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Hearing Luo Zhan cursing, Li Sicheng knew what was going on. Tightening the grip on Cheng You’s phone, Li Sicheng looked so stern that Cheng You stepped back a little. Dammit… Her boss was really mad this time. Even Cheng You had not seen him being so pissed off. Did Luo Zhan really make any mistake at this crucial moment?

Looking at Cheng You’s face, Mrs. Tang sneered inwardly: This is your evidence? I saw clearly that he went inside my daughter’s room.

That video broke off at that point just now, so what had happened was evident.

Li Xiao was completely disappointed. Hitting the table, he roared, “Li Sicheng, on your knees.”

Li Sicheng tossed his phone back to Cheng You. Although his face looked gloomy, his tone was extremely calm.

“You go back first.”

Cheng You heard his words and quickly nodded, running away. The father of her boss was even more formidable than her boss himself. Would Li Sicheng really kneel? If he did, wouldn’t that be like pleading guilty? The more Cheng You thought about it, the more uncomfortable she felt. Then, she took up her phone and called Su Qianci…

After Cheng You was gone, Li Sicheng closed the door of the study and walked to Li Xiao. “It’s not mine.” Li Sicheng’s gaze was firm with a hint of mockery. “You are my father, so I don’t dare to disobey you. However…”

“So get down on your knees!” Mrs. Tang bristled. “Little bastard!”

“Shut up!” Tang Zhenghao stopped her. However, seeing Li Sicheng like that, he was overjoyed inwardly.

Isn’t this brat capable? His father will punish him now.

Unexpectedly, Li Sicheng did not get down knees, but slowly unbuttoned his jacket, as elegant as a noble man going to a banquet. He looked gloomy, but his moves were very graceful. Tang Mengying was enraptured, holding her belly feeling rejoiced. She was so lucky to bear his child…

Li Sicheng took off his jacket and threw it on the floor, saying quietly, “I’m ready.”

Li Xiao was first dazed and immediately thought of something. Gritting his teeth, he bristled at Li Sicheng, “Li Sicheng!”

“I will never admit to something I have never done.” Li Sicheng had a sardonic expression on his face. “You know this, right?”

In the Li family, the junior generation cannot disobey the order of the senior generation. If anyone go against this rule, he or she must be punished. Li Sicheng was ready to take the punishment.

Qin Shuhua was terrified, standing in front of Li Sicheng and saying, “Sicheng, you can talk this out. Don’t make your dad angry… Just kneel and say you’re sorry…”

“I said it is not me.” Li Sicheng interrupted Qin Shuhua. “My family name is Li, and theirs is Tang. Why do you choose to believe them over me? Mom, dad, I am very disappointed.”

Feeling furious, Li Xiao turned around to get the birch behind his desk. The birch had been in the family since the generation of Li Sicheng’s great-grandfather. It was very rarely used. About two fingers wide, the birch would cause serious damage…

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