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I’ll Renounce My Participation!

Yuanen Yehui stopped for a moment. This was truly her soft spot. Quite a few students from the second grade were naturally and extraordinarily gifted but still, there was a gap in their combined abilities when they were compared to the students in first grade class one.

She was initially assured that she would certainly triumph over Tang Wulin. However, after witnessing the battle between Tang Wulin and Wu Siduo, she was no longer as certain as she was in the past. The speed of Tang Wulin’s development was truly too fast.

Tang Wulin spoke up when he saw her being silent, “Let me explain my way of doing this. If we were to consider the circumstance under which we’d have the highest possibility of winning, you, Ye Xinglan, and Wu Siduo should represent us in the three one-against-one matches. Gu Yue and I will take the two-against-two match. We have the best chemistry between ourselves as a team along with our martial soul fusion. I think this point is quite hard to disagree with, even for you. In the seven-against-seven match, we should send out five people from my side including myself, Gu Yue, Ye Xinlan, Xie Xie, and Xu Xiaoyan. From your side, you and Yue Zhengyu should be the ones to participate. T to send out these five persons from our side, including me, Gu Yue, Ye Xinglan, Xie Xie and Xu Xiaoyan. On your side, send you and Yue Zhengyu. Only this will ensure that the highest combat effectiveness from our side.”

“In other words, people from your side should occupy two matches in the one-against-one competition while we fully occupy the two-against-two match. In the final seven-against-seven, we’ll send five people from our side along with two from your side.”

“Nope.” Yuanen Yehui rejected almost immediately without even the slightest hint of hesitation. “What kind of joke is this? We’re from the second grade! If that is the case how am I supposed to justify this to my classmates?”

Tang Wulin explained, “Frankly speaking Yuanen, the abilities of your classmates can only go so far.” His scorching hot gaze was staring down on Yuanen Yehui causing her breathing to abruptly intensify.

Yuanen Yehui’s breathing sounded slightly rapid, and she was silent for a long while before she spoke again, “Alright, I’ll admit that you’re right. With your combined abilities, you and your classmates are truly more powerful. However, dare you say that your way of distribution contains no selfish motives at all? I can acknowledge it if other people possess superior abilities. However, why is Xie Xie in the group match instead of Wu Siduo? Wu Siduo’s as an individual definitely has abilities superior to Xie Xie’s. He’s only a three-ringed Agility System soul master! Can his abilities exceed Wu Siduo in the group match?

Tang Wulin was stunned for a moment. He did not expect her to direct the situation at Xie Xie. He frowned slightly. “Why can’t he? Xie Xie has twin martial soul as well. Are you intentionally ignoring this point? Moreover, Xie Xie is my partner. We can definitely cooperate better when it comes to teamwork.”

Yuanen Yehui frowned. “Let me consider this for a while.”

The door suddenly swung open at this moment and a person walked in.

“I’ll renounce my participation.” A voice that sounded slightly cold echoed from the door. Tang Wulin and Yuanen Yehui looked to the door

simultaneously. Was that not Xie Xie who was green with rage standing at the door?

Xie Xie turned around and left upon uttering those words.

“Xie Xie!” Tang Wulin hastily chased after him.

As Yuanen Yehui gazed after their departing silhouettes, she was suddenly dumbfounded.

‘Did he hear me? Did he hear all the words I said earlier?

‘He must be hurt right? Why did I have to say that? I…’

Immediately, she realized that she was feeling quite restless in her heart.

Xie Xie did not return to his room but instead, he walked straight out of the dormitory section. Tang Wulin chased after him from behind and grabbed his shoulder.

“Xie Xie.”

Xie Xie stopped walking. His entire body gave off an aura that felt a little cold, “I’m fine, Wulin. I just need to be alone.”

Tang Wulin embraced his shoulder, “Don’t let the perception of others influence you. Everyone can see your hard work. You’re my partner and I believe in your abilities. When others doubt us, we have to strike back even harder. We’re going to do that with our abilities and you, my friend, are the strongest Agility System soul master.”

Xie Xie turned around and looked toward Tang Wulin. His expression slightly relaxed upon seeing the sincerity in Tang Wulin’s eyes, but he suddenly threw a punch at the tree bark next to him. “I don’t understand why she’s still treating me like this. I’ve been painstakingly cultivating every day, and yet I still find time to sweep the floor in front of her room, help her fetch the water, and wipe her windows early every morning. I’ve tried my hardest to work for everything she might need. I might not care how any other person sees me, but she’s different. I’m not furious because she said my abilities aren’t good enough. I’m only furious because I’m nothing in her heart. If that’s the case, just forget it.”

