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Breakthrough, Corpse Array

Two days later, Zhao Feng completed his task.

The skeletal Division Leader was the manager and constructed the arrays, while the little thieving cat was the supervisor, responsible for making sure the laboring beasts were doing things correctly.

From top to bottom, everything was done in an orderly fashion.

Ten days later, the number of beasts working had increased to more than a hundred, and most of them were relatively smart.

With the skeletal Division Leader in charge, these beasts started to construct everything in an obedient manner.

All he needed to do was order them around and its task became relatively simple once everything was in place.

After all, it was once the leader of a Scarlet Moon Division; the amount of territory and troops it was in control of was many times more than this.

On the third floor of the Treasured Palace, the Purple Saint Partial Spirit saw all of this and was satisfied. The slave that Zhao Feng brought in was very useful, and Zhao Feng didn’t forget to utilize the skeletal Division Leader for everything it was worth.

In its spare time, the skeletal Division Leader still needed to craft the cursed ghost-corpses, but luckily, it didn’t need to worry about resources anymore and could just order the beasts to get them. If it had any questions, the Purple Saint Partial Spirit would answer them.

Ultimately, the Purple Saint Partial Spirit just went straight to the skeletal Division Leader for how to fix the holes.

As for Zhao Feng, his only task now was to supply the laboring beasts.

Half a month later, the number of beasts had increased to several hundred, and all of them were at the True Spirit Realm, and that was only under the basis that Zhao Feng didn’t use his full strength, because the Purple Saint Ruins was extremely dangerous and the control of these beasts would wear off after a while.

Every once in a while, Zhao Feng needed to replenish these laboring beasts.

Finally, Zhao Feng had increased the number of laborers to five hundred and entered seclusion.

The environment within the Purple Saint Ruins was extremely good, and cultivating here was several times faster than the Azure Flower Continent.

In just a short span of two months, Zhao Feng’s cultivation had reached the late-stage True Lord Rank.

“Cultivating within the Purple Saint Ruins is indeed different. If I was still in the Azure Flower Continent, this would probably have taken me another year.”

Zhao Feng revealed a look of joy.

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit obviously saw Zhao Feng break through.

“This Zhao Feng’s soul strength and mental energy strength both exceed his cultivation, which is why his cultivation is increasing by leaps and bounds after coming back to the Purple Saint Ruins.”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit sighed faintly. Zhao Feng had once again caught up to Yufei.

“Yufei’s situation is the complete opposite of his. Her cultivation is restricted by her mental energy.”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit couldn’t help but shake her head. Zhao Yufei’s compatibility with the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi was extremely high. If she had Zhao Feng’s mental energy level, she would be at the half-step Origin Core Realm by now at the least.

Unfortunately, there was no perfect bloodline in the world.

Zhao Feng was the same. Although his mental energy level surpassed others, his compatibility with Heaven Earth Yuan Qi wasn’t any greater than the average.

“If he and Yufei were to become husband and wife and dual-cultivate…”

A thought appeared in the Purple Saint Partial Spirit’s mind, but when she thought about the relationship between those two, she let out a long sigh.

After reaching the late-stage True Lord Rank, Zhao Feng immediately came out of seclusion. He didn’t have any consolidating to do.

In this period of time, less than one half of the original five hundred beasts were left, so Zhao Feng had to replenish them again.

“Late-stage True Lord Rank? He used less than two years to breakthrough to the late-stage True Lord Rank from the early-stage True Lord Rank?”

The skeletal Division Leader’s heart fell.

If it was a normal late-stage True Lord Rank, the skeletal Division Leader would look down at them as if it was looking at an ant, but it knew how strong Zhao Feng was.

With every step that Zhao Feng took, the skeletal Division Leader’s chances of escaping his control lowered.

Now that Zhao Feng had reached the late-stage True Lord Rank, his Source of True Spirit was more cleansed and condensed than before.

A few days later, after the laboring beasts had been replenished, Zhao Feng once again took up the job of a butler and checked the work, making sure that the skeletal Division Leader didn’t pull any tricks.

“Master, I’ve completed 12% of the task now.”

The skeletal Division Leader reported.

12% meant twelve cursed ghost-corpses.


Zhao Feng nodded his head and felt satisfied. After entering the Purple Saint Ruins, everything was going faster.

“Furthermore, Senior Purple Saint has told us how to create the Curse of a Hundred Corpses.”

The skeletal Division Leader said.

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit soon gave some information to Zhao Feng, and he copied it with his God’s Spiritual Eye.

