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Stop Drooling

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Later on, Song Yifan went to France and became a world-class pianist, while Sheng Ximing became a top-notch lawyer in Kingstown. In her previous lifetime, Su Qianci had never met Song Yifan in person. Although she had heard their story from Sheng Ximing, Su Qianci did not know anything about Song Yifan. How come… Was this some kind of butterfly effect from her actions? However, what did Song Yifan have to do with her?

As Su Qianci was stunned, Song Yifan had already walked next to the host. With his hand on his heart, Song Yifan bowed and said, "Hello, I am Song Yifan."

"Ahhhhh! It really is him."

"I am eating together with Song Yifan… I can't believe it."

"This restaurant owner must be so rich that he could afford to hire Song Yifan."

"Obviously Mr. Song is just here to eat. He is wearing something completely casual. But… how handsome!"

Hearing the screaming from girls around her, Su Qianci's eyes also lit up.

"Stop drooling," Li Sicheng said coldly, and Su Qianci subconsciously reached for her chin.

It was dry! Su Qianci immediately blushed and stared at Li Sicheng, for being teased.

"Is he that good-looking?" The man was not even half as good-looking as himself. Why was she overreacting?

Su Qianci blushed and drank from her glass. "He's my idol. Of course he is good-looking."

Li Sicheng frowned slightly. He must have married a fool. Does it mean that any good-looking guy could have her attention?

"We are honored to have Mr. Song Yifan together with us today. Everyone will be able to enjoy 20% off today's meal. In addition, we will also invite a lucky customer to play together with our global pianist. I wonder who will have the luck today?"

"Me! I'm so good at piano…"

"Definitely me. I know all Song Yifan's work…"

"Pick me!"

Su Qianci blinked, feeling a bit sorry. There were so many competitors that she might not be picked. Su Qianci took some seafood with her chopsticks and put it in her mouth.

"No worries. Everyone has an equal opportunity. We will pick the lucky customer randomly. If the person picked does not know how to play piano, we will go to a second round."

Then, a spotlight quickly flashed around. All the fans of Song Yifan held their breath in excitement. Su Qianci swallowed the food and drank some lemonade. However, the spotlight hit her, making her eyes hurt a little.

"All right, this lady." Immediately, Su Qianci became the focus of everyone's attention.

"She sat at a remote corner and she got picked? So lucky!"

"Dammit. I would have picked that spot…"

"Me?" Su Qianci was dazed, pointing to herself.

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