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Like A Dream

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Her lips were tender and sweet like Jell-O. The moment he touched her lips, Li Sicheng felt shocked by electricity. His heart suddenly raced like crazy. It was not the first time, as he had kissed her several times before. But why did he suddenly feel this way for her?

So seductive… Li Sicheng's eyes became dark and held her tighter. Not noticing any difference, Su Qianci slowly licked his lips. Gentle and terrified, she made her move quietly…

That was enough. She would just pretend that everything was real. However, she had no idea that the man was turned on and decided to take the initiative. Su Qianci was shocked, staring at him. He… He moved?

Freeze! Freeze now!

However, it did not work. Li Sicheng locked her hands down and kissed her hard. His tongue sliding into her teeth with strong lust and desire, hard and heavy and relentless.

Su Qianci stared, her eyes wide, but her heart suddenly racing. This was real? This was not a dream? Oh my god, she kissed him! However, why didn't he get mad? And why did he kiss her back?

Su Qianci had a crazy idea, but she rejected it herself. It was impossible…

Noticing her absentmindedness, Li Sicheng's eyes became darker as he commanded, "Close your eyes."

Su Qianci's heart skipped a beat and she suddenly blushed.

Ahhhhh! It is real!

It was not a dream? She was not in a dream. Her heart trembling, Su Qianci felt incredulous. His breath became more rapid and her eyes became wet. She moved her hand up and hugged him back. Noticing her obedience, Li Sicheng felt himself incredibly hard.

Take her!

Li Sicheng was startled by his own crazy idea. He warned himself to retreat, but it was so hard.


The sudden noise made Su Qianci freeze and push him away. She turned her head and saw Qin Shuhua standing at the door with a smile. She blamed Li Sicheng. "Qianci is still quite weak!"

Although Su Qianci knew that Qin Shuhua was just teasing, Su Qianci could not help blushing and looking at Li Sicheng. She found that he was as calm as always, although a bit flushed himself as well. Li Sicheng suddenly stood up. Seeing the dried blood stain on his shirt, Su Qianci was a bit surprised.

"I'm off to work. Mom, take care of Su Qianci."

Qin Shuhua smiled and nodded. "Go, I will give a pretty wife back to you."

Li Sicheng blushed a bit more and quickly left the ward.

"You look great together," said a gentle voice behind Qin Shuhua.

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