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Su Qianci, You Lost

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Li Sicheng’s eyes became dark when he saw the birch. However, the Tang couple felt overjoyed inwardly. Tang Mengying began to fret and called, “Uncle Li, please don’t…”

Back in the days, when Li Sicheng disagreed with Li Xiao’s decision for him to join the Army, he had to kneel in the ancestral hall for a whole day and take strokes from the birch, which did not change his mind. Li Sicheng was incredibly stubborn. Once he had made a decision, nothing could change his mind, not even death.

The Tangs knew that, and so did the Li family.

Initially, Li Xiao wanted to scare Li Sicheng and never planned to really hit him. Seeing the obvious disappointment in his son’s eyes, Li Xiao felt bitter. Deliberately waving the birch in front of Li Sicheng, Li Xiao asked him coldly, “I’ll ask you again. Did you do it?”

Li Sicheng had suffered from the strokes of the birch. It was terrifying. One stroke could easily tear his flesh apart. Last time, he stayed in the hospital for half a month. However, that would not kill him. Staring back at his father, Li Sicheng said frankly, “I did not.” His voice was firm.

Li Xiao calmed down and tossed the birch away, saying, “Then let’s do a DNA test.” He believed his son. A DNA test would shut the Tang family up.

Mrs. Tang was dumbfounded and blurted out, “You won’t hit him?” She was expecting it! Li Xiao changed his mind, for what?

Li Xiao sneered, “He is my son. So how is that your business?”

Speechless, Mrs. Tang said weakly, “But your son…”

“Right, DNA test.” Qin Shuhua was terrified. She was almost in tears just now. Seeing that Li Xiao had given up, she still sobbed, “Mom believes you. Don’t make your dad mad again…”

Li Sicheng patted Qin Shuhua on the back. “It’s okay. Don’t cry.”

Mrs. Tang felt crossed and said, “You are giving up just like this? Are the two of you blind? You saw your son entering my daughter’s room. Don’t you think he’s responsible?”

“I only saw your daughter seducing my son,” Li Xiao said coldly. “I will never let this kind of woman marry into my family. I’m not sure whether the baby is ours. Even if it is, we can afford to raise a child.”

Qin Shuhua felt something was off and said, “Li Xiao…”

“Please don’t interrupt me.” Li Xiao gave Qin Shuhua a stare.

Trembling with anger, Tang Zhenghao bristled, “Li Xiao, Li Sicheng, the evidence was right there, and you have the nerve to deny it. You have taught me how shameless the Li family could be. You’re requesting a DNA test? Let’s do it then!”

“Amniocentesis needs to be done after the baby’s older than four months… Not now…” Tang Mengying was pale.

“Then let’s wait,” Tang Zhenghao roared. “Isn’t it three months old already? At that time, I will slap your face with the DNA report.”

With that remark, Tang Zhenghao walked out with his wife and daughter, running into Su Qianci who had hurried back.

Seeing Su Qianci, the Tang family looked grim.

Brushing past Su Qianci, Tang Mengying deliberately paused and whispered in a volume only the two of them could hear, “The evidence is found and the truth is clear. The baby is Brother Sicheng’s. Su Qianci, you have lost.”

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