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Who Are You Calling A Bitch

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Dodging eye contact, Liu Anan said confidently, "How could I learn the method she used? You should ask Lin Wanting instead of me."

"Su Qianci, don't cross the line here. You're bullying Anan." A short haired girl in a simple pink gown walked over to Liu Anan, obviously siding with her.

"Exactly. Lin Wanting is clearly framing both you and Liu Anan." Another girl walked up, standing next to Liu Anan.

Having been hit, Liu Anan was holding a grudge. Seeing people siding with her, she immediately burst into tears.

It was them. In her previous lifetime, these two minions of Liu Anan also helped in Su Qianci's miserable experience. In this lifetime, they were still siding with Liu Anan, trying to justify her behaviors.

"You grew up in an orphanage, so you don't have parents to teach you right from wrong. And it seems that you're also a bit dumb. Isn't that true?" said one of the girls.

The other immediately sneered.

Lu Yihan was furious, standing next to Su Qianci, and warning the two girls coldly, "You should not have said that."

"Oh my, here's the guardian angel. Why didn't you say anything when she hit Liu Anan? What a dog."

"You think no one noticed? You have always treated Su Qianci differently. Unfortunately, she has found a much better sugar daddy and is not interested in a loser like you."

"A bitch and a dog are the perfect match." The two girls were being as mean as they could. Liu Anan looked much better, clearly enjoying hearing that.

"You two apologize right now!" Lu Yihan bristled, seeming like a different person from the cheerful guy a moment ago. Everyone had known him to be the guy who was always fooling around. No one had thought that he would look so terrifying when he got mad. Everyone was a bit shocked.

However, when the two girls thought of the poor status of Lu Yihan, they became much bolder. Liu Anan ridiculed, "Are they wrong?"

"Apologize!" Lu Yihan stared with his eyes wide, clearly pissed off. "I do not hit women, but don't push it anymore. Apologize to Su Qianci."

"Why should we apologize? We are not wrong. Su Qianci is a bitch! Bitch!"

When Lu Yihan was about to lose it, a deep voice penetrated the crowds, "Who are you calling a bitch?"

Hearing the voice, Su Qianci was shocked, looking to the direction of the voice incredulously.

"It's Li Sicheng!" Someone spoke first. Many people turned their head because of the name.

As a citizen of Kingstown, you might not know who the mayor was. However, there was no way that you had not heard of Li Sicheng.

The crowd automatically parted, giving way to the man in a black suit. His eyes incredibly cold, Li Sicheng gazed at the girl who called Su Qianci a bitch. The girl was suddenly frightened, having goosebumps all over. An incredible terror grasped her…

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