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Lie knew what little Ranran's little head was thinking, and said, "wait till night, but then go to sleep. When you open your eyes tomorrow morning, mom and dad will appear beside Ranran. "" then get up quickly , eat fast, sleep fast, and see mom and dad soon. " Xiao Ran is smart and lively, but he is only a child, so he naturally thinks that as long as he does it faster, time will pass faster.

"What a silly child."

As soon as strong said this, a pair of small ran and two big eyes of water spirit regretted immediately.

This child, she doesn't do anything, just look at him with her innocent eyes, it will make people feel that they have done too well, how can they make her suffer so much injustice.


Jiangbei military region hospital.

The time limit given by the doctor is 24 hours. If Qin Yue can't wake up in 24 hours, he will probably never wake up.

After the operation, it had been a whole night, but Qin Yue did not wake up at all.

Time is still ticking, turning fast.

It doesn't care who you are lying on the sick, how much you need it to go slowly, and then slowly, it will always go in such a rhythm, always go forward according to its own meaning, never stop.

Jane looks up at the clock on the wall. Qin Yue has been lying in the ICU for 12 hours. The best waking time is half over, and the time will be less and less.

"Jane, why don't you go and lie down for a while and leave me the things to do." Xiaoqinghe looks at Jianran and worries.

She stayed in Qinyue for one night. She didn't even close her eyes for one night. In the morning, she asked doctors and nurses for advice about Qinyue.

She is busy in and out by herself. She never stops for a minute, just like a spinning top.

Jane shook her head and said, "brother, please look at Qin Yue for me outside the guardianship room. I didn't come back. You won't let anyone in. "

It's not that Jane is a soldier, but that she must be careful not to have any more accidents.

Qin Yue hasn't come to his senses yet. He's in danger. If the villain gets a chance, then She didn't dare to think at all.

"Xiao Qinghe nodded:" you go to listen to the doctor to discuss his situation, here to me, you can rest assured

"Good." Jane nodded and turned and left.

Several doctors in charge of Qinyue are discussing the situation. She can go to the audience to understand the real situation of Qinyue, take good care of him and let him wake up earlier.

According to the doctor, there are two reasons why Qin Yue fell into a severe coma and couldn't wake up.

One is that he has been injured for too long and has lost too much blood.

There is another reason, and the most important one, that Qin and Yue had a kind of poison in their bodies, a latent poison called HDR.

HDR is a colorless and tasteless chronic poison. At the beginning of ingestion, there will be no abnormality in the body.

After six months of intake, different symptoms will appear. Some of them have decreased physical function, some of them are blind There are many cases.

"What are you doing with all that nonsense?" After listening to the doctor's words, Zhan Nianbei, who also attended the audience, couldn't help roaring, "I want you to save people. No matter what poison he was poisoned or how much blood was lost, I just need to see the result, not listen to you to find the reason."

"Little uncle, I'll take care of the communication with the doctor. You've been here all night, too. Go and have a rest. " Compared with Zhan Nianbei's grumpiness, she is much calmer.

Because she understood that Qin Yue had fallen. She had to be strong and calm. Only when she was calm can she do a good job.

The doctors sitting in the conference room are all well-known doctors at home and abroad. They have their own reasons to analyze the situation of Qin and Yue.

If she doesn't stop Zhan Nianbei and let Zhan Nianbei keep fighting, it will also affect the normal performance of doctors.

So at this time, Jane understood that not only herself but also the people around her could not be disordered. All the focus was on saving Qin and Yue.

We lost too much blood and found a matching blood type for transfusion. This problem has been solved.

At present, we need to work together to develop an antidote for HDR virus, and we must make Qin Yue sober up in the fastest time.

A few days ago, Qin Yue smiled softly and said, "in fact, the situation here is relatively stable. Just keep my brother and I here. You should have something else to deal with. You should go first. "

Qin Yue can't wake up, but the situation will not worsen. The situation is stable and there is no major problem for the time being.

Zhan Nianbei has been thinking about Qin Xiaobao. I don't know how her situation is, but

Jane added: "little uncle, Xiao Bao really likes you. I think compared with her knowing her own life experience and knowing that her grandfather is an executioner, it's far worse that she has to leave you, which makes her sad."

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