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On the third floor of the Purple Saint Treasured Palace, after the reunion, they finally went to the main topic.

“Senior Purple Saint, what can I do here?”

Zhao Feng was extremely respectful. After all, when the Purple Saint Partial Spirit was alive, she was a being that had surpassed the Void God Realm.

Furthermore, she had given Zhao Feng a lot of help with items such as the Jade Dragon Protection, the Ice Imperial Spear, the Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl, etc.

“Zhao Feng, the Purple Saint Ruins hasn’t faced true danger yet, but the three two-star sects outside have Void God Realm experts as you know, and they’ve invited an array master that keeps on wasting the ruins’ strength.”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit said.

The situation within the Purple Saint Ruins was complex.

Firstly, the Purple Saint Ruins was eight-thousand miles long, which was incredibly huge for a separate dimension. The environment here was ten times better than the Azure Flower Continent and there was a large amount of resources here.

Zhao Feng already knew this.

There were thousands of beasts that had reached the True Spirit Realm, and there was even a small number of sleeping Sovereign beasts.

Amongst these beasts, there were rare or extinct species that would be of considerable value outside.

“Yufei’s fortune of inheriting this place is unthinkable for other True Dragon geniuses.”

Zhao Feng sighed in his heart. The luckiest person amongst all the geniuses wasn’t someone from the five Overwhelming Prodigies, but Zhao Yufei.

“The Purple Saint Ruins you see right now is ten thousand years after it started to weaken and shrink. Ten thousand years ago, its power was far greater than it is right now….”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit sighed.

Zhao Feng’s heart shook. The Purple Saint Ruins was in a weak state right now? How strong was it when it was at its peak?

“May I ask Senior; what threats are there, and what can I do to help?”

Zhao Feng asked.

“Because my power has been decreasing over time, I don’t even have 5% of my strength anymore, and I still need to help Yufei refine the inheritance. I don’t have much control over this space anymore.”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit said with a long sigh and continued, “If I was at my peak, I could create tsunamis and storms with just a thought.”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit had absolute control of the inheritance when she was at her peak.

“Senior, how much control do you still have over the ruins?”

Zhao Feng’s eyes flashed as he asked the key question.

“I can only sense the ruins now, and even then, there might be restrictions in some flawed areas.”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit smiled bitterly.

Zhao Feng nodded his head. He somewhat knew about this the last time he came. This meant that the Purple Saint Partial Spirit didn’t have any real “control” anymore; its only ability was to see the ruins.

“Most of the beasts here won’t listen to me anymore. Back then, I could decide their life or death with just one thought. Even if it was a Void God Realm expert that came in, they wouldn’t be able to fight back.”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit seemed helpless, and Zhao Feng was stunned. He finally found the reason why the Purple Saint Partial Spirit was urgently looking for an inheritor.

“Zhao Feng.”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit spoke, “The loss of power from the ruins is starting to make things unstable. There are more and more flaws every day. Yufei and I have other things to do, so we need your help.”

Zhao Feng finally knew his task. Simply put, he was a “butler” that the Purple Saint Partial Spirit had tasked to be responsible for the situation within the ruins.

The flaws and holes in the dimension would cause it to become unstable, and they could even become a breaking point for the three sects.

“Of course, as your reward, most of the resources in the ruins can be used by you.”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit smiled faintly.

“No problem.”

Zhao Feng agreed. He only needed to be a “butler” and he would receive an enormous amount of precious resources in return.

Furthermore, he and Yufei were childhood friends anyway.

Of course, that was also one of the reasons why the Purple Saint Partial Spirit chose to believe in Zhao Feng.

“My god…. Has a pie fallen from the sky?”

The skeletal Division Leader’s eyes bulged out from within the Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl.

No wonder Zhao Feng wasn’t very worried about the materials needed to refine the hundred corpses.

An hour later, Zhao Feng understood the situation within the ruins.

In order to minimize the use of energy, the Purple Saint Partial Spirit had merged the Purple Saint Treasured Palace once more into the central depths.


Zhao Feng’s figure appeared next to the Towering Tree Yao, and the palace disappeared.

“A pie falling from the sky? How can there be anything that requires nothing in return?”

