Adventure with the daughters of jezebel - S02 E09

6 months ago

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At the bush, the daughters of Jezebel were seen forming a circle

*Haffa babes you never treat that guy f--k up”the leader said

“Any time wey we won treat him f--k up something must happen”Mirabel said

“Watin we go do now?suzzy asked

“You know the guy home town? the 02 asked Mirabel

“No but I sure him friend go know am”Mirabel said

“Shey the guy still dey campus? the 01 asked

“No”Mirabel replied

They all device a plan to lure Michael as if Mirabel won apologize to get Daniel

Mirabel dialed micheal’s num

Mirabel 📲 hello Michael

Michael📲 please who is speaking

Mirabel 📲 it’s Mirabel that is on the line

Michael was surprised

Michael 📲 any problem

Mirabel 📲 please I want to apologise for all I’ve done for Daniel and the stress I gave you

Michael 📲 oh it nothing

Mirabel 📲 can I see you please

Michael 📲 am kinda far poo

Mirabel 📲 where I the place

Michael 📲 am currently at abeokuta

Mirabel📲 ok expect me tomorrow

Michael 📲 ok I will be expecting you

Mirabel went to meet her gang

“Boss I don confirm the guy”Mirabel said

“So where he dey?the leader asked

“Na abeokuta he dey currently”Mirabel said

“Ok you ladies go go there, kidnap him come and from there we go know Daniel movement”the 02 said

“Mirabel you ladies should carry that Highlander car and am assigning 3ladies with you to avoid suspicious”the leader said

“Queen abeg make I follow Mirabel, the guy go won show strong head”Jessy babe said

“No probs, Lizzy, halimat and Jessy babe make una ladies follow Mirabel tomorrow”the leader said

“Consider it done queen”Mirabel said

They sang closing gyration, after then they all went their various place……….

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