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Team Battle Against Wu Zhangkong

Frost Scars flew through the air, threatening to tear into the tide of bluesilver grass. The instant they collided, however, the grass released a dazzling azure light. Instead of slicing the it apart, the Frost Scar only managed to coat it in a layer of frost, freezing it in place.

This scene made Wu Zhangkong narrow his eyes, and he nodded to himself in understanding. I may not have used my full strength, but I focused all of my Frost Scars on a single spot. Wulin’s bluesilver grass really has grown stronger. It’s at least twice as strong as before.

At that moment, a silver light blossomed at Wu Zhangkong’s feet. Luo Guixing used Spatial Lock, timing it so that it activated immediately after Wu Zhangkong used Frost Scar, the exact moment he was about to send out another soul skill.

The enormous difference in their cultivation meant that Luo Guixing couldn’t completely restrain Wu Zhangkong. However, he did barely manage to interrupt Wu Zhangkong and keep him from chaining soul skills.

Wu Siduo swooped in at that moment. From the very beginning of the battle, she made sure to stay just one step behind Tang Wulin, ready to pounce at any opening. The instant Luo Guixing tripped up Wu Zhangkong, she dove in with her first soul skill, Hell Rush.

She arrived in front of Wu Zhangkong in a shadowy blur, clawing at his ribs.

Although it was their first time fighting together, the four of them synced up perfectly.

Wu Zhangkong’s white robes fluttered as he twisted his body to meet the claw strike. His sword blocked it with a resounding metallic ringing, his perfect defense stunning Wu Siduo. She looked as if she had been struck by lightning. Before Wu Zhangkong could punish her for her mistake, Luo Guixing teleported her away.

Tang Wulin took advantage of Wu Siduo’s attack to close the distance between him and Wu Zhangkong. Now in front of Wu Zhangkong, he slashed out with his dragon claw, tearing through the air with an audible hiss. Five dark-gold lights streaked out of his claw.

Wu Zhangkong’s icy mask finally cracked, revealing a hint of astonishment. His sword shot up to to meet this attack with a white sword beam of its own. This beam was much larger than the previous Frost Scar, but it was far simpler in construction, merely resembling a long blade. However, Tang Wulin saw through its plain appearance. In reality, it was an attack composed of thousands of Frost Scars fused together. Although it was Wu Zhangkong’s first soul skill, his masterful use of it transformed it into a terrifying beast to be reckoned with!

The white sword beam and the golden lights collided in an explosion of particles. Tang Wulin came out of the exchange covered in a layer of frost, but Wu Zhangkong had also been forced back.

He blocked it!

Tang Wulin unleashed a primal roar and his three purple soul rings faded away. A radiant golden soul ring appeared in their place. Blood essence bubbled within him, madly coursing through his body as he activated Golden Dragon Body!

Goldlight slithered out and coiled around Tang Wulin’s body. The roar of a dragon thundered throughout the stadium, and Tang Wulin’s entire body took on a golden hue. His right sleeve exploded, revealing his golden-scaled right arm bursting with power. Every single scale was erect, and his claw seemed to have grown a bit larger.

The power of his surging blood essence instantly dispelled the frost on his body. He slashed with his claw once more, sending another five dark-gold beams that were each over two meters long. The moment they appeared, the space between Tang Wulin and Wu Zhangkong seemed to distort, the dragon roar becoming louder than ever.

Moments before this, Luo Guixing teleported Wu Siduo behind Wu Zhangkong. Taking advantage of the time that Tang Wulin bought with his explosive clash against Wu Zhangkong, she summoned her second martial soul. Black and white light swirled around her, her body grew larger and transforming into the Hell White Tiger!

Their opponent was a seven-ringed Soul Sage and a teacher at Shrek Academy. There was no point in holding back or stalling. All they could do was go all out from the beginning.

Luo Guixing’s plan entailed playing to each of their strengths and having them release their greatest attacks on Wu Zhangkong at the same time. As long as they did that, they would at least be able to properly display their strength.

While Tang Wulin attacked Wu Zhangkong from the front with Golden Dragon Dreadclaw, Wu Siduo attacked him from behind in her Hell White Tiger form. At the same time, quad-colored spears materialized in the air and shot toward Wu Zhangkong’s head following a precisely plotted arc.

The jaws of basically every spectating student had already dropped. The combined attack of their class council was too ferocious, especially Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Dreadclaw and Wu Siduo’s Hell White Tiger! Everyone could feel the tempestuous might of the two attacks.

Facing attacks from three separate directions, Wu Zhangkong’s fourth soul ring lit up as he simply t----t his Skyfrost Sword toward the sky.

Tang Wulin and Wu Siduo immediately felt as if they were no longer fighting a human. Instead, they were opposing a towering mountain! They knew they wouldn’t be able to shake this mountain no matter what they tried.

A hurricane of energy burst forth from Wu Zhangkong. It swept across his opponents, routing Wu Siduo, overwhelming Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Dreadclaw, and finally dispersing the incoming hail of quad-colored spears.

A thundering boom shook the arena, the barriers that surrounded it trembling before the shockwave. Tense silence descended upon the spectators as they watched the dust filled stage with narrowed eyes, impatiently waiting for the dust to settle and reveal the results of the clash.

All of a sudden, a buzzing cut through the quiet, and a blue light pierced the sky. It stretched seven meters into the air, then revealed itself as a gigantic azure greatsword. A wave of cold erupted from it, knocking Tang Wulin and the Hell White Tiger off their feet. The giant sword then split into nine separate swords and shot toward Tang Wulin and Wu Siduo. Even the spectating students off-stage found it hard to breath in the face of the sword’s might.

Silver light enveloped Wu Siduo, teleporting her out of harm’s way once again. With one of their targets gone, the nine swords changed direction, focusing all of their frigid power on Tang Wulin.

Even if he had nine lives, Tang Wulin wouldn’t survive this onslaught!

Wu Zhangkong had used both his fourth and fifth soul skills, Frost Song and Frost Song Moon. He hadn’t held anything back, immediately using two of his strongest soul skills.

There was no way for Tang Wulin to avoid these nine swords. However, inches before they sliced him to pieces, he disappeared in a flash of silver light.


All of the spectators turned to gaze at Luo Guixing in awe. This was the second time he teleported his teammates out of harm’s way in the nick of time! Furthermore, the second teleport occurred just a split-second before Frost Song cleaved Tang Wulin to bits! Even Tang Wulin had been bracing himself to take the attack with his dragon claw!

However, the students soon realized that something was wrong. Like them, Luo Guixing wore an expression of shock! He slowly turned his head to look behind him.

Earlier, he had teleported Wu Siduo in front of him to protect him from the wave of cold. Tang Wulin, however, had been teleported to the rear, right next to Gu Yue!

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