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At the end of the Miwa fashion show, Asteria won two awards, new talent award and best fashion award, becoming the first young designer in the history of Miwa fashion show to win the new talent award and best fashion award.

At the same time of winning the trophy, Asteria can also get a large bonus. More importantly, she has finally realized her ideal of life and become a designer recognized by professionals.

For Asteria, the most important thing is that with her status, the more money she can earn, the better she can live in a bigger house with her father.

Asteria had a serious illness three years ago. When she recovered, she forgot all her memories. She didn't even know who she was.

Fortunately, with her father by her side, she can help her recover her previous memory, and also help her find her talent in fashion design together, so she can achieve today's good results.

Today, she and several friends from all over the world who she met in Milan have opened a studio. They are in charge of the design work and the business contact is in the charge of her father.

There are five designers, three men and two women in the studio, including Asteria. All of them are the owners of the studio. They come from all over the world and have different living habits, but they live in harmony like a family.

Ivan is the most famous talented designer in the field of fashion design. When he heard that he would come to have dinner with them, everyone was excited. He thought it would be better if he could take the chance to communicate with him.

Asteria explained to several other partners that they were opposed to the participation of outsiders. How could they know that things had developed like this.

So now Ivan sits next to Asteria. When other people want to talk to him, he ignores him. His eyes are always on her face, as if he wants to see through her.

People stare at her all the time during the meal. She may feel uncomfortable, but she can't help it.

For a long time, Ivan opened up and said in less fluent Chinese, "miss Asteria, you look like someone I've met."

Asteria is drinking juice. Hearing this, she looks up and smiles at him, saying, "Mr. Ivan, I hope your next sentence is not that you like me, but that you want to chase me."

"What if I say so?" Ivan laughs more domineering, like there is no woman in the world that he can't catch up with.

Asteria smiles: "how to say it's your freedom."

Ivan took a sip of the wine and casually said, "I'm used to seeing Leo's face. I think no man can get into your eyes."

Asteria was slightly shocked, and looked at Ivan with some uncertainty: "what Leo's face? I don't understand what you are talking about."

Ivan shook his glass, raised his eyebrows, and said with a smile, "Mrs. Qin, Mr. Qin has been looking for you for three years. Are you going to keep hiding from him?"

"What Mrs. Qin, Mr. Qin?" Asteria is more confused. She doesn't know if Ivan has a brain problem. She tells her all the nonsense she doesn't understand.

"Whether you really don't remember it or pretend to. Don't worry, I won't tell Leo I met you today. It's not easy for someone to make him out of control and sad. I'm too happy to be nosy. "

Ivan said while paying attention to Asteria's expression. Seeing that her expression was calm without any waves, she didn't look like a fake. Was she just the same as the person Qin Yue was looking for, in fact, it wasn't?

Asteria didn't answer and didn't know what to say.

Ivan added: "I have a series of works. I want to shoot magazines in a few days. I want to ask Miss Astria to be my model. Do you have this interest?"

"I'm sorry, I'm only interested in fashion design, not modeling." Asteria refused without thinking.

Not to mention that she is not interested in modeling, because of her physical reasons, her father would not agree with her to go part-time.

Astra refused, and Ivan didn't insist any more. She stuffed a business card for her to call him when she needed.

Although Asteria feels that she has nothing to trouble Ivan, she still keeps her business card in the card holder, which is also a kind of respect for people.

After dinner, Astria came home. Her father was sitting in the living room watching TV. When he saw her enter the room, he smiled: "well, dad is so happy for you."

Astria changed her shoes and went to her father's side, giving him a big hug: "Dad, I can get this award, it's all your credit. If it were not for you, there would be no me in the world. But for you, there would be no second me in the world. "

"However, what nonsense, I'm your father, I'm not good to you, who can be good to." Jane Zhengtian smiled and stroked Asteria's head, but her eyes were on the TV screen.

That's an exclusive interview of a financial channel. The interviewees are the Sheng Tian family leoqin who didn't want to show his face on TV three years ago.

In the past three years, he has spent countless human and financial resources to find his missing wife.

He never showed up in front of the media before. He often appeared in front of the camera. Maybe he wanted to tell Jane that no matter where she was, he was beside her.

Thinking of this, a cool and proud smile flashed in Jane Zhengtian's eyes. They were willing to hide from him. Qin Yue could not find anyone even if he had the ability to connect with heaven.

Qin Yue is even more unlikely to know that the Jane he is searching for has forgotten him completely. Even if she saw him in front of the TV at this time, she would not have any reaction.

The medicine they gave Jianran is said that as long as she can't recover her memory within three years, then she will never recover her previous memory.

He took Jane and changed her name to hide in such a place, hiding for three years. After testing her for three years, her performance has been stable.

In this way, it's absolutely impossible for Jane to recover her previous memory, so it's time for him to take her with him to carry out the long-term plan.

Jane Zhengtian said, "however, I have another thing to tell you."

Astria nodded, "Dad, you tell me, I listen."

Jane Zhengtian said, "however, would you like to go home with dad?"

"Does Dad want to go home?" said Astria

My father once said to her that there are many bad memories about them in China, and I don't want to go back in my life. What made him change his mind?

"I want to go back and have a look when I'm old. And there's a big company over there looking for a chief designer. I think you can try it. " Jane Zhengtian said as she poured a glass of water for Asteria and handed her the medicine. "Take the medicine first. We'll talk about other things slowly."

"Well." Asteria takes the medicine and swallows it, never doubting what's wrong with it.

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