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Proof Under Skirt

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Su Qianci was diagnosed with a slight concussion after she was sent to the hospital. Fortunately, it was not serious, so she could go back home after some rest. The next few days, Li Sicheng had asked for sick leave on her behalf, so Su Qianci did not have to go to college. However, the Li family and Tang Zhenghao soon found out about it. On the third day of Su Qianci's sick leave, they called her to the old house.

Shortly after Su Qianci arrived at the old house, Tang Zhenghao took wife and his daughters to the Li household. "Apologize to Qianci!" Tang Zhenghao sounded stern.

Tang Mengqing's eyes were puffy as she said reluctantly, "It was not my fault. She fell on her own."

Su Qianci immediately understood what they were trying to do. Sneering inwardly, Su Qianci looked at Tang Mengqing as if she was an idiot. "If I was able to give myself a concussion just by falling, my weight to must be three times of what it is."

"Su Qianci, don't try to frame me." Tang Mengqing gritted her teeth.

"Mengqing!" Tang Zhenghao bristled. "You are still denying it? Qianci was not feeling well, and you treated her like that. I don't even want to say that you are my daughter."

Mrs. Tang immediately pulled Tang Mengqing behind her, looking at her husband with blame. "Did you know what she did to your daughter? And you are taking the side of a stranger?"

"Tell me how Su Qianci bullied your daughter. I only knew that she had a concussion. Your daughter brought shame to the Tang family and to me as well." Speaking loud, Tang Zhenghao clearly knew that Tang Mengqing had had an abortion.

Su Qianci was startled and stepped back. Unexpectedly, she hit something. Turning her head, Su Qianci saw it was Li Sicheng. Li Sicheng stood next to Su Qianci, staring at the farce coldly.

Hearing the noise, Captain Li also walked out with his cane. "What's going on?"

"Captain Li," Tang Zhenghao called and then told Captain Li why he was there.

Tang Mengqing said reluctantly, "She was the one who hit me first. She even clawed me. It is still hurting."

"Where's the injury? Show us," Qin Shuhua said. "If you're accusing someone, you need evidence. If you cannot show us any evidence today, we must apologize to Su Qianci."

Qin Shuhua was speaking in a tough matter, making Su Qianci almost want to applaud. Clearly noticing the excitement of his wife, Li Sicheng narrowed his eyes. He knew for a fact that Su Qianci was not a pushover, so he believed Tang Mengqing for saying she was clawed by Su Qianci.

However, why is Su Qianci not scared?

Looking up at Tang Mengqing, Li Sicheng found that she had her hand on her crotch, yelling, "Right here!"

Seeing that, Li Sicheng had a subtle smile on his face.

"Lift your skirt then." Su Qianci crossed her arms, looking fearless.

However, Tang Mengqing was dazed and hesitant. "How can I do that?"

There were a lot of men here. Even Tang Zhenghao should not see his daughter do that.

Su Qianci arched an eyebrow and asked, "You don't dare, do you?"

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