The 99Th Divorce - S01 E124

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A Wife's Duty

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Su Qianci immediately became alert. There was a small noise from the kitchen. Su Qianci quietly walked to the table, reaching for her phone and dialing the three-digit emergency number as she walked toward the kitchen. However, before she entered the kitchen, a strong figure appeared in front of her.

Startled, Su Qianci quickly stepped back. Moving too quickly, she was tripped and fell backward. When she thought she was about to hit the floor, the figure in front of her immediately moved. He pulled her arm, making her fall into his chest. Smelling the familiar scent, Su Qianci felt her heart racing uncontrollably. She looked up and their eyes were locked. Su Qianci was almost drowned in his dark pupils. However, she soon got over herself and pushed him away. Suppressing the turmoil in her heart, Su Qianci looked away and asked hurriedly, "When did you come back?"

Seeing her frightened look, Li Sicheng suddenly had a desire to take her and pound her mercilessly and make her beg. He loosened his collar as the desire rushed to his head. He could still smell the fragrance of her shower gel, which disturbed his heart that had remained calm for a while. He had just taken some water, but he felt like he needed more… Ignoring her question, Li Sicheng got himself another glass of cold water from the fridge and drank it up.

Su Qianci felt a bit disappointed, although she knew she should have anticipated this. Returning to her computer, she suddenly recalled that the guy had used her laptop.

As she was about to ask him that, he walked over, glanced at her screen, quickly looked away, and stated calmly, "Should you perform a wife's duty?"

Su Qianci was dumbstruck. She quickly looked his way, incredulous and shocked. Li Sicheng's look was calm and mysterious as always. Seeing that he was not joking, Su Qianci became nervous. "Li Sicheng, it was stated in the contract that you cannot force me to… with you without consent."

"Force you to what?" Li Sicheng arched an eyebrow, looking puzzled.

Su Qianci was confused by his seriousness.

Li Sicheng glanced at her confused look and said, "I just want you to make me some food. What are you thinking about?"

"Making food?"

Li Sicheng asked, "Did you think making…"

Making what? Love? Li Sicheng postponed his next word, making Su Qianci holding her breath.

"… food is not a wife's duty?"

Su Qianci was dazed. And then her face was suddenly set on fire.

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