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Her Only Idol, Song Yifan

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Song Yifan looked down and slowly stirred the hotpot, saying calmly, "You must be mistaken. Rong Xuan had been dead for long time. It could not be her."

Sheng Ximing became silent as well. After a few seconds, he continued, "They really look alike. The first time I saw her, I thought I saw Rong Xuan again. She had a baby, then…"

Song Yifan's hand shuddered slightly as his calm eyes narrowed. "Where is she?"

Sheng Ximing pointed to the window. However, the back of the chair had blocked their sight.

Song Yifan put down his chopsticks and stood up, looking that way. However, before he saw anything, someone appeared in front of him. It was the owner of the hotpot place. The owner smiled politely and said, "Mr. Song, what do you think?"

Song Yifan moved a bit and finally saw Su Qianci's face. "Okay, but I have a condition."

Seeing that Li Sicheng was back, Su Qianci felt a bit anxious. She quietly boiled food in the hotpot, pretending not to see him. Li Sicheng did not speak either. It was slightly awkward between the couple.

Suddenly, someone spoke through the speaker. "Good evening everyone. Very pleased to see you here…" Just some pleasantries, so everyone started to eat again after hearing that. "Today, Mr. Song Yifan is here at our restaurant. Does anyone want to listen to him play?"

Song Yifan! Hearing the name, a lot of people looked up and immediately responded, "Yes!"

"Is it really Song Yifan?"

"No way, I think it's just some stunt."

Su Qianci looked toward the direction of the voice and saw a piano placed in the middle of the restaurant. In front of the piano, the host was still presenting.

"Please show Mr. Song Yifan how much you want to listen to him play. Song Yifan, Song Yifan, Song Yifan…!"

The entire restaurant started to chant Song Yifan's name. Looking around, everyone was trying to catch a glimpse of Song Yifan. Su Qianci was no exception. Very soon, she saw a middle-aged man standing up in a corner, looking thin but fit.

He walked slowly to the piano, looking casual but incredibly elegant. The minute Su Qianci saw his face, she immediately held her breath and her heartbeat raced. This was Song Yifan? The only Chinese member in the Global Piano Association? No way, she finally met him. Was she in a dream? Her only idol! Amazing!

Staring with her eyes wide, Su Qianci wanted to see him more clearly. At the same time, she caught a glimpse of another familiar figure. Sheng Ximing? He was having hotpot together with Song Yifan? Right, they were great friends now. But legend had it that they once fought because of a woman.

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