His chest was heaving ever so slightly, and his gaze was just like that of a hurt wild beast.

Tang Wulin replied, “You’re the only one who can make the decision in this matter, but I’ve something to tell you. Persistence is victory. If you’re so easily defeated, then you might not necessarily succeed even when you’ve taken a fancy to someone else in the future. Although I’m not that experienced in relationships, I think I’ll definitely not change my target so easily if I fancied a girl. I’d never wish to look for a girl who likes me. Instead, I’d much prefer if I would be able to find someone that doesn’t like me, then I’d have a chance of making her like me.”

Xie Xie darted him a look. “Big brother, you’re talking like this because you’re in a good place. On one side, you have Gu Yue and on the other side, you have a good sister. How will you have any problems in your relationships?”

Tang Wulin raised his hand and knocked Xie Xie’s head once. “Your head is full of all these things. If you have so much time, why don’t you cultivate more often? We’re going to be fifteen soon. Time waits for no man. I’ll never ponder on these matters before entering the inner court. We should seize the opportunity to work hard while we’re still young.”

Xie Xie laughed after hearing him say that. “Learn well and improve every day, am I right?”

Tang Wulin smiled. “In many occasions, simpler words are more meaningful. Why do you ask? Have you come around?”

Xie Xie shrugged. “I’m a person whose courage mounts as the battle progresses. You’re right. I should prove myself with my abilities when the others doubt them. I should and will never surrender so easily.”

“Hmm. That’s the spirit.” Tang Wulin nodded in all seriousness.

Xie Xie spoke in surprise, “You think so too?”

Tang Wulin laughed. “Yes! There are two simple words that can best describe you — Thick. Skinned.”


“Alright, I’m going to the special cultivation venue to cultivate. Are you joining me?” Tang Wulin asked him.

Xie Xie shook his head. “I’m not joining you. The speed of my soul power cultivation is not that slow. This is an exceptional advantage to those of us with twin martial souls. Oh, by the way, have I told you that I’m am already rank-40 now?”

Tang Wulin’s expression stiffened. “You’re at rank-40 too!?”

Tang Wulin was only aware of Gu Yue being the only one close to rank-40 amongst his partners. Xu Lizhi should not be that far off as well. However, he did not expect Xie Xie to already be at rank-40 as well. At that moment, only he and Xu Xiaoyan were slightly below the margin to achieve rank-40. This was truly a little troubling for him since he had been utilizing the special cultivation venue every day and yet, he still had a ways to go from rank-40.

“Heh. I thought we’re going to be fighting the third grade, right? We’ll have a greater assurance of victory with four soul rings.” He already had twin martial souls so that was why he no longer needed to look for additional spirit souls once he achieved four rings. Gu Yue was similar to him in this sense since she did not need to look for additional spirit souls. That was why they would be able to possess their fourth soul skills once they broke through to rank-40.

Tang Wulin gave him a big thumbs up. “Work hard. I’ll continue to work with a greater amount of effort then.”

In the end, second grade class one did not approve of Tang Wulin’s suggestion. Yuanen Yehui gathered the opinions from their class and their teacher before she discussed it with Tang Wulin the next day.

“Let’s have an audition trial then. This way, everyone will have a fair go at it. We’ll let our abilities speak for themselves.” Yuanen Yehui announced to Tang Wulin.

“Alright.” Tang Wulin agreed without the slightest hesitation. He had full confidence in his companions.

Yuanen Yehui replied, “We should discuss how we should carry the trial out before we begin.”

Tang Wulin asked, “The candidates for the three one-against-one matches. Do any of you have objections?”

Yuanen Yehui shook her head. “Our opinion regarding individual power is almost similar to your proposal. However, do you think Ye Xinglan is stronger than you?”

Tang Wulin nodded without the slightest hesitation. “The success rate of me going against her in a one-against-one match is about thirty percent.”

A surprised look flashed past Yuanen Yehui’s eyes. She was truly unaware that Tang Wulin’s evaluation of Ye Xinglan’s abilities in his heart was so high. However, Ye Xinglan did manage to hold her own against a few powerhouses from the second grade. To top it off, she did that just by depending on her own power during that earlier match between the first and second grade. Her abilities were truly extraordinary.

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