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Void Ocean Spiritual Palace

Two days later, the Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship was now much slower than ever before as it approached its destination.

Within the captain’s cabin, Zhao Feng opened his eyes and wiped the blood from his mouth once more. The little thieving cat sat on his shoulder and absorbed the aura from the Ancient Dream Realm.

Over the past dozen days, Zhao Feng used three barrels of heart blood essence, and he entered the Ancient Dream Realm several times.

His state of existence and body improved dramatically after using the heart blood essence. His state of existence was now almost comparable to a Great Origin Core Realm Sovereign Lord, and his bloodline power had also become purer because of it.

Of course, that was also because of the Ancient Dream Realm aura.

The little thieving cat also benefited, but Zhao Feng couldn’t see any difference in the cat.

“My state of existence and body are my strongest attributes now. My soul power and mental energy come after that, both comparable to the Small Origin Core Realm. At the bottom is my cultivation.”

Zhao Feng felt weird. In the past, he specialized in mental energy, and his body didn’t have any advantage against anyone else, but now, his state of existence and body had surpassed both his cultivation and his soul power.

However, the path of cultivation was about increasing one’s state of existence.

The nine ranks of the Consolidated Realm to the seven skies of the Ascended Realm focused on strengthening one’s body and digging out one’s potential.

The Ascended Realm to the True Spirit Realm was a dramatic rise in one’s state of existence, and one could then truly interact with Heaven and Earth. Once one reached the True Spirit Realm, they would exceed the lifespan of mortals and live up to two or three hundred years old.

The True Spirit Realm to the Origin Core Realm was about becoming one with nature. One’s lifeforce and strength would rise dramatically. According to what Zhao Feng knew, an Origin Core Realm could live up to between 500 and 800 years old.

Although he didn’t have the cultivation of an Origin Core Realm, his lifeforce and body were almost comparable to a Great Origin Core Realm already, which meant that he could live for several hundred more years.

“Captain, according to your map, we should almost be there….”

Loulan Zhishui’s voice sounded. Zhao Feng walked out onto the deck and gazed into the distance.

Although the mark on the map was small, it was extremely big in reality.

For example, according to the map, they were within a couple dozen thousand of miles within the radius of the Void Ocean Spiritual Ocean. Zhao Feng didn’t dare to use his God’s Spiritual Eye and made the sailors scout instead.

The Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship slowly passed through the ocean.


At a certain moment, a Sovereign aura flew over their heads, and all the sailors became wary.

The newcomer was a purple-robed middle-aged man who paused slightly when his gaze landed on the Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship, but he soon flew away.

Another period of time later:

Sou! Sou! Sou!

A half-step Origin Core Realm and two peak True Lord Ranks travelled together in a certain direction.

“Apparently, geniuses from the True Martial Sacred Land easily defeated several Core disciples from the Luozhen Sect, including one of the Six Youth Prodigies, Pu Yingyun.”

“Luozhen Sect? That’s one of the five two-star sects in the Thousand Flowing Islands zone, and each of the Six Youth Prodigies have a cultivation at the Origin Core Realm.”

“I heard that Pu Yingyun couldn’t even block three blows.”

The speed of the three travelers wasn’t fast, and they talked along the way. Their gaze landed on the Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship, but they kept flying.

“Follow those three.”

Zhao Feng had the lifeforce and body almost comparable to a Great Origin Core Realm, so even if he didn’t purposely try, he could hear everything within ten miles.

Let’s go!

After the Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship confirmed the direction, the sailors increased the speed.


A limitless ocean ship about the same size as the Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship flew over.

“Hmm? Isn’t that a pirate ship?”

Zhao Feng’s gaze landed on the dozens of fierce figures on the ship. They looked nasty, and they obviously weren’t normal sailors.

On the ship was a one-eyed Sovereign who stood on the deck.


The one-eyed captain glanced toward the ship below and revealed a weird expression. He inspected it with his Spiritual Sense and found that the ship was made of good-quality materials, and the captain was only a youth at the half-step Origin Core Realm.

Furthermore, from the looks of it, the ship seemed to be made for pirates.

“Boss, should we attack?”

A one-armed pirate laughed gruesomely.

“We’re about to enter the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace. There’s many experts around, so it’s best not to cause trouble.”

The one-eyed pirate captain sighed regretfully and shook his head.


The pirate ship flew over Zhao Feng’s head and the figures laughed, causing Zhao Feng to be surprised. From the looks of it, all sorts of people traveled to the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace.

