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Asteria has lived in Milan for the past three years. She is used to the life rhythm and living environment of the city. She especially likes the fashion atmosphere of the city. She doesn't want to go back to China for development in her heart.

But her father was very kind to her and paid a lot for her.

Her mother died early and her father didn't marry another to take care of her. It can be said that all his thoughts were spent on her.

In order to take care of her, her father almost gave up his life, put all his hopes on her, and gave her enough space and trust, so that she could show her skills in the field she liked --

this kindness, Asteria didn't think it would pay off, so now that her father is old, she has no reason not to accompany him if she wants to go back to the place where he was born Together.

Fortunately, the nature of her work is relatively free. As long as she is given a computer, a pen and a drawing, she can finish her work anywhere.

When the plane arrived at Jiangbei International Airport at two o'clock in the afternoon, Jane Zheng Tian smiled at Asteria and asked softly, "but do you have any impression of this place?"

"Yes." Asteria nods.

"Yes?" Jane was shocked.

Asteria said with a smile, rather coquettish: "the airports I have been to are all like this, the pedestrians come and go, except for the number of people or people."

When Jane heard this, she took a sigh of relief and patted her head: "you know how to play with me."

As for the city of Jiangbei, Asteria is not familiar at all. She is very unfamiliar with every plant and tree, which makes her feel a little uneasy.

So, after settling down at home, she said hello to Jane Zhengtian, carried a backpack, and prepared to go out for a day to get familiar with the environment and humanities.

Italy is a very romantic city, where people feel like they are enjoying life, not working.

This Jiangbei City is very fast-paced. When sitting in a restaurant, many people are devouring food. After eating, they have to rush to work.

That's what Asteria came to after a long walk.

However, the greening of Jiangbei City is not bad. For example, at this time, the coastal park where she is located is full of flowers and full of spring. There are many tourists in the park. Many couples snuggle up in front of the spring flowers, and many parents and children enjoy the warm sun in spring.

As she was looking at the city in a brisk way, suddenly someone grabbed her by the corner.

It's not strong. It's gentle, like a kitten scratching.

Astria can't help but stop and look back.

I saw a little girl about three years old. She was born very beautiful. A pair of big eyes like amber, crystal clear, but also like stars, flickering, very dazzling. And the facial features are more nimble, and combed a very lovely double ponytail, regardless of temperament or appearance are very gratifying.

Asteria looks at the little girl and can't help but wonder Somehow, she always felt that the child looked a little like herself.

"Sister, can you help me?"

Looking at the beautiful sister in a daze, the cute little loli couldn't help shaking the corners of Asteria's clothes, tooting her mouth, soft.

She's so cute, why doesn't her sister pay attention to her? Isn't it nice for Dad to tie her a ponytail?

In this way, little Laurie can't help puffing up her cheeks, holding her big, watery eyes, and staring straight at Astria. I'll cry to show you when you don't pay attention to me.

Asteria was stared at by little Laurie. She quickly threw away other thoughts in her head, squatted beside little Laurie, reached out her hand, pinched little Laurie's tender face, and asked softly, "what's the matter, little friend? What can I do for you? What about your parents? "

After that, Asteria looked around again. How could such a small child not be watched by adults? What should I do if someone is taken away?

"Father is on duty, mother is flying in the sky!" Little Lori is serious.

Flying in the sky?

Asteria is stunned Is this another way of saying flying?

"Are you here alone?" Again, asked Astria.

"No," little Laurie shook her head and smiled innocently. "Sister, you are here to accompany ran!"


Little Lori laughs so innocently that the world is invincible, but Asteria has a headache. It seems that the child is not in a clear position. The person who cares for her doesn't know where to go. How can she leave such a lovely child alone

Just thinking about it, the little Lori suddenly grabbed Astria's hand. Her little hand was so small that she could only hold one of her sister's fingers. She shook it again, as if she wanted to attract the attention of this beautiful sister.

Asteria couldn't help smiling at her, looking at her lovely face and pinching it. She was just about to ask her to write other information, but she heard little Lori say in a round voice: "pinch a hundred dollars!"

Asteria is stunned.

"Dad said, pinch it, one hundred yuan!" Little Laurie explained patiently.

Looking at her serious appearance, Asteria finally responds. Little Lori is saying Pinch your face. One hundred yuan.

The father of this child is really short of money, so teach the baby.

"But my sister has no money!" Astria teases.

"That sister helps me."

"Well, what can I do for you?"

It seems that she finally remembered the business. Little Lori's smiling face suddenly broke down. She said sadly, "but my sister is bleeding and dying."

Asteria saw that little Lori was so serious. She was shocked and said, "where can I take my sister?"

Little Lori raised her hand and pointed to the distance. She saw the white Pomeranian lying under a tree.

"Is your sister her?"

Little Laurie nodded desperately, her eyes suddenly filled with water: "yes, yes, my sister is in pain, is it going to fly to the sky?"

Asteria somehow missed a beat Originally, the sky, is, dies.

"No," said Asteria hastily, "come, sister, go and save her."

Then she led little Lori to the Pomeranian.

The little dog feels someone approaching, sniffs her, wags his tail excitedly, and barks at the little owner. He doesn't know what he wants to express.

Little Lori said: "Mianmian, darling, big sister helps you heal."

"Wangwangwang" -

Asteria checked the puppy a little, only to see that the leg of the puppy had a mouth about three centimeters long, which was obviously scratched by some wire. After thinking about it, she took out the usual band aid in her bag and carefully pasted it on the dog.

"Little friend, did you just say you called Ranran?"

"Yes! Good to hear! "

"Good Tell you secretly, my sister is also called Ranran

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