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Challenging The Third Grade?

Tang Wulin and Wu Siduo’s little groups were the ones that improved the fastest within their class.

It was highly likely that the members of these two groups would enter the inner court in the future just based on the speed at which they were improving at now.

Within the blink of an eye, half of the second academic year had already passed.

“Tang Wulin, come to my office after class.” Wu Zhangkong announced before dismissing the class.

“Yes, Teacher Wu.” Tang Wulin had grown taller by a few centimeters within half a year’s time. He was already close to a hundred and eighty meters all, and the childish look on his face gradually diminished as he progressed in age. With his huge bright eyes and tall straight nose, he had already exceeded the cold-faced god Wu Zhangkong in his outlook. Only, he was not as attractive as Teacher Wu because he still lacked maturity. However, Tang Wulin was still extremely attractive among his peers.

“I wonder why Teacher Wu wants to see you,” Xie Xie gathered over and spoke.

Tang Wulin was done putting away his textbooks. He shrugged and spoke, “I don’t know either. I’ll ask him.”

As he said this, he took the lead and walked out of the classroom. Before long, he arrived at Wu Zhangkong’s office.

“This is for you.” Wu Zhangkong passed a silver card to Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin received the card and asked, “What is this, teacher?”

Wu Zhangkong answered, “Your mecha has already passed the inspection. This is your identification card. Insert it into your mecha’s card slot, and you’ll be able to pass through all the checkpoint and radar scans. The mecha already has no issues with its legalities so you can fly it around most places on the continent.”

“Awesome.” Tang Wulin’s mecha was ready much earlier but it was utterly useless without a legal identity. It was not allowed for regular use outside or he would be in big trouble if the city police found out he was doing so. On the other hand, it was an extremely difficult process to get a mecha identification card. It was only due to Wu Zhangkong who used his academic position, along with the special contribution that Tang Wulin once made to Heaven Dou City that he managed to successfully apply for the card from the Heaven Dou City Federation.

“Thank you, Teacher Wu,” Tang Wulin smiled and said.

Wu Zhangkong, “There’s no rush to thank me. I’ve something else to talk to you aside from this. I recall that you proposed a challenge on third grade class one during the beginning of the academic year, right? I’ve made an application to the Academy President Cai about this, and he’s approved the challenge so all of you can begin preparations for that. However, our class isn’t going to challenge them all by ourselves. We’ll be involving second grade class one as well. It’ll be the first and second grade against the third grade.”

Tang Wulin’s was shocked in his heart. “So… what’s the competition’s format?”

Wu Zhangkong answered, “Three one-against-one matches, one two-against-two and one seven-against-seven match. Yours and Wu Siduo’s little group will be the core of our class in the participation of this competition. The second grade will have their respective choices as well. The results of this competition influence your final examination and will be included in the results.”

One-against-one! Two-against-two! Seven-against-seven!

Was this not the most traditional form of competition then?

Tang Wulin asked, “Is second grade class one aware of this?”

Wu Zhangkong replied, “They are supposed to be notified today. You can discuss the matter of the members participating in the match with Yuanen later.”

Tang Wulin said, “I’m afraid this might be a little difficult. How do we determine if we’re going to send out more from our grade or the second grade?”

Wu Zhangkong responded, “I don’t care. You can all discuss this with second grade class one by yourselves. You can determine this matter based on your abilities.”

“Understood, leave this to me then.”

Wu Zhangkong’s intentions were already pretty clear. Naturally, it would be better if more students from his class were sent to compete in the challenge against the third grade. On the other hand, the number of players sent from each grade would naturally depend on their abilities.

Tang Wulin returned to the dormitory and arrived at the entrance to Yuanen Yehui’s room immediately. He knocked on her door but there was no response. It seemed like Yuanen Yehui had yet to return.

‘Huh… She’s not back yet. I’ll wait and see if she comes back later then.”

Tang Wulin returned to his room reluctantly realized that he felt rather unfamiliar to his own dormitory.

In reality, he rarely returned to his dormitory anymore since he would spend most of his time at the special cultivation venue. On the other hand, his afternoons were either spent on his forging, operating the mecha or his combat abilities.

He was not the only one. Everybody else was just as busy, and each of them had their own path to take for their cultivation. It was only during their lessons every morning that everyone could gather at the same place.

At present, nobody was in the dormitory so Tang Wulin laid on his bed and enjoyed this relaxing moment that felt a little extravagant. That being said, it felt good!

Wu Zhangkong once told him not to tighten the bowstring too much. An overly tightened bowstring breaks easily.

Surprisingly, he fell asleep without noticing.

It was a dreamless slumber. He slept especially well, and when he woke up from his sleep, he could only feel a warm heat wash through his entire body. It felt indescribably comfortable.

