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"If you want to live, you will live a good life. No one will stop you. Why do you want to kill innocent people?" Qin Xiaobao shook his head and said painfully. Wen Z

in the Middle School of the May 8th movement, she had a strong personality when she was a child. She often fought and scolded people. She said that she was a little witch, but she never wanted to kill others.

Everyone's life, rich or poor, is a living life. No one is qualified to control the life and death of others.

And she always thought that she was the kindest grandfather in the world. When she killed people, she could say that it was so upright, as if those people should have been killed by him.

In the past, he took her to release her every year, took her to welfare homes to donate money, and visited children in poor areas He often said that he would not go to heaven until he died.

It's such a man full of benevolence and morality. Under his mask, there was a vicious face.

He not only killed people, but also killed more than one person. Now he even has a small child.

Qin Xiaobao couldn't imagine what would happen to Xiao Ran's brother and sister-in-law if there was something wrong with her. I'm afraid that her death is not enough.

"Do you think I can live well if I want to live well? Those people don't give me a chance at all. " If he is not forced into a desperate situation, why should he replace others.

Qin Xiaobao wipes a tear, suddenly it's not so sad. What else can she say about such a person whose conscience has already disappeared?

Even if she said more, he couldn't listen, but how could she pull out the little ran from his mouth?

"Xiaobao, I'm your grandfather, your grandfather..." "You are the only blood left in our Shen family," said Shen Yuan's tears

"Grandpa? Are you my grandfather? " Qin Xiaobao smiled sadly, and tears flowed freely. "I don't want you to be such a murderous grandfather."

If he was still the loving grandfather in her heart, she would be ecstatic to hear him say so. At this time, she only felt that her heart was cool and cool, as if falling into the ice cellar.

Shen Yuan stood up, took Qin Xiaobao's hand and said excitedly: "Xiaobao, what grandpa did is for you, in order to make you live better. Do you understand? "

"All for my good? All for my good? " Qin Xiaobao shook him off and smiled sadly.

She is clearly laughing, but the tears are falling, so Xiaoran will be arrested. Is that because of her?

How many people did she hurt when she didn't know?

She wiped a tear and bit her teeth and said, "the Qin family adopted me and raised me. They are my relatives. Now you have taken their children. Do you think it's good for me? If you are really good for me, you will give me Xiaoran. Don't let me be the farmer and the snake in it. "

"Xiaobao -" Shen Yuan was also angry and roared, "do you know why you have become an orphan who no one wants?"

"I don't know. I don't want to know. " No matter what the reason is, he should not kill people, let alone take Xiaoran as a hostage.

Qin Xiaobao doesn't want to hear it, but Shen Yuan just wants to tell her, maybe let her know the truth of all things, then she will know who is a good man and who is a bad man.

"Xiaobao, your mother is the sister of the president of state A. she is a princess. Your father, my son, from Jiangbei, immigrated to country a and married your mother. What an enviable couple they were. However, Xiao Yuanfeng and Zhan Jia, their executioners, have destroyed everything that was beautiful and made you an orphan. "

"It's Xiao Yuanfeng, Jianran's father, who falsifies evidence and wrongs your parents as spies from a country. It was Xiao Yuanfeng who gave the fake evidence to Zhan Jia of Jiangbei military region. It was Zhan Nianbei's father who killed your parents in secret. The Xiao family and the Zhan family are the killers of your parents. I do all these things to avenge my son and daughter-in-law. Is there anything wrong with me? "

Shen Yuan roared out his resentment in one breath, whether Qin Xiaobao could bear it or not for a while.

Every word Shen Yuan uttered was like a heavy bomb, which made Qin Xiaobao's mind blurred and he didn't know who he was.

Her mother is princess a, her father is Shen Yuan's son Zhan Nianbei's father executed her parents

Zhan Nianbei's father executed her parents

Zhan Nianbei's father executed her parents

Zhan Nianbei's father executed her parents

at this time, Qin Xiaobao's mind could not think of other things, only this sentence hummed in her mind.

No, it won't be. It's not true. It's Shen Yuan who is cheating her She's going crazy. She wants to disappear from the world at once. Don't face this terrible thing again.

"Xiaobao --"

"don't call me, you don't call me." Qin Xiaobao holds his head and shakes it desperately. She doesn't want to hear. She doesn't want to hear anything. She would rather not know anything.

But she also understood that she was Shen Yuan's granddaughter and the child of his Shen family. Her parents were executed by Zhan Nianbei's father. Shen Yuan killed those who killed her parents.

These are the facts, which she can't afford but has to bear

At the moment, she knew that she was not much better.

If you don't grow up, you can always hide under the wings of your family. You don't have to face these cruel truths.

It took a long time for Qin Xiaobao to find his voice: "you are my grandfather, what you do let me bear. As long as you hand over xiaoranan safely, I can ask my brother to let you go. If you go far, you will never appear in front of them. "

"Xiaobao, how can you be so stupid? I am your relative. Qin Yue is nothing. " Up to now, Shen Yuan is still not disillusioned.

Qin Xiaobao said with a sad smile: "do you know, I live in this world now, breathing more air, I think it's a waste."

"Xiaobao, I won't allow you to talk nonsense." Shen Yuan glared and said, "that child is the most deadly weakness of Qin Yue. I managed to hold her in my hand. She is a very useful hostage, how can I give her away. "

Hearing this, Qin Xiaobao was totally dead to Shen Yuan. She cried and said, "please let the child go."

"You come with me. After we are safe, I will consider returning that child to Qin Yue." Now that Qin Yue knows everything, he can't pretend to be old Qin anymore. He has to transfer his position immediately.

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