Zhao Feng was unable to calm down.

Although it seemed as if the Purple Saint Partial Spirit choosing him was similar to a pie falling out of the sky, the danger involved wasn’t exactly small.

Once the experts of the three two-star sects attacked, Zhao Feng would be at the front lines.

“According to the Purple Saint Partial Spirit, there’s almost a hundred flaws and holes in the ruins, but only two or three of them are important.”

A map of the flaws and weaker points surfaced in Zhao Feng’s mind.

Most of these places would probably be a problem in the future.

“There’s almost a hundred.”

Zhao Feng felt his head swell. Many of these flaws and holes concerned the laws of space and intricate arrays.

Luckily, the Purple Saint Partial Spirit had the methods to fix them, so Zhao Feng didn’t need to worry about that aspect so much.

His main task was to handle the three bigger holes, which were likely to become the attacking point of the three sects, and one of them was in the mysterious canyon. Coincidentally, the Towering Tree Yao was at the center of the mysterious canyon.

“Human, are we going to work together again so soon?”

The Towering Tree Yao laughed.

Zhao Feng smiled and started to fix the flaws. A flaw meant that the Yuan Qi didn’t flow smoothly, and it could even stop flowing altogether.

If they weren’t fixed soon, these flaws and holes would get bigger and bigger, and perhaps affect the entire dimension.

Simply put, it was like a human body where hidden injuries still needed to be treated.

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit’s method was to use Primal Crystal Stones in order to supply Heaven Earth Yuan Qi.

This meant creating Yuan Qi Gathering arrays or something similar in order to increase the smoothness and flow of Yuan Qi.

In some places, Zhao Feng even needed to personally summon the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi in order for it to flow.

Zhao Feng was dead-tired after the first day.

While fixing or creating arrays, he also needed to mine Primal Crystal Stones or some other specific materials.

Furthermore, this was just the simplest step.

“All of you, come out.”

Zhao Feng waved his hand and summoned the skeletal Division Leader, the two dark-silver ghost-corpses, and the seven cursed ghost-corpses.

“Master, you…”

The skeletal Division Leader was puzzled.

“From today onwards, you will help me fix the flaws in the dimension and mine resources needed to construct the arrays.”

Zhao Feng ordered. He decided to use these powerful ghost-corpses as laborers, but they could only complete simple tasks.

“Zhao Feng, you want a Scarlet Moon Division Leader to be a laborer? Don’t you need me to help finish your Hundred Corpse plan?”

The skeletal Division Leader moaned.

“Your main focus is still to craft the cursed ghost-corpses, but there’s a few things here that you need to look after.”

Zhao Feng said.

The skeletal Division Leader was extremely knowledgeable and knew about arrays. With its Origin Core Realm strength, its management ability wouldn’t be any weaker than Zhao Feng’s.

“You’re not going to be lazy this time.”

Zhao Feng grabbed a sleeping silver-grey cat.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat waved its paws to symbolize its disagreement. It was extremely unwilling to become a laborer.

“Wrong, you’re just the supervisor.”

Zhao Feng grabbed the little thieving cat and flew around the Purple Saint Ruins.

Half a day later, Zhao Feng and the little thieving cat returned with dust flying all around them.

The skeletal Division Leader looked over and jumped up in fright.

There was an army of beasts behind Zhao Feng; dozens of them, all at the True Spirit Realm.

These beasts consisted of apes and elephants. The smallest of them was the size of a human, while the bigger ones were the size of a small mountain.

All of these beasts were controlled by Zhao Feng.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

More than a dozen ape-type beasts started to mine, and the elephants were in charge of creating the paths.

The strongest beast was a forty or fifty-yard long Golden Giant Elephant, and its cultivation had reached the peak True Lord Rank. Even normal half-step Origin Core Realm cultivators wouldn’t be able to break through its defense.


The Golden Giant Elephant crashed into a wall under Zhao Feng’s command.

“You… you’re a beast tamer?”

The skeletal Division Leader was dazed. Only beast tamers could have such a method to control so many beasts at once.

“This Zhao Feng is pretty smart. He actually controlled all those beasts to become laborers.”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit couldn’t help but be surprised.

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