recent months, because of some things, Qin Yue had to leave xiaoranan alone at home. Xiaoranan would sleep in his room.

Sometimes it's the nanny who takes care of her and accompanies her. Sometimes it's her little aunt who accompanies her. Sometimes it's her best brother who accompanies her.

The person who accompanies Xiaoran this evening is her best brother. Fearing that she will have another nightmare, brother lie sits beside her and grabs her little hand and tells her a story quietly.

After Xiaoran fell asleep, lieyou tried to withdraw his hand, but he just had a move. Xiaoran suddenly opened his eyes, which were full of fear and uneasiness.

Lie hurriedly grasped her hand, bowed his head and whispered in her ear, "but don't be afraid, brother lie is here with you. Brother Liege will beat the bad guys away. "

Hearing the gentle voice of brother lie, Xiao ran blinked and then closed her eyes to sleep. In her sleep, she subconsciously grasped brother lie's fingers, as if worried that brother lie would leave her when she didn't notice.

Strong looked at little Ran's pink face, couldn't help but reach out and pinch it. Two eyes moved up slightly, and settled on the plum blossom mark wound on her forehead.

After the doctor applied the medicine, the wound was already scarred, but because the wound was too deep, it was like a mark made by a soldering iron. After the dried scar fell off, it would also leave a mark.

Xiaoran is a girl, and a very beautiful girl. She often feels that she is the most beautiful baby in the world, and feels cute every day.

If one day she looked in the mirror and saw the scar on her forehead, she would be very sad.

Just as lie was thinking about it, suddenly there was a light footstep in the corridor outside the room.

The sound insulation effect of the room is very good, so light footstep sound, ordinary people's hearing is not audible, but he has received various training since childhood, and the hearing is amazing.

He held his breath and listened to the situation outside the house. He heard the footsteps getting closer and closer, and the footsteps were not for anyone in the family.

It's so late. Who broke in? What do you want to do? Is there anyone else who wants to catch little Ranran?

In any case, he won't let people hurt Xiaoran. o


Qin's mother was eager to see her granddaughter. She walked very fast, but she was worried about the little baby in the house, and she put her steps very lightly. Qin's father could only shake his head and sigh at her speed.

Mother Qin knows that xiaoranran's room is next to the main bedroom of Qinyue. She goes to the door and listens. There is no sound in the room, so she should be asleep.

In order not to make a noise, mother Qin held her breath and quietly pushed the door open. First, she poked her head in to have a look.

Pushing open the door, mother Qin didn't see Xiao ran. Her sight was blocked by a movable iceberg.

It's a moving iceberg, because it's such a hot day that the big boy in front of him seems to be surrounded by ice all over.

Qin's mother was so scared that she would have fallen to the ground if Qin's father hadn't reached for her in time.

"Who are you?" Qin dada holds his wife in one hand, and his cold eyes fall on her. At the same time, he looks behind her, looking for Xiao Ranran.

"Whoa, whoa --" in the room, the loud cry of Xiao ran came. Lie didn't care what Qin's father asked him. He turned around and ran to Xiao ran.

The hand that just small ran holds suddenly took away, leave her a person, she is very afraid, scared to wake up at once.

Opening her eyes and seeing no one, she burst into tears.

Strong one will be a small she picked up, gently patted her back, comfort way: "but don't cry, strong brother here."

"Ran Ran is afraid. Some bad guys catch ran..." Small Ran Ran in strong brother's arms kept shaking, hanging tears said softly.

"Brother lie has beaten the villains away. They will never catch them again. But look who's here. " Lie didn't see Qin's father and mother, but he saw them in the picture, so he recognized them.

Xiao ran often shows him some photos, telling him which is Grandpa, which is grandma, which is aunt, which is Dad, and which is Xiao ran The photo of the whole family is only the mother of Xiaoran.

Lie doesn't like to talk to strangers. In fact, it's not that he doesn't like to talk to strangers, but the fake identity he used when he came to Jiangbei. What he wrote on the data is not good at communicating with strangers.

He can be indifferent to anyone, but he can't be indifferent to Xiaoran. When he sees her, he just wants to take good care of her.

Want to take care of her, protect her, not only because she is his life-saving benefactor, maybe a little girl is too long, when I see her, I just can't help but want to protect her.

Lie didn't answer father Qin's questions. His actions showed that he was not a bad man.

"But it's grandma. Do you remember grandma?" Mother Qin stepped forward to hug her long lost granddaughter.

They haven't seen their children for more than half a year, but they often contact with videos. However, Xiao ran should remember them.

Small Ran Ran came out of the fear, blinked the big eyes of water spirit, looked at the two people in front of her, looked for a long time, and smiled sweetly: "Grandpa, grandma..."

"Well, baby, that's lovely." Mother Qin held little Ranran from her strong arms, and when she saw her forehead hurt, she couldn't help but feel heartache. "But where did you fall your head?"

"The big bad guy caught it, but brother lie beat the bad guy away." Speaking of brother lie, Xiao Ran is still a face worship.

"Is this Ranran's strong brother?" Qin's father asked Xiao Ranran, and at the same time saw lie's eyes. The first feeling that the big boy gave him was not simple.

"Mmhmm......" "Grandpa, he is Ranran's strong brother. He will protect Ranran, and there will be no big villain."

Qin's father knows a lot of people, but lie doesn't really care. However, he looks at it more and sees it.

Besides, Qin Yue, his son, is cautious in his work, and he will not leave a man beside Xiao ran.

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