“Ghost-Corpse Curse Array? By using the cursed ghost-corpses, an array with the power of the curse can be formed….”

Zhao Feng started to comprehend it.

The main material of the Ghost-Corpse Curse Array was the cursed ghost-corpses; therefore, it wasn’t very hard to create it.

“The more cursed ghost-corpses I have, the stronger the array will be. If all one hundred True Lord Ranks were put into the array, even Sovereigns might be killed.”

Excitement glowed in Zhao Feng’s eyes.

He had an Origin Core Realm expert next to him. After the skeletal Division Leader came into the Purple Saint Ruins, its strength also quickly recovered.

If he was able to complete the Hundred Corpse plan, the ghost-corpse array would be able to threaten Sovereigns.

In the blink of an eye, another two months passed.

In this period of time, Zhao Feng used the current number of cursed ghost-corpses to form an array.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

A total of fifteen cursed ghost-corpses were spread out in a unique fashion, and everything within a hundred yards was covered in dark gray clouds.

Wind Lightning Strike!

Zhao Feng threw a blade of wind and lightning into the dark gray clouds and its power was quickly absorbed.


Zhao Feng’s attack created a crack in the clouds, but it soon repaired itself and devoured his attack.

“Although I didn’t use my Purple Colored Lightning just now, that attack could have easily killed early-stage True Lord Ranks and injured late-stage True Lord Ranks.”

Zhao Feng revealed a look of joy, and then added some Purple Destruction Lightning into it.


This time, the dark gray clouds showed signs of instability, but they quickly recovered.

“Congratulations, Master. The Ghost-Corpse Curse array has successfully been formed. The attack just now can even threaten half-step Origin Core Realms.”

A complex emotion passed through the skeletal Division Leader’s eyes, who was watching from far away.

Thinking back to when it was the Division Leader, it didn’t dare to think about having so many True Lord Rank ghost-corpses.

If this continued, just twenty True Lord Rank cursed ghost-corpses would be able to kill anything under the Origin Core Realm.


Zhao Feng waved a black flag and put the fifteen cursed ghost-corpses into the Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl.

He then summoned his two dark-silver ghost-corpses and strengthened them.

Their battle-power was comparable to normal late-stage True Lord Ranks, and if they hid in the ghost-corpse cursed array, the damage they could do with their poison would be immeasurable.

Furthermore, their strength would increase in the array.

On this day, Zhao Feng started to inspect the flaws and holes. Since there were so many, even the Purple Saint Partial Spirit herself might miss some details.

After all, she was in a weak state and had no more control over the Purple Saint Ruins.


Zhao Feng found that the repair array within the mysterious canyon was unusual.

The mysterious canyon had a huge flaw; therefore, the skeletal Division Leader had already set up a repair array using the Purple Saint Partial Spirit’s method of fixing it.

However, fixing such a big hole was a long process. It was like a severe illness; it wasn’t very easy to heal.

From the surface, it seemed as if the hole was starting to get fixed.

“Wait, although this hole has a Yuan Qi Gathering array, the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi here is far too responsive, and the aura of life here is incredible.”

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye inspected the place.

Normally, the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi shouldn’t be so responsive in a place where it was damaged, and the aura of life couldn’t be so strong.

“Zhao Feng, watch out! There’s an outside force eroding that place!”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit’s voice sounded in his mind, and Zhao Feng’s heart jumped after hearing that.

In the next instant, he found that the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi in this place suddenly doubled in terms of responsiveness, and the aura of life surged.

“What’s going on? How come we didn’t sense anything earlier?”

Zhao Feng’s expression drooped.

Hearing this, the skeletal Division Leader also rushed over.

“It’s indeed weird. The hole hasn’t been fully fixed, so the Yuan Qi here can’t be so responsive or have such a strong aura of life.”

The two flames in the skeletal Division Leader’s eyes jumped around.

Neither of them could explain this phenomenon.

“It’s because this force isn’t destroying or breaking the hole. On the contrary, it’s healing the hole, then starting to transform the Yuan Qi.”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit’s voice was starting to become solemn.

So that’s what happened.

Zhao Feng understood.

This must be a method that the three sects were undertaking to try to take over the Purple Saint Ruins, but their method was too cunning.

They didn’t immediately attack the hole – that would be detected too easily.

Instead, they used an extremely pure Heaven Earth Yuan Qi and aura of life to repair the hole. This method made Zhao Feng and company think that the flaw was starting to recover.

After healing it for a while, the three sects used an outside force to assimilate it.

These steps made the Purple Saint Partial Spirit and skeletal Division Leader slowly adapt to it and think that it was normal.

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