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Shook Her World

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His voice was low, but it shook her whole world… Her eyes wet, Su Qianci bowed her head and let tears drop on the back of her hands. All she could think about was what he had said will stop. He did not care… Did he mean it? But he minded her inferiority so much in her previous lifetime… Her shoulders shivering, Su Qianci was obviously emotional, which made Li Sicheng, who was standing behind her, look at her softly.

Pulling Su Qianci close, he saw how aggrieved she was. Li Sicheng took Su Qianci in his arms and glanced at Tang Mengqing, "In the future, I don't want to see you at my home." His tone was clearly full of warning.

Tang Mengqing immediately became pale and gazed at her sister, begging silently. Tang Mengying was in a terrible mood. She had no idea that it would turn out like this. This way, she was even more distant from the Li family.

"Just go home," Captain Li also said. "Our household is not good enough for you."

Captain Li was the person that Tang Zhenghao respected the most. Hearing that from Captain Li, Tang Zhenghao said hurriedly, "Captain…"

"Go home." Captain Li did not want to look at him and waved his hand. Sending the Tang family away, Captain Li said, "Sicheng, take your wife home."

"We shouldn't have let them in. Terrible manners!" Qin Shuhua looked regretful and said to Su Qianci, "Don't read too much into what Tang Mengqing said. You are much better than she is."

Su Qianci nodded, but still felt slightly troubled. She was much better than Tang Mengqing, but how about Tang Mengying? Qin Shuhua still wanted Tang Mengying to be her daughter-in-law. Su Qianci wiped her face and whispered, "Thank you, mother." Li Sicheng knew what Su Qianci was thinking and pulled her away, "Let's go eat." Li Sicheng asked Su Qianci to pick a restaurant, and Su Qianci told him a name.

When they arrived, Li Sicheng found out it was a hotpot place. "When I was not feeling good, I would always come here." Of course, Su Qianci was talking about her previous lifetime. However, Li Sicheng had no idea and thought Su Qianci meant when she was single.

This hotpot restaurant had been the place that Sheng Ximing took her to eat in her previous lifetime. Sheng Ximing said that life is like a hotpot. At the very beginning, the soup was clear. However, most people would add too much stuff into it to make it a mess. The most important thing was to enjoy the process.

Su Qianci really liked that analogy.

Li Sicheng was not a big fan of hotpot, but only frowned and followed Su Qianci inside, seeing how happy she was. However, even Su Qianci did not expect that she would meet the one person that was most unlikely to appear here.

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