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How Enviable

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Hearing that voice, Su Qianci turned and looked to the entrance of the ward. Qin Shuhua turned the light on, and Su Qianci immediately saw a girl in blue dress standing at the door. She looked a bit bashful with her eyes red and a shy smile, as if she did not dare to come inside. It was as if she had been wronged.

"How enviable!"

Qin Shuhua heard that and felt sorry again. She had thought that Tang Mengying would be her daughter-in-law, but destination was not fair.

Su Qianci immediately noticed that her mother-in-law was considering the other option again. In Su Qianci's previous lifetime, Qin Shuhua was the one who most frequently compared her against Tang Mengying. Qin Shuhua would have always said that Tang Mengying was very capable and got a huge order for Li Sicheng's company. Or that for a quiet child like Li Sicheng, a desirable wife should be someone who could handle conversations well. In a word, the fact that Tang Mengying was not Li Sicheng's wife had made Qin Shuhua feel unfortunate. Every time Qin Shuhua saw Su Qianci or Tang Mengying, she could not stop sighing.

In her previous lifetime, Su Qianci would have said something that made Tang Mengying even more jealous. And now, she decided to do the same. Su Qianci nodded and smiled. "You will meet the one in the future. A girl like you should have many suitors. Unlike me, I had to follow my family's instruction and did not even have a chance to choose for myself…"

She sounded like she was lamenting. However, Tang Mengying gritted her teeth. Su Qianci took the best one, and all the other guys became nothing. Su Qianci was obviously bragging!

Qin Shuhua took out the soup she had brought and glanced at Su Qianci. "Not having a chance to choose for yourself? Isn't my son good enough?"

"Li Sicheng is fantastic." Su Qianci smiled happily and said, "He is the best man in the world. Don't you think, Tang Mengying?"

Tang Mengying forced a smile and answered, "Yes…"

Before she finished her sentence, Su Qianci turned her head and looked at the soup in Qin Shuhua's hands, exclaiming, "Smells so good! Is our maid such a good cook?"

Su Qianci could immediately tell by her nose that Qin Shuhua had made it herself. She had had the opportunity to taste it a few times in her previous lifetime and was of course able to recognize it right away. However, she had never tried it in this lifetime. Qin Shuhua was overjoyed to hear her comment and said, "The maid has not started working yet. This is my work. Try it."

Su Qianci was flattered and quickly took the bowl. "Thank you, mother." She sipped some soup and gave a thumbs-up. "It is so good. I had no idea."

Qin Shuhua was delighted and smiled happily, starting to talk about how she conquered her husband's heart with her cooking skills. Su Qianci showed great interest and raised questions from time to time.

However, Tang Mengying was completely ignored. Clenching her fists, Tang Mengying stood behind Qin Shuhua and stared at Su Qianci with blatant hatred and jealousy.

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