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He Took Off His Jacket

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Li Sicheng's tall figure entered the crowd. Like a king, he looked so different from everyone else. However, the moment he entered the room, he caught everyone's attention. His dark eyes were like daggers, piercing the girl who had spoken improperly. However, when people thought Li Sicheng was about to do something, he quickly looked away. His gaze did not last for even two seconds, as if it was just a careless glance. With his deep voice, Li Sicheng called, "Cheng You."

Having spent three years working with Li Sicheng, Cheng You knew her boss quite well. No other words needed, the special assistant had already learned what Li Sicheng wanted. "Yes." Cheng You quickly nodded, turned around, and left the ballroom.

Then, people started to notice that behind Li Sicheng, there were two women following him. "Cousin!" Seeing Tang Mengying, Liu Anan suddenly burst into tears. Tang Mengying frowned, not paying any attention to her. However, Liu Anan quickly complained, "My face. She hit my face!" In Liu Anan's eyes, Tang Mengying was clearly someone to rely on. In addition, since Tang Mengying and Li Sicheng had known each other for so many years, Li Sicheng would definitely help Tang Mengying as long as Tang Mengying said something. Her eyes full of tears, Liu Anan looked helplessly at Tang Mengying.

Feeling a bit impatient, Tang Mengying still asked gently, "Who did this?"

"Su Qianci did!"

"Well…" Tang Mengying seemed to be hesitating, looking up at Li Sicheng secretly. His gorgeous features looked divine under the European-style chandelier. However, he was so cold and indifferent. Tang Mengying had no idea what he was thinking. Li Sicheng did not seem to be noticing their conversation, walking up to Su Qianci quickly.

Seeing that, everybody was shocked. Li Sicheng… walked toward Su Qianci? What does that mean? Girls' looks of admiration suddenly became surprise and then turned into jealousy and hatred…

Even with people looking at her differently, all Su Qianci could see was Li Sicheng. She felt like every step he made was an earthquake in her heart.

He's here? Shouldn't he choose to be an onlooker?

Li Sicheng looked down and saw Su Qianci's exposed shoulders, his brows slightly knitted.

Seeing him unbuttoning his jacket, Su Qianci was shocked.

Why is he taking his jacket off? What does he want to do?

Su Qianci was reminded of the bronzed skin and muscular body under his shirt that she had seen… She wanted to step back, but her hand was caught by him. She looked up and saw his eyes, suddenly blushing. When she was about to explain, he had put his jacket on her.

"Time to go home, my wife."

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