The 99Th Divorce - S01 E125

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That was so embarrassing. Su Qianci was mortified by her misunderstanding him. Looking up, she met his eyes, which were as cold as always. However, she did not see that his look was mounting. Clearly noticing her embarrassment, Li Sicheng slowly leaned toward her, his eyes fixed on her blushed face. Feeling his body getting close to hers, Su Qianci was stunned by his handsome face and forgot to react.

He slightly arched his eyebrows as he spoke with his deep voice, "You thought I was going to say making…"

Su Qianci suddenly stood up from the couch, putting her hand over his mouth. Before Li Sicheng finished his sentence, his mouth was covered. He had never been treated like this before. This woman had become more and more daring. Her black pupils full of embarrassment, seeming to scream: please don't say it. And her hand on his mouth was so soft, begging for his kiss.

Facing Li Sicheng's gaze, Su Qianci wished she could hide somewhere and never see him again. Would he think that she was a slut? She had never been so mortified before. However, she soon realized what she had done. Su Qianci quickly took her hand back but was so nervous that she did not know where to put it. Oh my god! What Li Sicheng hated the most was someone touching him, especially his face. And now she had done something so rude. Under his fierce gaze, Su Qianci blushed and said nervously, "I will go cook you something immediately!" She quickly trotted into the kitchen.

Seeing Su Qianci running away, Li Sicheng stopped holding his smile back. A fleeting look of joy passed his face. Then he looked at the computer screen and saw Su Qianci's chat.

There were few things left in the fridge. Since Li Sicheng was not around, not a lot of food was prepared. Su Qianci could only find some eggs and grain. Soon, Su Qianci cooked some congee and made a dish, bringing them to the table.

Li Sicheng had already come out of the shower. Seeing the food, he sat down.

"I'll go back to my room first. Enjoy."

"Wait a second."

Su Qianci paused.

"Sit down." His voice sounded like a cello.

"We need to talk."

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