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I waka go back go meet my bro wey dey stand for the front of the filling-station, immediately he saw me.

Victory: you don collect the number?

Me: mission impossible.

Victory: how?

Me: her boyfriend na drug lord.

Victory: he start laughing em see you.

Me: na you sabi.

I remembered that I had to see Victory that evening, so that we go talk. She fit be my temporal girlfriend who knows?

We waka enter my street tarred road, na the only street wey get road wey person no need to be athlete to go where you wan go.

Some niggas dey smoke by a shop, I first wait make we enter the street wella before I bring out my phone to call Victory, I called her twice before she come pick.

Me: hello my love.

Victory: are you not coming again?

Me: no na, I dey come towards that place wey them dey sell kerosene along the road.

Victory: when you reach there flash me.

I ended the call. I started hearing splashing sounds of water, I look my left come dey see women and men at work.

A man was removing water from the church compound, I come dey wonder naso them godey do everyday wey rain go fall.

That place na water wife.

Me: you go carry all these things go house, I wan see somebody.

Victory: na you go cook the soup?

Me: no, night don dey cover. Kukuma cook am.

He took the fuel rubber and the soup things I bought from me, while I dialed Victory’s number.

Her phone started ringing, I come dey wonder if she don dey wait for me for that kerosene place already.

Victory: good evening.

Me: my love.

My brother left us alone ’cause na private matter.

Me: why are you doing me like this?

Victory: like how na?

Me: you just dey take my love for granted.

Victory: I no understand oh, I never do anything.

Me: you know say I love well well, allow me be your boyfriend. I swear I go always love you.

Victory: okay oh, my think about am.

I hold her hand and look deep into her eyes, that time. Na the time one man was drive em car pass us, I just free the babe. I still new to the area before somebody papa go harass me because of em daughter.

Me: nothing to think there, just say yes and I will make you my queen.

Victory: okay, yes.

I hugged her tight. Her bre-asts soft die.

Victory: come make we dey go our shop, my legs dey pain me.

Me: anywhere you wan carry me go, I go follow baby.

She held my hand and took me to the place that they were selling kerosene along the road, I no realize say na them dey sell the kerosene.

As we wan go sit down for the fence one man use fence em land against property draggers association, Naso I sight one woman wey dey sit down close to the lantern they hang for the small kiosk shop.

Me: ma good evening.

Victory: mommy, meet my friend Victor.

Meet who?

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