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Enemies Meet

The Void Ocean Spiritual Palace looked like a glowing blue crystal from the outside, but once one entered it, they would realize that the inside was a magnificent city.

In fact, the Spiritual Palace was much bigger than it seemed. It was even bigger than the Canopy Great Country.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Multiple colorful figures flashed throughout the city, including flying beasts and ships of different sizes.

The bigger ones were more than ten times bigger than the Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship and could fit several hundred people.

In Zhao Feng and company’s vision, they could see plenty of halls and heavily guarded buildings. Apart from that, there were also various shops both big and small.

There were also individual stands, and the sellers were experts from all across the world.

The busy areas were full of noise and people.

The entire area of the giant Spiritual Palace city was surrounded by forests and streams. One could also see the limitless ocean outside.

The sailors watched everything with blazing eyes.

“The inner part of the Spiritual Palace is even bigger than the Purple Saint Ruins.”

Zhao Feng felt an aura similar to the Purple Saint Ruins here. The two were somewhat related with one another; they were both man-made dimensions, not naturally created.

There was also an obvious difference; the Purple Saint Ruins was a sealed dimension meant for inheritances and could run on its own. It didn’t need Primal Crystal Stones or anything. On the other hand, the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace was more of a miniature landmass that was connected to the outside world and needed a huge amount of resources to maintain.

As long as there were enough Primal Crystal Stones, the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace could run indefinitely.

Of course, regardless of the differences, the ability to create dimensions was still incredible.

“The Heaven Earth Yuan Qi here is several times better than the Eight Desolate Mountain. It’s probably comparable to the three sects….”

Loulan Zhishui’s eyes were filled with shock as she took the view into her eyes. The Spiritual Palace was extremely bustling, and it was several times more advanced than the Eight Desolate Mountain.

Simply put, this was a high-tier market where all the experts gathered.

“Captain, this seems to be your first time entering the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace, right? If you need anything, I, Xiao Ma, can help you and will promise you that everything will go smoothly.”

A respectful voice sounded.

Zhao Feng’s footsteps stopped as he inspected a youth dressed like a scholar. The youth was riding a snow-white pegasus and had clear eyes as he bowed and smiled.

His gaze didn’t land on any other Sovereigns or experts, only Zhao Feng.

“Xiao Ma? What’s your price?”

Zhao Feng murmured this youth’s name with interest. Xiao Ma’s age was similar to his own, and he had the cultivation of a late-stage True Lord Rank.

However, that wasn’t what caused Zhao Feng’s interest.

The youth who called himself Xiao Ma seemed to make a living on showing people around.

“Xiao Ma is my nickname. If Captain has come to the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace, it must mean you need something. I can guide you. As for the fee… that all depends on what the Captain wants to reward me.”

The youth smiled and bowed while glancing at the young captain out of the corner of his eyes.

In reality, this Xiao Ma was also uneasy and nervous. Although this guest wasn’t an Origin Core Realm, instinct told him that this person was rich.

Xiao Ma had already locked his eyes onto the young captain when he bought all the Void Ocean Tokens.

“Alright, we both get what we want.”

Zhao Feng paused for a moment, “As for your reward, it depends on how many benefits you can bring me.”

“Thank you.”

Xiao Ma let out a long breath in his heart.

“Captain, may I ask why you came to the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace? I can help you with anything you want.”

Xiao Ma wiped the sweat off his head and followed closely behind Zhao Feng.

“Take me around first.”

Zhao Feng didn’t immediately answer and acted calmly.

“Alright, follow me.”

Xiao Ma warmly introduced the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace to Zhao Feng and company.

Tall, elegant buildings came into view, and most of them had guards around them.

“My Lord, look, the markets here all have guards around them since they’re exchanges run by the officials. They include over 90% of the exchanges, such as techniques, spiritual pills, resources, beasts, weapons, ships, guards, shops….”

Xiao Ma started to explain.


Zhao Feng realized that the guards were protecting buildings that belonged to the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace. More precisely, that belonged to the Spiritual Sacred Lands.

“The marketplace of these exchanges is very fair and there is no trickery of any kind. However, the price is slightly higher than the market value.”

Xiao Ma added.

After that, Zhao Feng’s eyes landed on the private shops that had no guards.

