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Those who surnamed he were all outlaws. They didn 't care when they were fighting fiercely. Even children as young as they were were were were not let go. To the awesome network of literature, there are children who are so small as you

. They tied her up, threw them in an iron drum, and rolled the iron drum.

Thinking of the situation at that time, Xiao ran almost died in the hands of those people, and sharp cold light burst out from the eyes of calm and indifference in both directions.

Although he was still injured, his left arm was plastered, his leg was injured, and even his movement was inconvenient, he could not stop his invisible momentum which could almost frighten the world.

He bumped to xiaoranan's side. When his eyes were on xiaoranan's body, he became xiaoranan's strong brother. He looked at xiaoranan's eyes so gentle that they seemed to be able to drip water.

Lie stretches out the right hand that is not hurt, gently pinches the face that pinches small ran pink toot, soft voice says: "but don't be afraid, lie elder brother can protect you in the side, can drive those bad people away, won't let them hurt you again absolutely."

Hearing brother lie's gentle voice, Xiao Ran's long eyelashes flickered, and then she opened her big and beautiful eyes, looking at him with some confusion and fear.

After staring at lie for a long time, she suddenly flattened her mouth and began to cry. One by one, the big tears rolled down from the corner of her eyes.

Strong light stroked her forehead, soft voice said: "however, do not cry, not afraid, strong brother is here with you."

Hearing the strong voice, the small cry suddenly stopped, and stared at the strong and looked, looked and looked.

Looking at it, little ran flattened his mouth and was about to cry again: "you are not Ran's strong brother, you are a villain, but ran's strong brother will protect ran, big villain, you go away."

However, brother lie is much more beautiful than the man in front of him. He is not so ugly.

The man's head was tied with white gauze, only two eyes and a mouth were exposed, which did not look like her brother. It's like the villain who took her away from the amusement park that day.

Little ran raised his fleshy little hand and rubbed his eyes. He cried again and cried, "if you want a father, if you want a mother, if you want a strong brother, if you don't want a bad guy..."

What a wise man is lie? If he doesn't understand what Xiao ran means, it's stupid.

He didn't think about it, so he started to pull the white gauze on his head and put it aside. Then he squeezed his brow against Xiao ran and said, "look carefully, is this man brother lie?"

After pulling off the gauze, lie's handsome face came out.

Although there is still a wound on her face, Xiaoran doesn't need to look at it carefully. She has recognized him as her strong brother.

When she saw brother lie, suddenly she was not so afraid. She raised two small arms and said softly, "brother lie, however, must hug."

"Well, just hold." Strong hand will be small ran gently into the arms, movements and eyes are very gentle, as if as long as he is a little bit strong, he will break her.

"Brother lie, don't be taken away by the villain. The villain is so fierce that he can fight and be afraid. " Small ran nest in the strong arms, small head in the strong arms vigorously rubbed, snivel all rubbed against the strong shirt.

That day, she was playing with her father in the amusement park and was about to take photos with the snow princess. Somehow, she was carried away.

She could not see anything except that they walked all the time, and later brought her to many places where the bad guys gathered.

Those bad guys are so terrible. They look at her like monsters, and they can't help but swallow her.

At that time, she was so scared and scared. She wanted to find her father, her mother and brother lie, but they were not alone.

She was the only one who could do nothing. The big villains tied her with ropes. She had no resistance.

Later, the villains shoved her into the bucket, closed the lid on it, and closed her in the bucket without any light.

Later, they rolled the bucket, and she rolled around in the bucket.

The iron bucket is so hard, and she is so soft. Her little head hits the iron bucket, and she just feels so painful.

But the villains were still rolling, and she heard their laughter, and then she just felt like she couldn't breathe, and then she didn't know anything.

When she saw the light and could hear the voice, it was just now that she heard brother lie calling her. Brother lie would run away and protect her.

The shirt was dirty by small Ran's snivel and tears. Strong not only didn't dislike it, but also gently stroked small Ran's head. He said softly, "there is strong brother in there, and he won't let ran be taken away by big bad guys again."

"Brother lie was hurt when he was helped to hit the villain?" Little ran did not ignore the wound on the fierce face, blinking the big eyes of water spirit, and asked softly.

Leighton said, "brother lie was hurt by wrestling, not by a bad guy. Brother lie is a superman and will not be knocked down."

He can't let xiaoranran know the truth, or xiaoranran will doubt his ability. When he protects her, she will have no sense of security.

Wrestling can also be like this. He said that he was her Superman, but suddenly he turned a white eye. Suddenly he was so disgusted with him. It was really disgusting.

"Small ran sucks the nose, the milk voice milk ground says:" but want Father and mother, but want Father and mother

Strong hold a small soft she, a small voice comfort way: "Ran's father and mother to do other things, finished will return to Ran's side.". But now I have to be obedient. I need to listen to the doctor's advice to take medicine, listen to Aunt Xiangxiu's advice to eat and eat, and go to sleep. When you wake up, you can see mom and dad. "

"Mmhmm......" "Small ran forced a little bit of small head," but will be obedient, but now to sleep

Small ran ran to lie back on the tightly closed his eyes, pink lips opened, seems to count quietly.

Before long, about a minute or so, Xiao ran suddenly opened her big eyes and looked around, as if searching for her father and mother.

Strong rub small Ran's head, some funny said: "ran, today is just dawn, it's time to get up."

Xiao ran blinked her beautiful big eyes, but she wanted to go on sleeping. After a while, she could see her parents when she opened her eyes.

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