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” where are you going to? ” Sandra said as I made to put on my boxers.

I looked at her with stunned and said.

” aren’t we supposed to go back? ”

She smiled, slowly sat up and said holding my waist.

” if we go back there, there’s going to be distraction. I need us to be out of distractions”

I rested my back on the backrest of the chair and she slowly crept and leaned on my chest caressing the little plaster on the spot I was shot.

” I think of you every day and night. I missed you so much! I had to see you first before anything else”. She said.

” I have missed you too. It was a great torture not to hear from you everyday ” I said.

She smiled and kissed my chest. Then said gently.

” I want us to get married Mike. I don’t like seeing you around that girl Ruth. She gives me goosebumps”

I smiled and said.


“It’s not as easy as you think ”

” I know. Your mum had taking a liking to her, it’s going to make me a bad person to want to snatch you from her”

I looked at her and kissed her forehead .

” Mike ”

” yes baby ”

” do you know why I trust and love you? ”

” no”.

” don’t think it’s because you are good in bed” she chuckled and hit me slightly on my chest. ” it’s just because of what you did at the barracks. She took all those pains and didn’t yield” .

I smiled and said.

” I have tried to hate you, but couldn’t. I hate what you did to me, but I just can’t hate you ”

She held my neck and kissed me. We ended up making love.

My phone rang, I quickly answered it so it doesn’t wake up Sandra who sleeping on the floor of her sitting room after another rigorous sex.

” where are you? ” Ruth’s cold voice came through taking me off guard .

” am… am.. am somewhere ” . I stammerd.

” with Sandra right? ” she asked.

I was about to answer and she hung up.

” who was that sweetie? ” Sandra asked in a sleepy voice.

” it’s no one baby” I said and cuddled her.

The next day, we went back at noon to the barracks. Ruth saw me alighting from Sandra’s car and walked inside. I spotted her but pretended as if I didn’t. Sandra came out and we both went into the house with bags of foodstuffs and provisions.

” Mike where have you been? ” mum asked.

Just then Sandra entered smiling boisterously at mum.

” hey mummy! Good afternoon. ” she said.

” Sandra. How are you? ” mum asked looking at me with an eye.

” am fine mum. We went to restock the house ” Sandra said dropping the bags with her on the dinning. While I followed dropping mine.

I snuck out of the sitting room, leaving Sandra and mum to their usual discussion. And went to look for Ruth.

I found Ruth at the back of the house crying. I quietly sat beside her.

” Mike, why are you doing this to me? ” she asked without looking at my direction.

I said nothing.

,” you know I need all the support I can get emotionally and you are treating me this way. Candy is at the hospital, I should be with her always, but am always with you instead. You even had the guts to sleep with a woman while am around. Is that fair Mike? ” she said sobbing.

I tried to hold her hand.

” get your hands off me!” she barked and continued crying.

I didn’t know what else to do. Then suddenly Sandra called me from inside. I looked at Ruth and hesitated.

” go to her, she’s calling you ” Ruth said struggling to sound okay.

Again Sandra called. I stood and said to Ruth.

” I’ll be back ”

” don’t worry, take your time ” she said forcing a smile.

I met Sandra as I stood up to go in. She looked behind me at Sandra.

” I was looking for you to tell you that mums calling ” she said still looking at Ruth from behind me with contempt.

“Ok” I said and went to see mum.

” Mike ” mum said standing up when I entered the sitting room.” please escort me to get a drug. Sandra asked us to use her car ”

As we were driving to the drug shop mum suddenly said, breaking the odd silence .

” you were not at home last night ”

I nooded.

” Same as Sandra “. Mum said looking at me. Followed by a brief silence.

” Mike, you have to be careful how you joke with other peoples feelings”. Mum continued after the silence. “Ruth has been nothing but good to you and you chose to hurt her by sleeping with another woman in front of her? ”

” mum I didn’t sleep with Sandra ” I lied.

Mum kept quiet for awhile, then continued.

” wheather you did or not, you slept out with another woman that’s the primary thing here. And it’s hurting Ruth, and I don’t like it. As long as we’re going to be living together, please my son apply discretion. That’s all I want to tell you “.

We returned from the drug shop. Mum alighted and went straight into the house, while I was taking my time to disengage the engine. Suddenly my phone ran. I reached for it and it was Amaka. I wanted to end the call, but took it on a second thought because of my son.

” hello ” I said.

” Mike! Mike! The baby is sick!” Amaka’s voice sounded traumatized.

” calm down, what’s the problem? ”

” Mike come over, the baby is dying “. She said in a distressed tone.

This wasnt the Amaka I use to know. Something must be wrong. So I quickly went inside to inform mum of the new development and ran off using Sandras car.

I was at Amaka’s house almost in a flash. Three armed police men at the gate let me in. I ran straight to the parlour and upstairs to her room.

She sat on the bed clad in a short pant and singlet.

” where’s the baby? ” I asked anxiously.

She looked up at me, smiled and said.

“The baby is fine now. Called a doctor, and he did a miracle on him”

I felt so weak, angry and glad at the same time. I took a seat by the door and sat breathing from the exhausting race.

” am happy you came mike” she said walking close to me. ” how can someone miss someone this much and still remain alive, Amaka you are a strong woman ” she laughed and held me on my shoulder standing in front of me.

” Yeah. Its been crazy out there. I miss my boy. I should have come before now, just…. ”

She cut my speech. “….. I know, I know, but you’re here now” she said and made to kiss my lips, but I turned and it fell on my cheek.

” look” I said standing up and removing her hands from me gently . ” I have been sick, I was shot. Look at the spot” I opened my shirt and showed her the spot.

She came close to look at the wound closely, to my surprise kissed my n----e. I flinched and moved abruptly from her.

” Mike. Please make love to me” she said walking towards me.

I moved backwards trying to stay away from her . She quickly rushed to the door, locked it and put the key in her pocket ,

” Mike, you are not going anywhere today. I need you , am going to have you ” she said approaching hastily towards me.

I jumped on the bed and crossed to the other side.

” please stop this, stop it will you! ” I yelled.

She then stopped, looked angrily at me and said.

” did you notice those police men on your way in? ”

I looked through the window and back to her. She started tearing her singlet. I was astonished at this display and looked at her with a dropped jaw and opened eyes.

” what are you doing ?” I managed to say.

” what does it look like? Since you have refused to play, am going to teach you a lesson ” she said looking ominously at me.

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