“Those shops can include different sorts of items, and some exchanges aren’t smaller than those run by the officials. There are many big forces and backgrounds behind those shops, including even some two-star sects.”

Xiao Ma continued.

While they flew, they passed through beautiful sceneries.

“These small stands are free markets. They’re chaotic and of lower quality, but the advantage is that one can do whatever they want.”

The group came to the free market.

The free market was filled with shouts and bargaining, like a true marketplace. Most of the parties bargaining were at the True Lord Rank, but there were also quite a few half-step Origin Core Realms and Small Origin Core Realms.

There were even a couple Great Origin Core Realm Sovereign Lords that entered to test their luck.

“Hehe, if one is lucky, they can buy divine weapons for a cheap price.”

Xiao Ma laughed.

“There are different sorts of people here, and it’s filled with chaos. How can someone get a good treasure here?”

Loulan Zhishui asked incredulously. Her gaze landed on the bigger exchanges and shops.

“What this lady said is incorrect.”

Xiao Ma shook his head and spoke in a mysterious tone, “Ten years ago, a Sovereign Lord bought half a piece of an ancient item – the Heaven Heart Divine Pendant – for only a hundred high-grade Primal Crystal Stones. Its value surpassed mere Primal Crystal Stones. The Sovereign then used that half of the Heaven Heart Divine Pendant and cultivated for many years, breaking through to the Void God Realm, shocking many island zones nearby and even the Spiritual Sacred Lands.”

An item of the Ancient Era, the Heaven Heart Divine Pendant.

Zhao Feng’s heart jumped. He didn’t think that there was such a unique item here.

The earliest era in this world was the Ancient Era. After that came the Immemorial Era, then the Atavistic Era, then the current Fan Universe.

The Ancient Era was the closest era to the destruction of the ancient continent, which was filled with legends.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat jumped onto Zhao Feng’s shoulder and glanced around with its eyes.

“Hmm? What’s that place?”

Some of the sailors turned toward an arena that was bigger than one in the Azure Flower Continent by more than ten times. The enormous arena took up several hundred miles. The middle was the arena proper while spectators sat around and watched.

“That’s the Void Ocean Arena set up by the Spiritual Palace officials. There’s friendly sparring, as well as gambling, and even life-or-death battles to settle disputes.”

Xiao Ma smiled and said.

At this moment, the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi started to shake within the arena.

“A battle between Sovereigns.”

Zhao Feng could only sense the aura within the arena, but he couldn’t see the specifics.

“Two geniuses from the True Martial Sacred Land entered the arena a couple days ago, causing the arena to rise in popularity. The entrance fee for one day alone has made the arena take in a huge amount….”

Xiao Ma sighed.

Geniuses from the True Martial Sacred Land?

Loulan Zhishui and the sailors were filled with respect and curiosity.

There were only three Spiritual Sacred Lands within the Cang Ocean, and each of them was supreme.

“Only the Spiritual Sacred Lands can give birth to three-star forces.”

Zhao Feng couldn’t help but feel curious as well about how strong the geniuses from a Spiritual Sacred Land were.

Currently, he had only exchanged blows with geniuses from two-star and two-and-a-half star sects.

In reality, Lu Tianyi wasn’t even the Head Disciple of the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect. After all, there was an age limit to enter the Purple Saint Ruins.

As for peak two-star sects and three-star forces, Zhao Feng hadn’t met them before.

According to what he knew, one force could be ten times stronger than another even if they were within the same star level. For example, the difference between a normal two-star sect and a peak two-star sect.

The one-star Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion was able to fight against the Ten Great Clans of the continent simultaneously in its heyday.

“If Captain wants to, we can go in.”

Xiao Ma suggested.

“Sure, let us witness some geniuses from the Spiritual Sacred Lands.”

Zhao Feng was full of curiosity.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

The group from the Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship flew toward the arena with Xiao Ma leading them.

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye and bloodline suddenly shook when he closed in on the arena.

When the group entered the arena, there were already many people flying toward it, including a trio consisting of a Great Origin Core Realm Sovereign Lord, a male, and a female.

The male was handsome while the woman was pretty.

“En, we’ll take care of the limitless ocean whale while we are here and take you to broaden your horizons. After all, even I’m interested in geniuses from the Spiritual Sacred Lands.”

The Sovereign Lord wearing a plain shirt smiled and said.

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