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” calm down! ” I said moving towards the door.

She had already ripped open her top, revealing her massive boobs and folded fat tummy.

” I am not asking you to pay me back the money I gave you . All am saying is a little love from you, is that too much to ask?” she said slowly walking towards me.

” you are taking this too far. You don’t have to indulge in blackmail” I said.

She came close to me and held my face gently. I felt trapped and so didn’t bother to resist.

” Mike, could you just hold me? ” she said and planted a kiss on my lips.

I crossed my hands around her waist, while she continued kissing.

A sound came from the gate like an argument. We broke the kiss abruptly and she went to see what it was from the window. While I peeped from behind her.

A tall dark man in his fifties putting on a black suit was arguing with the police men who seemed not to allow him in.

” Mike, go and wait for me downstairs ” she said hastily and hurried to the wardrobe.

” I want to see my boy” I said.

She gave me a stern look and said.

” What is wrong with you?! Are you going to start this now?”

” I came here to see him and that’s exactly what I am going to do ” I said with a smirk on my face ”

She stood looking at me with her hands on her waist still topless.

” he’s in the Nanny’s room before the stairs. Just remain there until I ask you to come out” she said and returned to the wardrobe forgetting all about me.

I gladly went out and located the room. The nanny was feeding the baby when I entered . She flinched as I walked in , then gave me a questioning look and asked .

” what do you want ?! “.

” I am his father “. I said proudly with a grin.

She looked at me suspiciously and held the baby close to herself.

” it’s okay ” I said walking cautiously towards her .” my name is Mike, you can ask his mum, she asked me to wait for her here “.

” I have seen your face before, I know who you are. But Bruno’s dad is out of the country “. The nanny said getting off the edge.

I felt a kind of anger in my stomach when I heard about some other guy claiming to be my sons dad. But was happy to know his name.

” Bruno? What kind of name is that? ” I asked in disgust.

Then went closer to the nanny and bent to pick up the child. She hesitated then handed him over to me with a fixed gaze.

I snuggled him as I walked round the room. He made a squealing sound and kicked.

“boo boo boo boo” I said lifting him up under his arms.

He chuckled excitedly and growl.

” you see, he likes me” I said smiling to the uncomfortable nanny.

The baby had grown front teeth. His nose , mouth and eyes were just like mine. Although he was light skinned and am dark, but the resemblance was striking.

I rocked him round the room with the Nanny’s eyes constantly on me.

” why did you ask those fools at the gate not to let me in? ” A voice barked from downstairs.

” I did not tell them not to, I only asked them not to allow anyone in. The town isn’t safe anymore ” Amaka said.

The nanny immediately stood up and collected the baby from me.

” the baby’s father is here” she said expressionless.

I looked at her in shock. But said nothing.

The nanny was a chubby woman, slightly below average, in her late forties with a very huge breast that shoots out from her long gray gown. She has thick eye brows, pointed nose and bold lips. Her hair was covered in a brown flowered scarf.

” who owns the car packed outside? Did you add another to your fleet? ” the male voice asked.

” should you be concerned about a car packed outside or the reason you did not inform me before coming? ” Amaka yelled.

There was a brief silence, then the man said.

” I wanted to surprise you”.

I sat on the bed listening to their conversation. Obviously the guy downstairs meant something to Amaka. I was surprised that I was angry because I was jealous. So I turned to the nanny who had already finished changing the baby’s diaper and was wrapping up a new one.

” who’s the man talking downstairs? ”

She took a glance at me, then focused back on what she was doing and said.

” the baby’s father ”

” but I am the baby’s father ” I said confidently.

The nanny gave me a disapproving stare then finished up what she was doing and snuggle up the baby on a chair.

I wanted to go downstairs and confront the man, but crushed the idea. I then sat on the bed feeling terrible and totally vexed.

The nanny came and stood in front of me. I raised up my head and gave her a questioning look.

” I want to go downstairs. Can you please leave the room and go to the other sitting room? ” she said .

” your madam….asked me to wait here….. And am waiting here” I answered her in an arrogant tone.

She said nothing else, just eyed me and walked away.

” where is my baby boy?! I have missed him” the male voice asked.

” he’s upstairs… Oh here he comes with his nanny ” Amaka said.

I was so angry this time that I made up my mind to show myself to the man and spoil things for Amaka. I was about stepping out when my phone rang. It was Sandra. I immediately answered it in a low tone.

” hello “.

” mum told me about the baby. How’s he doing ?”

” he’s fine now ”

” is everything okay? Why are you sounding like that? ” Sandra’s voice hinted worried.

” am okay, will be home soon ”

” okay sweetie. Love you “. And she hung up.

The male voice came loudly from downstairs.

” he is growing very fast. Bruno my boy”

I tried very hard to ignore them and started playing candy crush game on my phone, until I heard the male voice said.

” I already made passport for Bruno and yourself. Finally we shall all be together “.

I stood up abruptly; is Amaka traveling abroad with my child?

” I have not finalized with my arrangements. No reliable hand to care for my business here”. Amaka said.

” you make me laugh. How much is your business giving you? I told you to look for someone to handle it. My company can pay you as much as you are getting here. So don’t worry ” the man’s voice said.

” alright. Am going to think of it “. Came Amaka’s voice.

The nanny returned to the room with Bruno.

” Am going to to wash off. Ask the maid to bring my things in” the man’s voice said.

His footsteps came up the stairs and passed the Nanny’s room. Then a door opened and closed.

I waited for Amaka to come and meet me in the Nanny’s room. I didn’t want to leave without settling what I overheard them discussed. A call came through on my phone. It was Amakas.

” Mike, you can now leave” her voice sounded hostile.

” I need to talk with you right now! ” I said .

” let’s talk some other time. You can leave now ”

” am not going anywhere until I see you ”

The nanny looked at me then continued arranging the baby’s clothes.

” okay, wait for me downstairs ” she said and hung up.

I took a last look at my boy and kissed his cheek. Then brought out my phone to take a picture of him.

” no no no. You can’t do that, save the mother allows you ” the nanny said.

I ignored her and took three snappy shots before she could pick up the baby from the bed.

” sir please, delete that picture ” she said looking at my phone.

” if you make further noise, you’ll put your madam in trouble. And you know what that means right? ” I said and started walking away.

I just stepping out of the Nanny’s room to the corridor when I bumped into the man who was also coming out of Amaka’s room.

” who are you ” he yelled.

He wore a black boxers and a singlet.

” I am…. ”

I was about answering with no swift lie when Amaka stepped out from the sitting room adjacent her room.

“who’s this man” the man enquired from Amaka.

” he is the mechanic” she said comfortably. Then turned to me. ” go and wait for me downstairs ”

I nodded and started walking away. I hadn’t moved few steps when the man asked.

” what is he doing in the Nanny’s room? ”

” the Nanny’s an adult. Let them be “. Amaka said and followed me from behind.

As she came down to the sitting room downstairs, I pulled her by the arm towards the wine bar stand.

” what’s was that? ” I asked

” will you let go of me? ” she said in a low yell and pulled her arm from my grip.

” answer me!” I barked.

She quickly closed my mouth with her hands and looked upstairs to see if anyone heard my voice. She then held my hand and pulled me outside.

” Mike. Did you hear the part I said am looking for who to handle my business? ” she said abruptly .

” yes I did. What about it? ”

” am considering you for the position ”

I looked stunned at her. She smiled and peered into the house. I scratched my head and tried to digest the news, and weighing it to know if it’s good or bad news.

” Mike, go home and think about it ” she said and gently pushed me away. Then returned back into the house.

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