After flying another thousand miles, more and more experts and ships appeared. It wasn’t rare to see a Sovereign, and there was an occasional aura from a Great Origin Core Realm.


A sailor exclaimed.

A ball of blue light appeared in front, and it became bigger and bigger as it glowed with a brilliant radiance.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Many figures nearby headed toward the ball of light with their ships.

As they got closer, the ball of blue light became bigger and clearer, revealing the structure of a palace. The outside layer of the palace seemed to be a wall, so it was a mixture between a palace and a castle.

The layer of blue light seemed to be the “inland layer,” similar to the one around the Eight Desolate Mountain.

“So, that’s the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace?”

Zhao Feng and company inspected it closely as they stood on the deck of their ship.


The nearby experts all flew into the ball of blue light. It was different from the Eight Desolate Mountain because the blue light only had a few specific entrances that one could enter.

From the looks of it, the palace only had a radius of several hundred yards, but its true size would be much bigger.

Zhao Feng and company soon entered the ball of blue light. Zhao Feng had a weird feeling as he passed through it, then he felt a surge of dense Heaven Earth Yuan Qi.


The palace became bigger and bigger, revealing another world.

“This is a palace?”

Zhao Feng and company were dumbfounded. Instead of a palace, it should be called the Void Ocean Spiritual City instead.

Void Ocean Spiritual Palace: four words that glittered with gold were carved on the palace, which released an aura that stunned gods and ghosts alike.

“The Void Ocean Spiritual Palace is indeed not simple.”

Zhao Feng felt a pressure on his soul as he looked at the words. The higher one’s mental energy level, the stronger the feeling.

He was sure that the writer of these words was at least at the Void God Realm.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

The experts that gathered all took out a token before walking through the entrance of the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace.

At the entrance was a total of eight Small Origin Core Realms that released powerful auras, stunning those that dared to try to enter stealthily.


Zhao Feng put the Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship away and made the sailors follow him.

“Captain, we need to have a special token to enter.”

Loulan Zhishui said.

There was a side-hall near the entrance that was responsible for the tokens, and when Zhao Feng and company arrived, there was already a long line.

“One Void Ocean Token costs a hundred high-grade Primal Crystal Stones, and an extra ten for each day you stay.”

An old man with a long beard said impatiently.

“Ten high-grade Primal Crystal Stones for one day? This is robbery!”

“Ten high-grade Primal Crystal Stones is comparable to a hundred thousand low-grade Primal Crystal Stones, which can be exchanged for ten million substandard Primal Crystal Stones.”

Several True Lord Ranks said in dissatisfaction.

In the outside world, the standard was low-grade Primal Crystal Stones. As for substandard Primal Crystal Stones, they were limited to usage in small places.

Primal Crystal Stones were split into several grades: low, mid, high, and peak.

A hundred high-grade Primal Crystal Stones was equivalent to ten thousand mid-grade Primal Crystal Stones, a million low-grade Primal Crystal Stones, or one hundred million substandard Primal Crystal Stones.

“The entrance fee is pretty expensive. Just the Void Ocean Token alone is a hundred high-grade Primal Crystal Stones.”

Loulan Zhishui and the other sailors felt weak.

Of course, a hundred million low-grade Primal Crystal Stones wasn’t too big of a sum for True Lord Ranks. The salary Zhao Feng gave them every month surpassed that amount, but this was just the entrance fee.

“Hmph, what do you know? The Void Ocean Token is worth more than a hundred high-grade Primal Crystal Stones, and it can be used at every Void Ocean Spiritual Palace. The spiritual palace is a separate dimension created by one person, and the amount of Primal Crystal Stones expended each day is enough to buy a half-star clan.”

The bearded old man snickered coldly.

Although these newbies thought that the price was unfair, they still bought it.

“Eleven people.”

Zhao Feng got straight to the point.


The bearded man glanced over them and only saw ten, but he didn’t say anything else.

Zhao Feng, Loulan Zhishui, and eight sailors.

Each token was an identity. All one needed to do was enter a name or nickname. It didn’t have to be one’s true name. The eleventh token was prepared for the skeletal Division Leader, and Zhao Feng put the nickname “Skeleton” into the token.

At the same time, he paid for two months’ time of stay.

The bearded old man couldn’t help but look at Zhao Feng in surprise. A normal expert couldn’t easily pay for almost a dozen tokens and two months of stay.

The people lining up couldn’t help but look at Zhao Feng in a new light.

After getting the tokens, Zhao Feng led the group and walked through the main entrance of the palace.

Sou! Sou! Sou~~~

The ten soon entered the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace, and a busy world came into sight.

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