The feeling was truly too splendid. He stretched himself lazily although he knew he was supposed to be practicing on his forging this afternoon.

At the moment, he still had a sufficient stockpile of spirit alloys to supply to his companions so they could produce battle armor. After all, Ye Xinglan’s ability to craft battle armor was limited and to top it off, there was a chance of failure. She could successfully forge a piece of battle armor at a steady rate every ten days.

Currently, Ye Xinglan had more pieces of battle armor amongst her peers. She already had three sets – right forearm and right-hand armor, right shoulder and upper-arm armor along with a headband.

He made these for her earlier in order to improve her battle armor making ability. These few pieces of battle armor were the best supplement for her. Before the completion of these three pieces of battle armor, Ye Xinglan required fifteen days to complete a piece of battle armor.

Now that there was the addition of these three pieces of battle armor, her success rate of crafting a piece was much higher.

Only then would she forge the right forearm and right-hand battle armor for the others.

Tang Wulin was unsure of Yuanen Yehui and Yue Zhengyu’s battle armor crafting level now. However, he assumed that Yuanen’s forging standards should not differ too far from Ye Xinglan’s.

Tang Wulin then turned around to sit up and stretched his body strenuously. The main purpose of this nap was to relax his strained spirit and it worked wonders. He felt like a weight had been lifted off his entire person, making him feel lighter.

It felt great! It seemed like he would need to get a good sleep in every once in a while in the future. Still, nobody else was in the dormitory. Xu Lizhi and Xie Xie had yet to return.

Tang Wulin then walked out of his room and looked to Yuanen’s room. He discovered in surprise that he had slept through the entire afternoon. At the moment, the sky had darkened and it was already dusk.

There was light in Yuanen Yehui’s room, and it was apparent that she had already returned.

Tang Wulik walked over and knocked on her door.

“Who’s that?” Yuanen Yehui’s voice echoed.

“It’s me, Tang Wulin.”

The door swung open, and a Yuanen Yehui who had resumed her feminine attire stuck her head out from within.

“Busy man! It truly isn’t an easy task to see you!” The corners of Yuanen Yehui’s lips twitched as if she was forcing a smile.

Tang Wulin forced a laugh. “Everyone is busy. Our academy’s stress level is very faulty.”

“Come in.” Yuanen Yehui stepped away from the door.

Tang Wulin walked into her room, and she asked, “So… you’re here for the match with the third grade, right?”

“Mhmm.” Tang Wulin nodded without the slightest hesitation.

Yuanen Yehui said, “Have all of you decided on the players for the match?”

Tang Wulin answered, “Aren’t I here to discuss the matter with you? How about all of you? Three matches of one-against-one, a match of two-against-two and the addition of a group match. Which one do you guys prefer to participate in?”

Yuanen Yehui replied, “Wulin, this match is actually meant for our grade and the third grade. Generally, there hasn’t been any matches that skipped a grade in the history of the academy. It’d be too unfair since everyone’s age is so far apart. Moreover, it’ll be quite meaningless to do so.”

“Yet… you guys still lost to us though!” Tang Wulin blinked his huge clear eyes.

Yuanen Yehui scoffed in rage. “Y’know. I think frequently about beating up that beautiful face of yours.”

Tang Wulin burst out laughing, “Alright, we ought to stop sounding each other out. We’re well aware of our abilities. Tell me what you want. We’ll judge and weigh what we have in hand before we make a decision.”

Yuanen Yehui replied, “Alright. These matches should give priority to those of us from the second grade. We’re taking out two out of three one-against-one matches and a two-against-two match. We’ll be sending out four representatives for the group match. You guys can have three slots.”

Tang Wulin raised his brows. “Yuanen, you aren’t showing your sincerity here. In that case, I’ll propose to the academy that we’ll challenge the third grade by ourselves. The purpose is naturally, to win the match. However, with all of you given such priority, do you think you can actually win?”

Yuanen Yehui sneered, “So will we be able to win the match if you’re all given the priority then? I’ll be honest, I understand the situation in the third grade more than any one of you. They’ve two one-word battle armor masters in their ranks. Need I say more?”

Tang Wulin’s pupils constricted abruptly upon hearing her words. ‘There were already two one-word battle armor masters in the third grade? This was bad news!’

There was no doubt about the powers one-word battle armor masters possess. Tang Wulin and his group had witnessed it in the past. If there were two one-word battle armor masters, the competition would truly be arduous.

Tang Wulin replied, “In that case, are you saying we’d win if you’re given the priority?”

Yuanen Yehui responded indifferently, “At least we understand our opponents better. We’ll last longer even if we can’t manage a win.”

Tang Wulin then challenged her. “Our abilities will be the judge of this then. Else, we can have an audition trial. Whoever has the strongest abilities gets to go!”

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