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Mom Victory: evening, ehnn.. Victory go bring water for me from house.

Victory: okay, mommy. You go follow me?

Me: no, I wan go house.

Victory: now now.

Me: no vex, I go come tomorrow.

Victory: mommy, I wan escort my friend.

Mommy Victory: come quick oh!

Me: ma goodnight.

Mommy Victory: greet your parents oh!

I smiled and simply replied “ehnn” we stepped out of Victory’s house road and then climbed the tarred road that served as the street road that led to our house.

Victory: greet your mother for her oh! she chuckle

Me: I dey live alone na, I be big boy.

Victory: okay oh! big boy, you fit waka for darkness dey go house alone na.

Me: you never even escort me go anywhere, you wan go house.

Victory: you know say my mama send me message, I no want make she hala me.

Me: no problem, what of goodnight hug?

She hugged me sharply and pressed the soft oranges on her chest to me, the softness sent a thrilling excitement all over my senses.

She ended the embrace when my middle leg started kicking.

She turned and walk away, I stared at her retreating shaking back side.

Me: what of good night kiss? I call out to her

Victory: when I come visit you with raise voice

I smile that visiting godey memorial, I went home and met my brother in the kitchen still cooking.

Me: you dey cook chimpanzee, this one the soup never still done?

Victory: I dey cook special delicacy, go sit down when em done you go confirm my weight.

Me: I hiss no waste gas oh! Because I no get money to go refill another one.

I left the kitchen door opened and went inside my room, my feet were aching somehow.

I just felt tired, I pulled off my shirt and took off my trouser.

Wore only boxer, I forgot to ask Man U score with Norwich.

I went back to the kitchen and met my brother pounding fresh pepper.

Me: wetin Man U play na?

Victory: four zero.

Me: who and who score?

Victory: Victory one, Victory two, Victory three, Victory four.

Me: talk truth, I play to score. Just tell me.

Victory: you no get phone to check? I pay fifty naira to watch the match.

Me: i start laughing you go leave bet9ja office to watch the match go dash person money.

I sighed and strode out of the kitchen and entered my room, closed the door and laid on the bed.

I was so tired that I didn’t know when I slept off due to stress. Have you read Coolval stories today?

Another dream of Sandra came again..

That her sweet voice, she came out of my apartment laughing. Me sef dey stand for the verandah tryna lock the door.

We held house gisting and giggling, we just dey waka dey go for road.

We waka commot from our street and entered the tarred road, I no see any single soul even when we pass one shop like that and Angel their shop. I no see anybody, I come dey expect to see Lizzy.

I no see her, we waka go the junction wey we dey board keke napep for the area.

She started waving one stop.

Me: where we dey go, baby?

She turned to me and started smiling, her face started fading and everything became blur, I opened my eyes to see my brother tapping me to wake up.

Victory: come eat oh!

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