Adventure with the daughters of jezebel - S02 E08

9 months ago

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After the first semester Daniel went home at ibadan to meet his parents

Immediately he reached home, he dropped his bag when he saw the door is padlock

Ohhhhhh mama no dey but she go dey shopDaniel thought

Immediately Daniel flagged down a bike, after the fare interrogation he board the bike to his mom shop

“Mom”Daniel called immediately he got down from the bike

“Hey my son, awon Ara yunifasiti ti dhe ooo”my mom began to screamed to her neighbor

“Good afternoon mama”Daniel greeted

“Afternoon my son”Daniel’s mom replied

“Mom where is dad? Daniel asked

“Well he is on a job at Abuja”his mom replied

“Mom hunger dey catch me”Daniel said

After Daniel had finished eating he set out to meet his friends

“Hey the university boy has arrived”they all chorus

“My guys how una dey na”Daniel greeted

“We dey fine ooo” one replied

“Watin you bring for us na? another asked

“No worry na today we go shayo”Daniel replied

“How everybody na, shey area don change abi eee still dey like that? Daniel asked

“Ee still dey how you leave am”they Said

As we were still talking, one babe wey I dey crush on that time but dey do me wayo come appear , her name na Ayomide but we dey call her At

“Hey Daniel when did you arrived?Ay asked me

Daniel looked at her speechless

“Daniel why are you looking at me like that?Ay asked

“Which time you com dey concerned about Daniel?dayo asked her

“Since when he left”she replied

“But you dey always do am yanga”tayo said

“I wonder oooo”Ade said

“You know I don’t want him to see me as some kind of s--t that why I did that”Ay said

“Women and their lies”Dayo said

“If to say no be p---y land me for trouble for school I for f--k the hell out of her, but I no want wey be say after I don f--k her she go come be Mario I no won make them pursue me from my hometown*Daniel thought

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